Things I Really Love Right Now

I was going to write a serious post today. I started one about the controversy surrounding the Beauty and the Beast outrage. I thought about screaming ranting about the idiotic administration running our country. But I just can’t. If you’ve been around these parts long enough then you know that I have 0% issue with people’s sexual orientation or gender identity. You also know I loathe the people inhabiting the White House. So let’s talk about something that isn’t going to make me pull my hair out.

I’m going to link up with Kristen & Gretch for some “currently” updates and some favorite things that I want you to know about 🙂

Reading… The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier. Atonement (Ian McEwan) is also on the docket. Last two books for Erin’s Challenge!

Watching… the series finale for Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. I tried to drag the series out as long as I could. I’m sad it’s over but pleased with how it ended. Now I’m trying to convince K to watch Firefly with me. (I’ve seen it, he hasn’t.)

Looking Forward To… my mom’s birthday celebration. Her b-day was Tuesday but I’m surprising her with an outing on Saturday. I can’t say much here because she reads this blog 😉

Planning… a fall vacation. We were going to go to Disney, but I couldn’t get K excited about it. He’s never been and wants to see it for the first time with a big family group or with a kid in the picture. Fine. Whatever. I was bitter about it at first, but now I’m looking forward to spending some time at Universal Studios (#DisneyForever) and on a cruise. We compromised.

Loving… my new job with K’s company. I feel so relaxed and fulfilled working for a company that I love and working alongside people that I really enjoy and working in an industry that’s had my heart for +8 years.

(Here’s what I was up to at this exact time last year!)

Now let’s talk about my recent favorites.
(I’m going to style this like Rebecca Jo’s Friday Favorites post.)


Favorite Reads

I’m going to recommend two authors instead of books.

I’ve gone on and on about The Lunar Chronicles, so it makes sense that I recommend Marissa Meyer to those who love a little fantasy and adventure and retelling. Her newest standalone novel, Heartless, quickly became a favorite for me, too. (I’ll talk about it on Tuesday!)


The second author that I’ve really enjoyed so far is Ashley Weaver. She writes a 1930s mystery series that centers around Amory Ames and her playboy husband Milo. They’re not thrillers, but they have an air of suspense and romance and betrayal. Plus they’re set in historical England- which is my fav.

Favorite Recent Purchases

Everyone has their favorite place to buy jeans. Mine is Old Navy. If you’re an ON gal check out these jeans! I have three of the same pair, all in different shades (medium wash, light wash and light pachuca). They are so comfy and flattering to my curvy hips!

Also on the recently purchased list: These pajamas from Marshalls (or TJ Maxx, I guess.) The same cross-cross shear pattern around the neck is also down the outside of each leg on the shorts. Perfect as the weather warms up!

…obviously this isn’t my body. Ha.

Favorite Lip Stuff

I’m not a beauty blogger, but I have three lipsticks/stains/things that I’ve been loving lately. Two are Burt’s Bees products (Pink Lagoon gloss lip crayon & Ruby Ripple moisturizing lipstick) and one’s from Wet N Wild (Lady and the Vamp balm stain). Last weekend I got three compliments on the balm stain!

Favorite Funnies

Have you tried any of this stuff? What’s something you’re loving lately?

What's New With You

Tuesday is Election Day (& Other Stuff)

This isn’t a political rant. I promise.

Over the last week I’ve found some websites that have helped me become a more informed voter. While I 100% believe it is your responsibility as an American citizen to vote, I believe that it’s 100xs more important that you show up to the polls as an informed voter. These people are making our laws and representing our country- you need to know who you’re hiring.


+ This is probably the best thing I’ve seen. If you put in your address or zip code this site tells you exactly who will be on your ballot. I get confused about who to research or what names I’ll come across (except presidential candidates) so this is a really awesome tool!

+ If you haven’t see this site, it identifies which candidate is most similar to (and different than) you.

+ If you’re looking for an exit door on November 9th then you should take this quiz. It’ll tell you which country is best for you post-election. I got Canada but I think I’d probably head to Switzerland. (Nothing against Canada!)

On Wednesday night I stayed up until 1am to have my heart broken. *sigh* I will be a good sport and tell all my Cubs/Chicago friends “Congratulations!” (Stephanie, Olya, Amanda, Emily, Lisa), but I’m not liking y’alls pictures on IG or your celebratory tweets. #SorryNotSorry #ClevelandAgainstTheWorld #Believeland Next year, guys…. Next year.  😉

Real quick I’d like to diverge from my drama-free, productive, real-talk personality and admit that I’ve been switching on episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. If you like these kinds of shows I think that’s totally wonderful and you’re totally wonderful, but usually I steer clear of this kind of entertainment just because I don’t care. So…. I know I’m probably late to the party, but who the f*@$ lives like this family? What is life when you can hope on a private jet for a night in Vegas, wake up in your own bed the next morning, drop $3,000 on a pair of shoes, and walk around in half a sports bra and booty shorts at the age of 19. I also follow Kylie Jenner on SnapChat (I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. HELP ME.) and I die when I see the outfits she wears and the clubs she hangs out in and the money she spends. Woof. Does she have her own house? I know nothing about these people but I’m just so…. floored, I guess.

I had no point to make. That paragraph was a waste of 90 seconds. Sorry…


Is it just me or are fortune cookies getting lame? In the last week I’ve gotten “A fine is a tax for doing wrong, but a tax is a fine for being successful.” Uhhh… ok, Hillary. (That was a joke. Don’t crucify me.) Then I got, “Never throw caution to the wind.” Great. Thanks, Confucius. (And ok, yeah, maybe I had Chinese food twice in one week. It’s fine.)

And now let’s end with some funnies:


. . .

Not funny... but whatever.
Not funny… but whatever.

. . .


. . .

(This made me laugh so hard...)
(This made me laugh so hard…)

. . .


Have a great weekend, friends!