Coffee Date on a Cold Rainy Morning

Good morning 😊 It's a little dreary and damp this morning but our drinks will keep us warm. I'm linking up with Kristen & Gretch today to share what's new. Grab some coffee- let's chat! At the start of 2018 I was sick for nearly two weeks. Being sick is so frustrating. After having my throat… Continue reading Coffee Date on a Cold Rainy Morning

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Wear the D@mn Shorts

This is a tale of self-confidence... Last weekend we'd planned to spend some time with friends lakeside. The Friday before the trip I started brainstorming outfit ideas. I was thinking my cute swimsuit paired with my cut off high-waisted shorts. 'But your thighs are so flabby and chunky. That'll look terrible- all that cellulite and… Continue reading Wear the D@mn Shorts

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Sweating in Style

A few weeks ago I admitted that K and I were doing this weird thing where we workout. Oddly enough, we're still doing it. (I'm honestly shocked. I've lost 0 lbs so the motivation is nonexistent... but I'm still plugging away.) Since we've been at it for roughly four weeks I am obviously an expert… Continue reading Sweating in Style

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Mash-Up Monday

Today I have a smorgasbord of thoughts so I'm simply titling this post "Mash-Up Monday." (First things first, I had to look up the origin of "smorgasbord" because it's such a funny word. Turns out it's a Scandinavian word that means a buffet-style meal with a variety of hot and cold foods. And it looks… Continue reading Mash-Up Monday

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My Number 1 has Type 1

Guys... I'm so excited to write this post today. I'd like to introduce you to my best friend Erica. She's made a few appearances in baby related posts (like the baby shower post & Elliot Rose's birth) but today is all about her! When I first met Erica I was am 100% convinced she hated… Continue reading My Number 1 has Type 1

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My Friend Aubrey

I openly admit that I love food and I hate working out. I don't even necessarily like good food- just any food. I'm a horrible inspiration to others and my "Work Out" board on Pinterest is collecting cobwebs. My friend Aubrey is 210% the exact opposite. First of all, that girl can cook. It is… Continue reading My Friend Aubrey