That’s a Wrap! [July]

Today I’m sharing my favorite moments, lessons, posts, funnies, etc. from the past month.

Favorite Moments

It was a quiet month, but we (safely) went to the zoo, went to weekly swim lessons, and socially distantly visited with family. Little moments that seem SO big right now.

We took M camping in a travel trailer last weekend and had a much much much better time than I anticipated. I’m not a pessimist, but I am a realist… and I anticipated camping with a 7 month old to be miserable. Turns out it was a lot of fun and totally do-able for our family!

Favorite Lessons

I am not in control of other people. I can’t control how they think or react. I can’t control what they do or say. And I won’t always like how things shake out. But confidence is key & knowing that I am in control of my own behavior is a big deal on the pathway to happiness.

K is the most loyal partner & person I know. My husband is excellent at letting me fight my own battles and informing me (privately) when I’m wrong in certain situations, but he is a true partner, forever in my corner. He has my back, lends his shoulder, and tags in when I flounder.

Favorite Posts

Stephanie has revamped her blog and it looks so good! Check out Simple by Stephanie!

Other Favorites

One of my all time favorite books, And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, is on sale for Kindle on Amazon right now. If you’ve been meaning to read it (or read a Christie novel), this is the one!

COVID-19 is keeping me from Target & limiting accessibility to my favorite restaurants, but it’s not starving my family. The same can’t be said for thousands around the world (including approximately 10,000 children per month). If you have the funds to donate to the food banks and organizations who are responding to this crisis around the world, you can do that HERE.

From My Blog

My favorite post from this month was my letter to new moms. A close tie for second? These conversations with K and my 101 in 1001 list! And of course, all the things more uncomfortable than wearing a mask.


That’s all I’ve got- a relatively quiet month with lots of family time. How about you?

Making Room | 12 Months of Bliss

July is over. July is OVER. JULY IS OVER?! How is July already over…?

If you recall, I am currently participating in Emily’s (Ember Grey) 12 Months of Bliss Project. (Check out last month’s Happiness Stamped challenge!)

This month was more of an internal, hold-yourself-accountable, make a change challenge. Spoiler alert: I didn’t do so hot.

July’s challenge was entitled “Making Room.” This past month I was challenged to make a list of my habits and then consciously kick a bad one out of my daily routine. This will definitely be a year-long challenge because I did not do very well this month. My bad habit is sleeping through my alarm/hitting snooze. I set an alarm for 6 am (then 6:30 am, then 7 am, then 7:15 am) to be at work at 8 am… I would LOVE to wake up at 6 am and spend time with my dogs, maybe take a walk, take an easy, rejuvenating shower, and munch on some breakfast.

So I will be working on this in August… and September… and October. Because I am a night owl and I have no desire to “get the worm.” But I know I should.

Next month’s challenge is called “A Life Inspired” and I’m really looking forward to it! Won’t you join us?? It’s not too late!


EG's Twelve Months of Bliss
. . .
I’d like to start a personal project this month (and hold myself accountable on my blog)! I recently realized that I have nearly 50 projects pinned on my Pinterest Craft Board, but I never take the time to do them. Total bummer, right?? So I’m going to take one pin every month- I’m calling this The Pinterest Project for now. Maybe someday I’ll come up with a better name and make it a link-up, but for now I’m going to simply tackle the pins. Feel free to join me! I’ll post at the end of the month about the pin I chose to craft and how it ended up! Do you want to informally join me? 🙂