And Now I’m 32

This has been a weird week. I’ve cried a few times. I’ve laughed loudly and hard. I’ve tried to take care of my loved ones. And I’ve gotten frustrated and taken that out on my loved ones. I’ve been tired and lazy and productive. I’ve wondered ‘Why me?!’ and also looked at the changing trees…

An Extraordinarily Normal Weekend

I know the CDC is still making recommendations and states are revising their masks laws, but this past weekend was the most normal I’ve felt in such a long time. It was lovely and revitalizing and had me feeling warm and fuzzy and overwhelmingly grateful by Sunday night. On Saturday one of my best friends…

Thankful Thursday

Happy Friday Eve ❤️ I actually don’t like calling it that because I think it slights Thursday, but oh well. I’m linking up with Rebecca Jo today with a gratitude list. Family that’s always available and willing to watch Moo. We’ve had some weird, inconsistent weeks lately so M has spent quality time with family….

Thankful Thursday

I can’t decide what I talk about today so I’m link up with the beautiful Rebecca Jo for her weekly Thankful Thursdays ❤ Time with my brother & sister-in-law. My brother lives two hours away and I only see him once every month or two. He came home for Mother’s Day this weekend but my…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hopefully you have a day off from your normal duties & you’re spending it surrounded by family and friends. Have a safe holiday weekend!