Chats with K

Last Saturday marked 11 years with Kyle. The original "chat with K" occurred on that day in 2007. Me: Guess what? My parents finally decided it'd be ok* if we dated! K: Cool! Me: K: Well, I guess we're dating now. Always the romantic, friends. *There's an age gap between us (and I was… Continue reading Chats with K


Chats with K – Holiday Edition

Ho hum... Time for a *somewhat* holiday edition of husband conversations. Me: Why were single-word band names so popular in the 80s? K: I don't know. They just were. Me: Boston, Kansas, Styx, Journey, Rush, Wham- K: No. Do not include Wham with that group of artists. Mid-November I was listening to loud Christmas music… Continue reading Chats with K – Holiday Edition

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Happy Holy Week!

I will sum up my weekend by listing all for which I am grateful 🙂 - My husband staying safe during his late night travels all weekend - My mom helping me paint our spare bedroom and it now looks PERFECT - My parents stopping by the house last night to take care of the… Continue reading Happy Holy Week!

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Happy Birthday, Lover

Today my husband is turning 28 years old. I have had the privilege of spending 10 years in his life- when we met he was 18. Honest to God, I don't think anything has changed about him- except he's more successful and motivated than he was at 18. I also think he loves me a… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Lover

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I Love Sundays

This Sunday was such a perfect day. I love Sundays because of their lazy nature. I usually start the day with church & a family breakfast, but this weekend my husband took the day off and we played hooky from all responsibility. It was fantastic. Our dogs let us sleep in later than usual so… Continue reading I Love Sundays