Chats with K

Last Saturday marked 11 years with Kyle. The original “chat with K” occurred on that day in 2007.

Me: Guess what? My parents finally decided it’d be ok* if we dated!
K: Cool!
Me: …so…?
K: Well, I guess we’re dating now.

Always the romantic, friends.
*There’s an age gap between us (and I was 17) so we wanted our relationship to be ok with my parents before we called a square a square.

Alright, now our more recent conversations…

I have a lot of these today…

K: If we have a kid that wants to race go-karts I could get behind that. I’d sponsor the shit out of their car.
Me: The fact that you just said “kid” and not “son” is pretty much why I married you.

Me: If you were going to throw me a surprise party what would I want?
K: Quidditch.
Me: I… uh… yeah, actually. But that’s not what I was going to say.
K: That’s because I know you better than you know you.

Me: What time are we starting this landscaping project on Saturday?
K: Your dad and I will probably go get the stone around 6am.
Me: …so I should probably reschedule my 8am massage?
K: *glares* I’d say use your best judgement.

K kills a flying against the counter with his hand and looks at me proudly.
Me: You’re gonna clean that up, right?
K calls Lylee over and swipes the dead fly onto the floor. Dog eats it.
K: I did it.

While driving in the car…
K: Pick some music to jam out to. You always want to talk. I don’t get to jam with you in the car anymore.
Me: I would LOVE to not talk to you and jam out, thanks.

Me: I think you think I’m mean to you.
K *grumbles*
Me: I’m not mean to you. I just treat you like an adult. Don’t you want to be treated like an adult?
K: *sneezes all over the seat next to him without covering his mouth and grins* Does that answer your question?

After bitching at him for leaving clothes all over the kitchen…
Me: Kyle, I work hard all day and then come straight home and clean. You come straight home and mess.
K: But what would you clean if I didn’t mess? We’re like two peas.
Me: It’s about to get murderous up in this pod.

Me: Make me an egg.
K just looks at me.
Me: Enzo, go make me an egg.
K: You’ve eaten several time today.
Me: It’s called “healthy”, Kyle. It improves your metabolism.
K: …one of those times it was Doritos.

That’ll do it for this round of chats.

Chats with K

Just your average round up of conversations I had with the husband…

Me: Maybe these melatonin pills put you to sleep because when we take them I have to keep quiet for 30 seconds while they dissolve under my tongue.
K: Yep, I was just thinking that.

Discussing lunch in the middle of my alcohol & dairy detox.
Me: Let’s get Chinese.
K: We just had Chinese food.
Me: It’s my only option! Italian is creamy and cheesy. Mexican is creamy and cheesy. American food is creamy, cheesy, AND greasy.
K: Those are my favorite dwarfs!

Me: Do you ever feel like your lungs are restricted and you can’t take a big deep breath?
K: Yeah.
Me: I think it’s because I slouch.
K: I think it’s because I’m fat.

On National Puppy Day I posted a few adoptable dogs to K’s FB wall after he told me not to.
*phone rings; it’s K*
K: ….I haven’t been on Facebook yet but what did you do?

K: I don’t know why I haven’t fired you yet.
Me: Because it’d be awfully expensive.
K: How do you figure?
Me: “Cheaper to keep her.”
K: I didn’t say I’d divorce you.
Me: That makes one of us.

Upon entering Gettysburg…
K: Is this like a National….
Me: Park? Yes.
K: So should I not have a knife in my pocket.
Me: That is correct.
K hangs head and walks back to the car. We’ve seen this play out badly way too many times.

Me: I am the first person to get angry and outraged over silly jokes and trivial things-
K: Yeah. Good job.
Me: …that wasn’t the end of my thought.
K: Oh.

I collected some gems this month, I think. Lol

Chats with K – Holiday Edition

Ho hum… Time for a *somewhat* holiday edition of husband conversations.

Me: Why were single-word band names so popular in the 80s?
K: I don’t know. They just were.
Me: Boston, Kansas, Styx, Journey, Rush, Wham-
K: No. Do not include Wham with that group of artists.

Mid-November I was listening to loud Christmas music & baking in the kitchen.
Romantically wrapping his arms around me and nuzzling his chin in my neck, Kyle whispers: Hey, I’m gonna go ahead and turn this shit off.

A female colleague was stopping by later in the day.
Me: Your new girlfriend is stopping in later.
K: I don’t have a new girlfriend. Two of you is enough to deal with.
Me: Excuse me?

Me: Maybe we should get your niece and nephews stuffed animals for Christmas.
Kyle: No, Isaac still has mine.
Me: Teddy Rump-skin?
K: …first of all it’s ‘Teddy Ruxpin.’ Secondly, no it was A.G. Bear.
After kissing Kyle good morning…

K: Did you brush your teeth?
Me: …yes. Why?
K: *sniffs my lips* You smell a little like old person.
Me: Umm…
K: Did you eat an old person for breakfast?

I laid out my cabin trip outfit the night before I left:



K: Did you even pack any clothes?
Me: …yeah? Why?
K: I feel like all you need to legitimately camp is that outfit you’re wearing tomorrow.



Such a comedian.

Happy Holy Week!

I will sum up my weekend by listing all for which I am grateful 🙂

– My husband staying safe during his late night travels all weekend
– My mom helping me paint our spare bedroom and it now looks PERFECT
– My parents stopping by the house last night to take care of the dogs
– My time and experiences in the drumline world giving me new friendships and confidence
– We are able to afford our house and groceries
– Helpful family members on K’s side offering to bring dishes to Easter (we’re hosting!)
– Jesus Christ dying for my sins

Starting this week with a grateful heart! What happened this weekend that you’re grateful for?

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

Happy Birthday, Lover

Today my husband is turning 28 years old. I have had the privilege of spending 10 years in his life- when we met he was 18. Honest to God, I don’t think anything has changed about him- except he’s more successful and motivated than he was at 18. I also think he loves me a little more than he did 10 years ago. (Well, I hope that’s true.) Today, in honor of his 28 years of life and the last 8 years I’ve spent as his lady, I have made a list. (SURPRISE!)

Also, I will use his name instead of just “K.”

Kyle Birthday

This is my list of everyday things that remind my of Kyle:
(Kyle, I have a meaningful 14 items on this list because that’s half of 28.)

– Fallout Boy.
We have seen 3 Fallout Boy concerts together. At our very first one he told me he loved me. (swoon) Also, back in our honeymoon-stage, when he was a romantic little minx, he would send me text messages with FOB lyrics. Any song, any album… I think of Kyle and how much fun we’ve had together.

– Pittsburgh.
When we first started dating Kyle worked and spent most of the week in Pittsburgh. Our favorite concert venue is in Pittsburgh ( Mr. Small’s Theatre ). We’ve also seen FOB, Taylor Swift, and other artists in this beautiful city. If we ever became city folk this is ranked high on our list.

Snuggling with ALL animals.
Snuggling with ALL animals.

– Bravo! Cucina Italiana.
We like this restaurant. A lot. Although he proposed after dinner at 91 Wood Fired Oven.

– Build-A-Bear Workshop.
We have Parker the polar bear, Suzy Q the bear, two foxes dressed in wedding garb for our wedding, and Loserface the turtle. (I used to call Kyle “Loserface.” The turtle had a leather jacket because Kyle had a sports bike back then.)

– Cold Stone Creamery.
I think 99% of our dates were at this place. Also, when Kyle proposed he took me to the parking lot of the closed-down Cold Stone [read about it here].

[ Cold Stone and Build-A-Bear also remind me of my late Aunt Kate because she was the first to introduce me to all this awesome-ness. Kyle never got to meet her, but when we’d go on these dates I felt connected to both her and Kyle. ]

Halloween 2011
Halloween 2011

– Sports bikes.
When a sports bike flies past me it still reminds me of my hubs in his early years.

– Cherry Coke.
Kyle’s movie theater beverage of choice.

– Talladega Nights.
Oh where to begin. Well, the first time I saw this movie I was inappropriately flirting with Kyle waaay before we dated. Also, he gave me the pet name “Susan” (Amy Adams’ character) because he said I was like his little assistant (I think?). That nickname was shortened to “Suzy Q” and stuck for a long time.

– Incredibly Beautiful Drums
Surprisingly, not all drums remind me of Kyle, but when I see a gorgeous drum set (or I hear him gush about a kit) I just want to spend all my (non-existent) money on him.

I love this picture of my business man.
I love this picture of my business man.

– Bobcats.
When we first started dating and we were in that cute ask-me-anything stage I once asked Kyle about his favorite animal. He said bobcats. Weirdo.

– Oreo Freezes from Sheetz.
Once (and only once) we had a HUGE fight.
We actually broke up, but 24 (miserable, tear-filled, zombie-like) hours after it happened Kyle showed up at my college dorm with an Oreo freeze and an apology/plea to work it out. It was enough of a “break-up” to scare us into appreciating each other.

Dave Matthews Band Concert. 2010.
Dave Matthews Band Concert. 2010.

Don’t let him fool you: Kyle has a bleeding heart that melts at the sight of puppies and kittens. Last week he pulled over on the side of the road and spent 20 minutes coaxing a stray husky into his truck with blueberry muffins. He then found her owner and drove her home. Seriously, I have never, ever, ever questioned why I married this guy.

– Oatmeal Scotchies.
Ew, ew, ew. But Kyle loves them.

– Very Nice Sports Cars.
Kyle has a deep appreciation of nice cars. I wish I could tell you his favorite one, but I swear it changes. (Aston Martin? Ferrari? Corvette?) Some day when we’re millionaires we will have an 18-car garage for all his toys.

kyle 4

Happy Birthday, Kyle! I love you! Can’t wait to see where this year takes you ( us )!!!






I Love Sundays

This Sunday was such a perfect day. I love Sundays because of their lazy nature. I usually start the day with church & a family breakfast, but this weekend my husband took the day off and we played hooky from all responsibility. It was fantastic.


Our dogs let us sleep in later than usual so I didn’t even roll out of bed until 9:45! I let K sleep in a little later while I let the pups out to potty, fed them breakfast, and surface-cleaned the first floor. I was scrolling through blogs and snacking on a blueberry muffin & some tea when K came downstairs.

We decided we needed a humidifier in our house (it’s like an electricity factory up in here) so I convinced K to drive up north with me to a larger city so we could browse Target (and get Starbucks). He agreed to go (WHICH NEVER HAPPENS) so we got dressed and left for “the big city” around 11:30.

Shopping with K is like shopping with a 7 year old.
“Will you buy me this?”
“Can I just get one more thing?”
“I don’t wanna stand in line.”
“No! Don’t leave me with the cart!”
He’s so ornery. Despite his immaturity, I love shopping with him. We found the humidifiers and picked one out. They had some nice, mature models, but we liked the frog one, so we went with that. Maybe we both turn into 7 year olds….

Freddy the Frog

So we came to Target for one inexpensive thing and ended up spending $150. How does that always happen??! We did find some neat artwork for the bathroom and the dining room, so I’m not upset about it. Also, we grabbed some snacks for the NASCAR race (which we missed the start of because I lost track of time).

Another plus to the afternoon? I got my last star at Starbucks and I am now a GOLD CARD MEMBER! Yessssss!

photo 2

My excitement level is embarrassingly high.

We headed home and turned on the Daytona 500 to find we’d only missed 7 laps! Woo! As I mentioned recently (25 Facts About Me), I am a huge NASCAR fan. It’s the only sport my hubby & I watch regularly. The race was sooo good (except the final lap- stupid caution)!

Race Day SNACKS!
Race Day SNACKS!

The race ended just in time for K to head to his church meeting. I put the cuddly pups away and drove to my grandparent’s house for Sunday Supper. (It’s a weekly thing.) When dinner was finished I scrolled through Facebook and saw friends of ours lost their dog. My mom and I decided we’d drive out to their property and make a few passes calling for the pup. We didn’t have any luck, but we’re all still holding out she finds her way home.**

K and I arrived home at the same time so he went downstairs to his office to do some work because I flipped on the Oscars. (I’ll catch up with Downton Abbey tonight!) I love, love, love that Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel won so many awards! He’s one of my favorite directors!!

I was tweeting about the Oscars and about Downton Abbey. PetSmart favorite-d AND replied to my #PetParents tweet and DA re-posted my tweet! That’s never happened! I was/am pretty excited!!


We ended the day by going to bed at the same time and drifting off to the end of the award show. It was a simple day, but it was a happy day!

What’s your favorite day of the week? Do you like lazy days or do you prefer the busier ones?


**The lost dog has been found & is now safe and warm at home!

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

Love is in the Air

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day so today I’m spreading the love around!

5 Reasons I Love My Mom…
1. If I need her help she drops everything.
2. I got my love and respect for animals from her.
3. She brings home as much bacon as my dad (& by “bacon” I mean income).
4. She taught me to work first so you can play later.
5. She still loves me despite my horrible teen years.

When I was in college my mom took me to Harry Potter World and we went to the MIDNIGHT PREMIER OF THE FINAL HP MOVIE IN HP WORLD. Obviously we dressed up- she was Trelawney.
When I was in college my mom took me to Harry Potter World and we went to the MIDNIGHT PREMIER OF THE FINAL HP MOVIE IN HP WORLD. Obviously we dressed up- she was Prof. Trelawney.

5 Reasons I Love My Dad…
1. He always sides with me against Mom.
2. We have very similar moods and mood swings.
3. He’s always been so supportive of K and the business (which is housed in one of my Dad’s garages).
4. He enjoys disagreeing with me and I’m actually pretty sure he’s proud of me for forming opinions that don’t always mirror his.
5. He taught me that being honest and being nice will get you very far in life.

Last summer Dad lost his wedding ring in the ocean so Mom bought him a new one for his 50th b-day.
Last summer Dad lost his wedding ring in the ocean so Mom bought him a new one for his 50th b-day.

5 Reasons I Love My Brother…
1. He never, ever, ever judges me. We don’t always agree, but he’s always honest with me and supportive.
2. His relationship with K is better than I could’ve hope for. I love that my husband and brother get along.
3. He’s always been my best friend and all family vacations have been a blast with him. He invited me skiing tonight with his friends! He’s so inclusive 🙂
4. He loves our dogs.
5. He makes special trips for my parties and special events, and I like to think he tells me all his news first.


5 Reasons I Love My Husband…
1. He makes me laugh harder than anyone else in my life.
2. He doesn’t spoil me but he treats me every once in a while.
3. He doesn’t have a “friend personality” and a “home personality”- he’s just always Kyle.
4. He loves our dogs with every fiber of his being.
5. His hardwork and dedication to success mirror mine.

Halloween 2011
Halloween 2011

5 Reasons I Love Our Dogs…
1. Enzo and I have such a bond from training and traveling together.
2. Lylee would protect our house against anything and everything (except the smoke detector).
3. I love when Enzo snuggles up to my side in the morning, as if to say, “5 more minutes, Mom.”
4. I’m so proud of Lylee and I love her for the strides she’s made in overcoming her anxiety.
5. Both our fur babies live and love to please us. They will be so perfect when we have kids in the house for them to play with and protect.

(Enzo was just a squirt in this picture!)
(Enzo was just a squirt in this picture!)

I’m filled with so much love today! 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!