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My Summer Bucket List

Between Jessica's summer list and Chelsea's monthly to-do lists, I decided I need a summer bucket list to get me in the right mood. (If you're new here, I hate summer. But I'm going to give it a shot this year.) I did a seasonal bucket list for fall and I felt very accomplished and… Continue reading My Summer Bucket List

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2016 Movies I’m Looking Forward To…

I have quite a few super serious posts in my drafts folder, but I'm just not feeling it today. (If you'd like to see my opinion summed up in the words of others you should check out Mattie's post and Steph's post!) Instead of ranting about real world issues I'm going to focus on the… Continue reading 2016 Movies I’m Looking Forward To…

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All of Life’s (fun) Challenges

Ok, ok, ok. I'm on my game again and ready for this whole blogging thing. No complaining outta' me today! (Except this story about how I was buying something on Amazon on Cyber Monday - I can't say what because my Mom reads the blog and it's a Christmas present - and I went to… Continue reading All of Life’s (fun) Challenges

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Let’s Just Catch Up…

Between the holiday posts (I went a little nuts in October) and all the link-up posts I've been doing I think that I've failed to really share where I'm at in life with y'all. Also, I know that I've had a little more traffic here lately (yay!) so welcome, new friends! Let's get to know… Continue reading Let’s Just Catch Up…

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Halloween Costumes | Part 2

I will admit "Part 2" almost didn't happen. I've been so overwhelmed the last week and a half. This weekend is my birthday so hopefully I can calm down and spend the rest of October relaxing and enjoying the fall festivities! If you miss Part 1 of the costume series you can catch up here!… Continue reading Halloween Costumes | Part 2