Showing Up & Being A Friend

I scheduled this post to go live at noon because about an hour ago my best friend and I showed up on an island 600+ miles from home to surprise our other best friend. I highly doubt she'd have read my blog this morning, but we've been working on making this happen for a few… Continue reading Showing Up & Being A Friend


Sisterhood of the World: my first award!

Have I mentioned how much I love the blogging community? I'm still fairly new and inexperienced, but everyone is just so gosh darn nice! Yesterday I was nominated for the Sisterhood of the World: blogger award by Chelsea at the new wifestyle! If you've ever visited my Xanga page (and you haven't, thank GOODNESS), you… Continue reading Sisterhood of the World: my first award!


Promises to My “Adult” Best Friends

First and foremost, best friends are awesome. Some lucky folks have had their best friends for decades and some people find their (friendship) soul mates later in life. It doesn't matter where you found them, it just matters that you get each other and you'd do anything for one another. All the lists I read… Continue reading Promises to My “Adult” Best Friends