Mini Letters

Dear Fall,

I’m ready for you. I know some people are trying to soak in those last rays of summer, but my sweatshirts are knocking on the closet door and my windows long to be open at night. I’m already burning my woodsy candles in anticipation of your arrival. ‘Love you.

Dear Eclipse,

Thank you for providing a brief, healthy, unique distraction for our country. I am 100% camped out in the “Stay Vigilant” campground, but it was kind of adorable to see the country come together to witness a fun thing like you. You came at a good time.

Dear Realtors,

If you could schedule your showings & open houses all in one day that’d be awesome… I’m so stinkin’ tired of deep cleaning my house. (I know, I know… it’s all for the greater good. I know it’ll pay off.)

Dear The Tudors,

I love you. You’re one of my favorite things to watch on Netflix. Henry Cavill definitely helps…

Also, Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn is amazing.

Dear Zac Brown Band & Kenny Chesney,

While I’m so ready for fall, your music makes me long for the beach. Or maybe my current stressors just make me long for a vacation. Either way, someone give me an all-inclusive trip 😉 j/k


Open Letters Link-Up

I’m linking up with Julie today with some open letters. Sadly, it’s the last time  😦

Dear Women,
Happy Equality Day! (I had no idea today was Women’s Equality Day when I wrote Wednesday’s post.) Keep fighting the fight. Climbing the ladders. Having the babies. Marrying men (or women) who see you as equal.  (Or don’t do any other those things- it’s your choice!) Yay for women and men!


. . .

Dear Mama Bunny,
I don’t know how you got away with nesting in our backyard, but I’m very grateful that you moved your family under the cover of night last weekend. We discovered your babes last Thursday and kept the dogs away, but I wasn’t sure how long I could hold them off. Glad you sensed the danger and skedaddled!

. . .

Dear Husband,
I wanted to make a FB post or share a million IG pictures of you on Thursday night, but I knew you wouldn’t like that. Instead, I just want to publicly tell you how much I absolutely love you for calling me at work on Thursday and asking me to come home and help with the rabbits. A lesser man would’ve continued to mow and just forgotten about the furry family. You worried about them all weekend and helped me check up on them and keep the mutts from nosing around their home. I love you so much and I’m grateful every single day for you ❤︎

. . .

Dear Husband again,
I love being married to someone who buys us concert tickets for a show that happens on a work-night in a city two hours away. We don’t get much sleep when you spontaneously make those purchases, but I’d gladly trade sleep for nights out with you.

. . .

Dear Ben Rector,
You concert was worth the road trip + lack of sleep. You and Colony House didn’t disappoint. Maybe next time come to Ohio on a weekend…? That’d be great.


. . .

Dear Sports Night,
We were really holding out that you’d be as good as The West Wing or The Newsroom. You’re not… That laugh tract is totally unbearable. I guess we’ll be skipping that Aaron Sorkin production and moving on to the next one.

. . .

Have a great weekend, friends!


A Hopeful Hood