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Fall Recap | What’s New With You

For the link-up today I'm recapping some of my fall adventures! I didn't share about my trip to Daufuskie Island in October or our Halloween party at the start of November or our most recent trip to Colonial Williamsburg. So today I am 🙂 This is gonna be a long one... Daufuskie Island, SC Aubrey… Continue reading Fall Recap | What’s New With You

Holidays & Celebrations!

Throwing a Party with +50 Guests

I was terrible about snapping pictures at Kyle's 30th birthday party, but if you followed along on Snapchat you may have seen a few quick moments from the event. A few weeks ago I threw K a party and invited over 75 people. Roughly 50 to 60 showed up. Only after I counted all the… Continue reading Throwing a Party with +50 Guests

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Happy Halloween!

Welcome to my favorite day of tricks and treats, little goblins! How people hate Halloween, I'll never know. I love the mystery and spookiness and trickery and deliciousness of this day! This weekend we hosted our 4th Annual Halloween Party! This is the fastest event-to-blog turnaround time I've ever had, but I wanted to share… Continue reading Happy Halloween!

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The Halloween Party 2015

Guuuuuuuuuuys! I had such a wonderful time on Saturday at our Halloween party! I really, really wish all my blog friends could've been there, too! As promised, here's a (somewhat long) recap of our annual Halloween bash! I promise it's my last Halloween-related post of the year. . . . . . . . .… Continue reading The Halloween Party 2015

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Halloween Party Prep

Happy Friday, everyone!! Are you ready for the true Halloween Queen to emerge? I don't think your ready for this jelly... Just to recap, if you're in need of a couple's/group costume check out these recommendations. If you're going solo this year, consider these characters! K and I have decided to go with separate costumes… Continue reading Halloween Party Prep

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Halloween Costumes | Part 2

I will admit "Part 2" almost didn't happen. I've been so overwhelmed the last week and a half. This weekend is my birthday so hopefully I can calm down and spend the rest of October relaxing and enjoying the fall festivities! If you miss Part 1 of the costume series you can catch up here!… Continue reading Halloween Costumes | Part 2

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Halloween Costumes | Part 1

Happy Wednesday, ghouls and goblins! Are you enjoying the crisp weather? I might've overdone it and left the windows open too long... my poor little munchkin was shivering this morning! Oops! Good thing I had his sweater all clean and ready to go! (Yep, I'm one of those people...) Since there are only three and… Continue reading Halloween Costumes | Part 1