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Fall Recap | What’s New With You

For the link-up today I'm recapping some of my fall adventures! I didn't share about my trip to Daufuskie Island in October or our Halloween party at the start of November or our most recent trip to Colonial Williamsburg. So today I am 🙂 This is gonna be a long one... Daufuskie Island, SC Aubrey… Continue reading Fall Recap | What’s New With You

Holidays & Celebrations!

Happy Halloween (Tag)

Tomorrow is HALLOWEEN!! Tonight is trick-or-treating in my town & I'm so excited. I carved some pumpkins last night for the big day! Also, Saturday is our annual Halloween party so stay tuned for pics from that! For today's post I'm borrowing this Halloween tag from Stephanie. I'm adding to it, though. Favorite Halloween movie? Beetlejuice.… Continue reading Happy Halloween (Tag)

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Unconventional Halloween Movies

It's no secret that I am not a fan of horror or violent films. I don't mind creepy or sinister, but seeing people mutilate and harm other people isn't my cup of tea. But I freakin' LOVE Halloween. I love fake blood on the bathroom mirror, skulls on the mantel, bottles of ogre teeth and witches… Continue reading Unconventional Halloween Movies

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Halloween Housewarming Party 2017

I like to share and record our Halloween party every year. This year I abandoned the theme and didn't implement the mandatory costume rule due to the housewarming-nature of the party, but we still had some dressed-up guests and obviously it was a good time 🙂 So without further ado... My brother and his wife… Continue reading Halloween Housewarming Party 2017

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Halloween 101

Some people don't do Halloween and some people are professional Halloween-ers. I believe I fall into the latter category. Since the blog world is all about sharing how-tos, I decided today was the perfect day for a How To ~Halloween~ post. (1) First things first... You need to get in the Halloween spirit (pun intended).… Continue reading Halloween 101

Holidays & Celebrations!

Happy Halloween!

Welcome to my favorite day of tricks and treats, little goblins! How people hate Halloween, I'll never know. I love the mystery and spookiness and trickery and deliciousness of this day! This weekend we hosted our 4th Annual Halloween Party! This is the fastest event-to-blog turnaround time I've ever had, but I wanted to share… Continue reading Happy Halloween!