The Boy Who Lived… ⚡

The stress levels around these parts are unreal. If you follow me on IG, you saw we listed our house last week. We got an offer within 2 days of it being online and we accepted it on Saturday. We’re pumped, but also stressed because inspections/appraisals/financing/buying a new home/money/moving/packing/fencing/fees/etc./etc./etc.

Also, as I mention all the time, summer is our busy season professionally. *groan*

So today I’m doing something fun that I can’t believe I’ve never done before: A Harry Potter Tag. (Thanks to Stephanie and Jenn for the questions!)

1. What is your favorite book?

The Prisoner of Azkaban. (& the Deathly Hallows)
2. What is your favorite film?
Order of the Phoenix. Although I think the Half-Blood Prince is hilarious up until the cave scene.

3. What is your least favorite book?
Goblet of Fire. I feel like most people say this one or OtP.
4. What is your least favorite film?
Probably Goblet of Fire, but it’s been a really long time since I’ve seen it.
5. Parts of the books/films that made you cry?
Probably every other scene for some reason or another. Molly v. Bellatrix, Hedwig’s final scene, the death of the twin, Dudley and Harry’s goodbye, Narcissa protecting her baby bear Draco & lying to Voldy. Also, Harry rescuing Ginny in the 2nd book always gets me since I know their end story 🙂 There are many, many more moments.
6. If you could hook up with any character, who would it be?
Movie George Weasley. Book Lupin. (Is that weird…?)

7. Who is your favorite character?
Book Ginny. Movie Molly. I like the twins, Luna, and Tonks in both forms, too.
8. Who is your least favorite character?
Umbridge is garbage. Duh.
But also Dumbledore. (Go ahead, burn me at the stake.) Snape also never won me over. And Wormtail creeped me ouuuuut.
9. What is your favorite quote?
I can’t even begin to answer this- book or movie quotes.

10. What is your least favorite quote?
“I must not tell lies.” (Crazy bitch…)
11. What would your Patronus be?
Pottermore said a basset hound, but I think it’d be a fox 🙂 Or a hawk.
12. What would your Boggart be?
A dinosaur riding a giant horse.
13. What would you rather have – the elder wand, the resurrection stone or the invisibility cloak?
The cloak.  Duhhh.
14. Which house would you be in?
Ravenclaw. (When Pottermore was revamped it re-housed me into Gryffindor. But nah.)

15. If you were on the Quidditch team, which position would you play?
I think chaser. Or I’d chill in the stands 😉
16. Which class would be your favorite?
Either Transfiguration or Care of Magical Creatures.
17. If you could bring one character back to life, who would it be?
Do Tonks and Lupin count as one…? (Sorry Hedwig/Fred/Dobby) I freaking hate that they died. Or maybe Sirius. He still had a lot of fight in him.
18. What would your job be in the magical world?
I think I’d want to be a professor at Hogwarts.
19. If you could meet any member of the cast, who would it be?
Dame Maggie Smith & Emma Watson. I typically consider people to be people regardless of their “job”, but those ladies are so badass I think I’d faint.
20. Were you happy with the ending? 
Yes. But I hated the spin “The Cursed Child” put on it. I refuse to believe Ron and Hermione had such a common and predictable love. And Ginny is better than that play gave her credit for.

Annnnd there we have it.

Movie Yays and Nays

I saw Tanya and Erin do this fun little questionnaire. So now I’m doing it, too!

Most Hated Movie of All-Time: Django Unchained, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Last Airbender
Movie I Think is Overrated: Shawshank Redemption (it actually ties for “most hated”)
Movie I Think is Underrated: Field of Dreams
Movie I Love: Clue
Movie I Secretly Love: Inglorious Basterds (even though I hate violent movies)
Favorite Action Movie: The Mummy
Favorite Drama: Ocean’s 11
Favorite Horror: The Grudge or Gothika (is that horror?)
Favorite Comedy: Talladega Nights
Favorite Disney Movie: The Lion King or Aladdin or Alice in Wonderland (1951)
Favorite Sci-Fi Movie: Star Trek (2009)
Favorite Animated Movie: Fantastic Mr. Fox
Favorite Superhero Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy or X-Men: First Class
Favorite Musical: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)
Favorite Western: Rio Bravo (1959)
Favorite Martial Arts: Ummm… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a martial arts movie
Favorite Indie: I guess Juno… independent films are always so dang depressing
Favorite Bad Movie: Alice in Wonderland (1999)… it was made-for-TV, but I don’t think it’s bad
Childhood Favorite: Billboard Dad
Favorite Franchise: Harry Potter & X-Men
Best Trilogy: LOTR (or the original X-Men)
Guilty Pleasure: Napoleon Dynamite… so bad, yet so good
Favorite Director: Wes Anderson and David Yates
Favorite Actor: Chris Pratt or Jon Hamm
Favorite Actress: Jennifer Lawrence or Olivia Munn
Favorite Foreign Film: Water (2005)
Favorite Movie this Year so Far: I’ve only seen Beauty & the Beast this year…
Worst Movie so Far this Year: -nothing-
Movie I Have Seen Recently: We’re the Millers
What I Thought of It: I’ve seen it before but it was on TV recently. I actually think this is a hilarious movie. Stupid and cheesy, but comical.
Most Anticipated Film of this Year: Guardians of the Galaxy 2!!
Favorite Movie of All-Time: It’s a tie between HP, Alice in Wonderland, & X-Men

What movie do you hate? What’s your favorite Disney one?

A Fantastically Magical Review

Hello, lovelies. I have a “wishlist” that I need to post for family members, but I just saw the newest wizarding film this weekend and I wanted to gush about it while it’s still fresh in my mind.
Look for the wishlist on Wednesday.

*No spoilers here! I would never ruin the magic for anyone! ❤︎

Fantastic Beasts AND Where to Find Them


Movie Summary: Set in 1926, Newt Scamander arrives in New York City with a suitcase full of fantastic creatures and a mission. Unfortunately, times are tense & suspicions are high, and MACUSA (Magical Congress of the USA) has their hands full with a mysterious destructive force at work in the city. Meanwhile, the wizarding world is panicked by the sudden disappearance of the powerful, dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald. Newt finds himself (and his creatures) in the middle of the turmoil along with the former Auror Tina, her sister Queenie, and a No-Maj (American Muggle) named Jacob. (Read the complete story on the official website!)

So… let’s go at this movie review like an interview.

What did you think of the film overall?
“Loved” isn’t a strong enough word. The new screenplay for The Cursed Child fell flat for me and I was concerned this movie franchise would lack the magic of the HP world in which I grew up. I was wrong- this film was glorious. It didn’t touch or tarnish the ‘original’ story at all but it still tied into the world I know and love.

Do you have to be a Potter Head (i.e. well-versed in Harry Potter) to enjoy it?
I would say no… though having knowledge of A) the wizarding world and B) the HP details makes this film infinitely more fun.

How does it relate to the Harry Potter story?
While there’s no mention of Harry, Ron, or Hermione (obviously- their parents wouldn’t even have been alive), they do reference Dumbledore. Also, hardcore HP fans will recognize Grindelwald’s name. A few eyebrow-raising names are dropped (that are the ancestors of familiar characters) and we get to see the early years of wizards and Muggles/No-Majs, pre-Wizarding Wars.

Favorite character?
Queenie was probably my favorite. As suspicious and private as New York and MACUSA were, Queenie was full of love and acceptance- for all types. I also loved her relationship to her sister- they were never competitive or demeaning, even though they were totally different people with different personalities.

Favorite scene?
Ah, SO MANY GOOD MOMENTS. There’s a very short scene right in the first 30 minutes that gives a little nod to Hermione & Ron- I loved that. I think my favorite scene was probably 3/4 of the way through when Queenie had a moment to shine and help her sister and Newt. I won’t say any more than that, but I thought it was funny and action-packed and clever.

Would I watch it again?
I think I have to. I was telling K that I love the HP movies because there’s an even more intricate (and sometimes entirely different) world of wizardry in the books. ‘Fantastic Beasts…’ doesn’t have that book element. All the subtle references and foreshadowing can only be found in the movie- which means I need to read all the articles and rewatch the film a million times to fully scrutinize it.

If you haven’t picked up what I’m putting down then I’ll just say it bluntly: Go see this film- especially if you are a fan of Harry Potter. It’s everything we’ve been waiting for ❤︎


A Life Inspired | 12 Months of Bliss

We’re so close to fall I can feel it! (Actually, it HAS been pretty chilling in Ohio this week and I am definitely not complaining.) Today wraps up month #3 in the 12 Months of Bliss challenge (hosted by the lovely Emily at Ember Grey) and I absolutely feel inspired & refreshed.

This month’s challenge was a creative and a personal dare. Participants were tasked with creating a physical inspiration board (no Pinterest!) filled with comforting, motivating, inspiring things! The board could be a cork bulletin board or an 8 x 11 paper- just so long as you filled it with quotes, pictures, & trinkets that inspire you! If you need some inspiration for your inspiration montage my friend Dana at the Creative Beastie gives some great advice on creating a “Vision Board.


I’ve been meaning to make an inspiration board for so long, but this challenge finally inspired me! (Hehe!)


I love cork board so I found this 17 x 23 board on Amazon for less than $15! My inspiration board includes my favorite quotes and Bible verses, pictures of foxes (always) and a thank you note from my best friend Erica sent after her baby shower in January. All these things make me feel happy and blessed every day.


Of course I have a few specific “pins” as well.

I pinned a photo of Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!) because I’m already in the Halloween-zone and I’m totally feeling a Tim Burton-y party this year. (Check out last year’s bash!) Honestly, there is no better Halloween-esque movie than Beetlejuice. (Harry Potter doesn’t count because the plot spans the entire school year and because wizards/witches aren’t just for Halloween.)


Enzo’s first collar is also hanging on the board because it reminds me of how adoption and rescue can save so many lives. I can’t wait to make more of a difference and open a shelter someday!

The Deathly Hallows (from Harry Potter) represents my love of reading and writing- which I credit to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone… since I was 11-ish when Harry first got his letter to Hogwarts. (Yep, yep. I am the real Harry Potter generation! These teenie-boppers don’t know nothing! Hehe.)

Ginnifer Goodwin is only on my board because I’m channeling that hairstyle when I head to the salon on Saturday! I can’t wait!

Last but not least, the comic on the right side of my board has been hanging on my wall/fridge/bulletin boards for a very, very long time. (You can see how the paper is yellowing.) It’s been a constant reminder that A) the planet is a precious, precious gift that we shouldn’t take for granted and B) though we may have opposable thumbs, we are not above other humans or animals in the grand scheme of things.


I love that I finally have an inspiration board hanging in my office. I feel so awesome when I look at it!

What would/will be on your inspiration board? Want to join in for these last 9 months? Please do!
Check out the June & July challenges as well!


EG's Twelve Months of Bliss

Mug Love

In college I discovered a love for coffee. Prior to that, I drank hot tea and yummy espresso drinks. I credit my introduction to coffee to my roommate Amanda- she used to brew pots of coffee throughout the day and finally convinced me to try it one morning. Now it’s a morning staple.

A few weeks ago I wrote about my morning ritual with coffee my way. Last Friday I gifted my little brother a new coffee mug for his b-day. I love a clever coffee mug.

Find it HERE
Fred’s new mug. Find it HERE

When K and I first moved in together he had to limit the amount of mugs I could keep in the apartment cabinet… Now we have a house and bigger cabinets so all bets are off!

After perusing the internet I have found a handful of mugs I’m lusting over:

(HEY FAMILY, here are some birthday/Xmas/just-because ideas…. hehe.)

Find it HERE
Find it HERE

Stop the freaking press because I love this mug more than words can express. If you have never seen Fantastic Mr. Fox stop reading this right now and go watch it. Right now. (Then come back.) This is also in a tank top print- which my soul is telling me I need.

. . .

Find it HERE
Find it HERE

Excuse all the fox-love, but I’m a pretty big fan of this guy, too.

. . .

Find it HERE
Find it HERE

There are so many Harry Potter mugs that I want to own and sip fire whiskey from, but this one made me giggle. Honestly, anything HP is good enough for me.

. . .

Find it HERE
Find it HERE

This won’t keep anything hot or cold… but I would proudly display it because it’s so cute and classy!

. . .

Find it HERE
Find it HERE

STOP IT. I love mugs so much. I also love the Tudor Dynasty. And I love that the wives “disappear”… just as Henry VIII hoped.

. . .

Which mug is your favorite? Do you have a cup in your cabinet that you favor over the rest? Have you seen/read Fantastic Mr. Fox??


Sisterhood of the World: my first award!

Have I mentioned how much I love the blogging community? I’m still fairly new and inexperienced, but everyone is just so gosh darn nice! Yesterday I was nominated for the Sisterhood of the World: blogger award by Chelsea at the new wifestyle!


If you’ve ever visited my Xanga page (and you haven’t, thank GOODNESS), you know that I was once obsessed with surveys. Chelsea has given me a few questions to answer and it’s taking me right back to my survey-loving, emo-looking, side-swoped bangs middle school days. I’m so pumped!

. . .

what “made up” world from a book would you like to live in and obviously why?

Well, England and the rest of the UK actually exist, but I feel like Hogwarts counts as a superb answer. And if it doesn’t, I’d live in Wonderland with the Cheshire Cat and Mock Turtle.

would you rather have to sweat mustard or sneeze bees?

I won’t lie. I read this wrong. I thought it said sweet mustard… so then I started looking up what the heck “sneeze bees” were… HAHAHA! Ok, back to the question. Both of these things sound awful, but assuming the bees don’t sting on their way out, I would rather sneeze bees because A) the bee population is dying and I could help with that and B) I don’t like mustard and I don’t want to smell like it amd C) a sneeze goes so quick but you might be sweating for a long time!

what is one of your absolute favorite meals? (please include your dessert selection)

Restaurant-wise, I love me some good crab legs. (I’m also very conflicted about this because I know the cooking process is so gruesome and it makes me sad.) A Caesar salad followed by crab legs and a baked potato, finished off with some caramel cheesecake. I literally just described my order at Red Lobster. As far as meals at home go, my family loves to eat Raclette. It’s a Swiss dish where you use a little heater to melt cheese over potatoes. Technically you’re supposed to use Raclette cheese, but I don’t like that so we use all different kinds. Pair that with sausage and I’m in heaven. Ahhhh, now I’m so dang hungry!

Melt the cheese in the trays and cook little sausages on top! K and I just got one of these for Xmas!
Melt the cheese in the trays and cook little sausages on top! K and I just got one of these for Xmas!

if you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?

Open an animal shelter that didn’t have to turn away any homeless pets. Or I’d run an animal rehabilitation center for injured wildlife to get them back on their feet and into the wild again. Or an elephant sanctuary for retired elephants to live out their days in the most natural way possible. So, like, something to do with animal welfare and/or conservation 😉

what 80s or 90s sitcom would you want to live in?

Home Improvements. I wish I was kidding, but I’m not. I would star as Zachery Ty Bryan’s or Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ girlfriend. Sooooo stinkin’ cute!

what is something you would tell your high school self?

Be more confident! That guy you’re dating is going to marry you so stop with the jealousy/worry! Also, you are the perfect size, so quit thinking about your weight! And try to pick a direction before you go to college. Or don’t. College is a good time so stop worrying!

what is one of your most prized possessions? (pictures make things better)

Hands down, Bunny is my most prized possession. I mean, living-wise it’s K and the pups, but as far as inanimate objects, my stuffed rabbit. I have so many cool things from my adventures, but I have had Bunny my entire life.

His fur is a little matted and his nose is gone, but 24 years old is pretty old for a rabbit…

. . .

That was fun! Thanks, again, Chelsea! If you’d like to see her answers to some different questions check that out here!

My blogger nominations (if they choose to accept) are:

Christina @ The Daily Sugar
Rebecca @ Rebecca Chapman
Meghan @ Meghan Anna
Danielle @ The Lifestyle Project

And here are you questions!

What song makes you have to stop what you’re doing and dance every single time?

If you could transform into any animal for any amount of time, what animal would you be and for how long?

What’s your favorite holiday? Why?

Do you enjoy jokes? What’s the best joke you’ve ever told/heard?

You’re out to dinner and you run into a celebrity (alive or deceased). They say they’re up for anything and they’ll pay all evening! Who’s the celebrity and what are you guys going to do?!

What’s the last book/magazine/DVD cover that you read & really enjoyed?

Which creature do you wish existed today: dinosaurs or unicorns or horse-size kittens?

What’s your LEAST favorite color? Is there a reason?

These are the rules that have been passed down to me:
– Answer the questions from the person that nominated you.
– Nominate some of your blogging sisterhood- there is no set number for this!
-Ask your nominees some very important questions- again, no set number!

Have fun!