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Summer Goals (because spring was a bust…)

Summer started yesterday, the link-up with Steph & Sara is tomorrow, and today we're going to talk about some seasonal (and year-long) goals 🙂 First, let's look at how hard I failed this spring. Spring Goals Wash cushion slips Scrub grease build-up off cabinets Replace/fix water heater Get Ly on a walk schedule again Clean… Continue reading Summer Goals (because spring was a bust…)

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Add It To My (Media) List

I had no idea what to list off this month. Usually I have a draft with a running list of favorites that I add to throughout the month, but I didn't do that this time. As time was running out I happened to stumble across three short (very different) online clips that captured my attention.… Continue reading Add It To My (Media) List


Add It To My (Super Random) List

By skipping Mondays I lose my opportunity to recap my weekend. If you were curious, I had a good one 🙂 Fun fact: I spent every weekend in February out of town. First Cleveland, then San Antonio, then Columbus, and then Cleveland again last weekend. Some trips for business, some for pleasure. This weekend Kayla… Continue reading Add It To My (Super Random) List


The Galentine’s Blogger Exchange

Happy Thursday, my friends. The link-up for this post (with the beautifully talented Mattie & Olya) is scheduled for tomorrow, but by now we're all aware that I switched my posting-days to only include Tuesday and Thursday. (Jury's still out on how I'm liking that... ) To begin, I sent a package to Miss Maryrose… Continue reading The Galentine’s Blogger Exchange


End of the Year (Book) Review

Whoopsies- so much for M W F this week... I had yesterday off (hopefully you did, too!) so I'm a day late with this post! I'm combining everything bookish today... Linking up with Steph and Jana but also using this survey format from Jamie and stealing the graph idea from Emma. So hold on to… Continue reading End of the Year (Book) Review

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The Blogger Christmas Cheer Exchange

Through blogging I've "met" some pretty fun people. Two of those ladies are Olya of The Siberian American and Mattie of Northwest Native! When these ladies shared the details of their Blogger Christmas Cheer Exchange on their blogs I was all about participating. Similar to their Valentine's Day swap, the exchanging was anonymous and conducted… Continue reading The Blogger Christmas Cheer Exchange