Open Letters

Hi ya 🙂 I’m trying something new today & linking up with Julie from A Hopeful Hood for a few short Open Letters!

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Dear Baby Brother,
Thanks for visiting home so frequently this month. You’re helping Mom, Dad, and I live in our state of denial about your college graduation and upcoming wedding.


. . .

Dear Make-Up,
Thank you for providing coverage when I blush. I am a blushing fool: when I’m overwhelmed or when I’m anger or when I’m in a conversation with someone new… It’s so annoying. But you- you darling blend of cream and paste- you cover up those burning pink cheeks and make me look like a normal, calm, functioning adult. So thanks.

. . .

Dear AMC,
Thank you for playing old episodes of The Rifleman on Saturday mornings. It’s my adult version of Saturday morning cartoons and I’m so obsessed. It reminds me of John Wayne movies that my dad and I watch/ed together.

. . .

Dear Legs,
I feel like I owe you a love letter… I’ve put you through so much these last three weeks with 5am workouts and jogging on a treadmill. Honestly, I didn’t have much faith in you (shin splints, weak ankles, tight calves) but you’ve been the real MVP these last few weeks and I’m proud to call you my legs.

. . .

Dear Stomach,
You could learn a thing or two from my legs. See how my calves are shaping up and slimming down? Feel free to follow suit.

. . .

Dear Jo (the bachelorette),
How do you not get a bad vibe from Drunk Canada and Douche-y Realtor? This is my first time really watching The Bachelorette so maybe you’re supposed to keep the guys that you feel would make the absolute worst husbands/friends/humans…? I’m not 100% sure how this works.


. . .

Dear GOP,
Four months ago y’all were like, “No Tr*mp. We don’t support Tr*mp!” but now that he’s the only red fish flopping on the beach you’re all like, “We need to rally behind this monster man!” Nothing says politics like flip-floppers. Have some self respect.

. . .

Thanks for hosting the link-up, Robyn & Julie!


A Hopeful Hood

My Hometown: Tell Me Something Good

Just in case you missed the memo: Today is Friday! Yippee!! I haven’t linked-up with Chelsea in a while so today I’m jumping on the “Tell Me Something Good” Train and talking about my town! (I was a little inspired by Steph’s post last week.)


Maybe all towns are like this… but when I was in school all my classmates were hell bent on “getting out of this place.” I started dating K when I was 17, but I still thought we’d both leave my little town and settle in Pittsburgh or Nashville. (I don’t know why I thought it’d be either of those two cities, but I did.) In the summer of 2012, right before my college graduation and less than a year before our wedding, K decided to start a business. And that pretty much sealed our fate in this small town.

We’ve joked about moving to Texas (K’s market is really strong there & being in the “center” of the US would be beneficial), but that’s not going to happen because A) I love snow and B) I love snow. So here we stay.

At one point in life I thought that this might mean that I failed; I’d failed to see the world & escape my hometown. I have high school friends in Cleveland and Columbus, college friends that now live in Arizona and Japan, and my brother is getting ready to permanently settle a few hours away… but I left for three and a half years of college and came right back here. ‘How pathetic,’ I once told myself.

But I was oh so wrong. Deep down, I’m a big fan of this small town I grew up in.

  • We have a delicious coffee shop that resides in our cute little downtown square.
  • I never feared for my safety in my small high school.
  • Our local park offers ball fields and summer rides and fireworks.
  • I pass “first date” locations and my teenage hangouts all the time- and it brings back a lot of good memories.
  • I can drive by my childhood house when I’m feeling nostalgic.
  • My parents and K’s parents are less than 10 minutes from us. Same with all our grandparents.
  • While we’re a fairly small town, we do have a lot of big businesses- and it’s a painless drive to get to larger neighboring cities.
  • When our out-of-town friends visit their families “back home”, they call us up and we get to see them.
  • From our house I can walk to my job, K’s business, the local high school, or the park- in under 15 minutes.
  • The housing market is inexpensive.

And of course we can always leave and travel and visit others… and we get to come right back to our little community. It’s a peaceful place. We don’t have public transportation. We’re 20 minutes from the cute little Amish towns. And there’s plenty of grass for our dogs. You don’t always get that in a big city.

If K woke up tomorrow and said, “Let’s move!” I’d probably be on board, but if the furthest move we ever make is from in town to the countryside out of town, I’ll be happy, too. And I think it’s good to be at peace with that 🙂


Linking up with Chelsea for “Tell Me Something Good!”

Tell Me Something Good Friday!

Fictional Love: #LoveBlog Link-Up

I couldn’t resist linking up with Brita for her February #LoveBlog Prompt today! Brita’s introductory post explains the link-up and today’s topic happens to be Fictional Love. Straight from Brita’s blog:

“Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? What TV couple is most like you and your significant other?”

Obviously I couldn’t pass this one up, but when I asked K what fictional couple resembled us he was absolutely no help… (So if you disagree with my answers, dear, it’s your own fault…)

bones_fox_tv show

I wanted to be all classy and refined and pick a literary couple- maybe an Austen “ship”, as the kids say these days.

Side note… I heard my 14 year old cousin utter this phrase on Sunday: “Hey Sarah, Amy totally shipped you and Henry together.” (Names were changed.) When asked about her verbiage, I was told that “shipped” is when you romantically link two people together, even if (or especially if) they’re not an item. I don’t know. Kids are weird.


Ok… back to my fictional focus. In the end, I chose two TV couples.

First of all, I see a little bit of Jim and Pam (The Office) in us. We have a vast arsenal of inside jokes and I’m so attracted to my husband’s wit and humor.


But more than that, I think we’re kind of similar to Booth & Brennan (thus all the Bones gifs). Funny enough, I think that K is more like Temperance and I am more like Seeley. K is rational and less emotional than I am. He’s guided by thoughts verses emotions. (Hellllooooo, personality results!) I’m like Booth- we’re spiritual, hotheaded, and we feel things very deeply.


I’ll keep up my search for a couple that mirrors us 100% (or even 90%). I made the last minute decision to go with this topic so my brainstorming session was limited.

Now this question had two parts so let’s explore that thing about fictional crushes…

  • George Weasley will always be one of my first loves. (“Fred” is my brother’s name, so I chose George.)
  • Young Magneto from X-Men. (Or maybe just Michael Fassbender….)
  • Jim’s humor. (The Office)
  • Josh Lyman’s brain and wit. (The West Wing)
  • Aladdin was my very first love. I wanted to marry him. My stuffed bear from childhood (that I still own….) is named Aladdin after my very first love.

But if Kyle was a fictional character he would hands-down be my favorite. Smart, funny, witty, intelligent, attractively arrogant, perfect nose, stylish, musically inclined… I mean, what’s not to love?

Kyle looks pretty damn good in a suit, too… But this isn’t him… Obviously.

Did you have a fictional “first crush”? (Or a fictional current crush!?) What couple or friendship do you and your significant other or best friend embody??


LoveBlog with Belle Brita

My word for 2016

I’ve put a lot of thought into this post. I intentionally made it the last in my end-of-the-year trilogy. When I started this two weeks ago I didn’t have a word picked out… I hoped it would just come to me.
( Part 1 – Reflections on 2015 & Part 2 – Goals for 2016 )

I wanted to really, really love my word. I wanted it to make me a more flexible, aware, spontaneous person. I was hoping for a word that might make me sound adventurous. Maybe “brave” or “ambitious” or “discovery.”

In a way I found that word. I found a word that makes me ready to take on whatever is thrown my way… and it also makes me a little uncomfortable. For 2016 I chose the word:


In 2016 I want to embrace where I’m at right here and now. But I also want to embrace the unavoidable changes- the highs and lows that will happen this year. I want to embrace the waiting period between now and later, and I want to embrace the craziness that happens without warning. I want all the emotions that come with embracing faith and marriage and life.

When I hear the word “embrace” I also think of hugs… which I am not fond of. But a hug is a way to bring someone closer to you and let them in without all the sarcasm and superficiality. And I want to do a little more of that in my 2016, too.


There’s a million different ways to embrace “embrace”, but as I said last week, I really don’t have much structure going on next year. And I guess I can start first by embrace that lackadaisical approach.

When I told K what my word was he completely understood what I meant by it and why I chose it. And that makes me even more excited to make EMBRACE my word of 2016.

So I guess we will start here and see where it takes me… embracing every step along the way ❤︎

Please, please link up below with your post about your word for 2016! I can’t wait to read what word you have chosen (or what word chose you)!



Negative Nancy & #Hashtags

I don’t want to complain- really, I don’t- but this past holiday weekend was a trip to Hell and back for me. I’m so exhausted. I was actually glad to come back to work on Monday. I mentioned in my vlog that I technically work 4-ish jobs… and this past weekend I put a lot of time, energy, and effort into all four. #overemployed

catI also mentioned last week that I was looking forward to working Black Friday. I actually ended up working 7-10:30pm on Thanksgiving and 6-10:20am on BF. If I had just left at 10am on Friday I would’ve had a wonderful experience, but in that last 20 minutes I was verbally attacked by a customer and it pretty much destroyed my entire day weekend. #HowDoesOneBecomeSoMean #gohome #poisonoustonguedevil

aprilFortunately Friday night and all day Saturday were spent with a wedding party (because of the wedding planning job that I never blog about) that was so easy and nice to work with. Weddings are exhausting, but when you have an easygoing family with a lovely bride & groom it makes it 10xs easier. The husband and wife are in the Coast Guard and four of the five groomsmen were Coast Guard so they looked dashing in their white uniforms! #soattractive #TheyDidASwordArch #amazingpeople

upOn Sunday K took me to breakfast and asked me to paint the new office space he’s recently leased for the company. (We also have a new +/- 10,000 s.f. warehouse space- woo hoo!!) I really wanted a day off, but I know he needs to get into the new area asap so I took one for the team. Plus, after work on Mon. & Tues. I have no plans so maybe I can finish getting Christmas up and clean the house. #TooBusy #ActsOfService #LoveLanguage

dumbledoreIn other news, I’m currently in a horrendous mood as I write this. (Hopefully when I publish it I will be a little more cheerful.)

*That was a lot of complaining in a short amount of time… I’m sorry. I really am thankful for many things…

asshole dayI didn’t mean to take a whole week off and I didn’t mean to do two hashtag posts in a row… but sometimes you just need to step back. I’m still fighting a headache that started on Thanksgiving. Ugh.

I’m happy to link-up with Laura & Lauren and Nadine & Kathy and Alanna & Plucky, and Happy One Year Anniversary to the #HashtagHumpDay link-up!