Overhaul: 12 Months, 12 Habits

Bad habits are tough to break. I try to check off seasonal goals and bucket list activities, but that doesn’t do much for my bad habits. I got the idea to challenge myself in September with waking up early on time every day, but then thought, ‘Why not keep this going for 12 months?’

So here we are. All twelve months highlight things I’d like to change. My hope is that by altering my behavior for a solid 28 to 31 days I will foster some new (good) habits. So here’s what the next year looks like:

September: Wake up at 6am on weekdays
October: Don’t yell at/lose temper with Lylee
November: Wash my face every single night
December: Go to church every Sunday
January: No trips north just to shop
February: No eating past 8pm
March: No fast food (unless necessarily while traveling)
April: Go for a walk 4 times per week
May: Read for 30 minutes every day
June: Water the plants EVERY DAY
July: Cook 4 good edible meals (not all Asian) per week*
August: Yoga, three times a week, in the studio or at home
*K helped with the July goal, lol. And he’ll BE helping that with goal in July #GrillKing

Some of these are self-explanatory: getting up on time, not losing my temper with Ly (who can be incredibly frustrating/headstrong/stubborn/defiant), reading every day. The no eating past 8pm hopefully helps me curb bored snacking at night- which I’m guilty of. January’s habit is a mini-shopping ban. Unless I drive 30 minutes north I don’t have access to Target, Old Navy, HomeGoods, etc.

When we travel I won’t be holding myself to these things. I take food & sleep whenever I can get it on business trips. Ha.

I’m kicking off the 6am wake up call on Monday. Wish me luck! I’ll probably mention this monthly just to keep myself accountable 🙂

Spring Cleaning

Happy Spring!

This post is a week late, but I’m just channeling the procrastination that will probably be fairly present all through spring. Plus, the weather gods haven’t acknowledged spring yet, so why should I?

I am a crazy-organized human being, but sometimes I need a list to keep me accountable. (Actually, I always have some sort of list keeping me accountable. Read about my “problem” here…)
Here are the chores I’d like to accomplish by the First Day of Summer!

– Clean out all 3 closets and donate clothes to local church (yeah, three closest… two belong to K)
– Organize craft room and finish almost-done scrapbooks
– Start & finish “Year 2” scrapbook
– Scrub the greasy build-up off kitchen cabinets and decor
– Wash dog harnesses/leashes and replace Lylee’s harness
– Buy duvet cover and bed skirt for new bed
– Organize Pinterest boards
– Landscape the house/get out of the flood zone
– Paint the spare bedroom
– Finish the basement bathroom
– Finish decorating the dining room
– Figure out photo collage for stairwell
– Build a firepit and purchase patio furniture
– Throw out old/dried up pens, glue, art supplies, office stuff
– Shred all the random grocery bags of bills and documents
Can I accomplish all this by June 21st? I’m not sure, but we’ll revisit this post then and see how much I’ve done! (And I might add to it as I go so SOMETHING at least gets crossed off…)

Do you have Spring Cleaning goals? Do you get distracted by treasures found in the back of your closet? Everyone has that greasy build-up on their kitchen cabinets, right??