Sweet Toddlerhood- M is 3!

I don’t know how, so please don’t ask. These past three years have been… well… a blur. I was laying in bed the other night, watching the monitor, thinking about how obsessed I am with M. She’s clever and funny and witty. It is a gift to genuinely enjoy my little human. Nicknames: Moo, Noodle,…

Two Years Old

M turned two on Saturday and I’m still trying to recover from the shock. Time has always been a thief, but it’s strange to see time personified in my little human. She was once a little squishy cute potato with two or three solid skills (eat, sleep, poop) and now she’s an incredible, complex, talking,…

Infant Days: The Epilogue

It was just over two years ago (!!) that we told the world M was going to be a little girl. A few months later that little girl entered the world and completely rocked mine to its core. It was T O U G H and I feel like I was very open and honest…

A Tale of Two Toddlers

On Sunday we went to church and left Moo in the toddlers’ room during the service. When we picked her up, the volunteers in the room told us that another little girl had gotten hurt and M was first on the scene to pat her head and give her a hug. My mommy-heart LITERALLY burst….

Every Direction

I use Instagram for three things: keeping up with all of you (& my non-blog friends), inspiration for my Animal Crossing island (#nerdalert), and parenting information. Let’s hone in on that last one. Recently I started following some new (child) sleep experts and questioning every single thing I’ve done for M and her sleep habits….