Sharing all the Goods This Friday!

This was going to be a bitchy post but then I had a change of heart and a million happy/funny things happened to me and I just snapped out of my bitter mood. So today I’m linking up with the amazingly wonderful Chelsea from The New Wifestyle (who just spent the week in Hawaii (shut up!!) with her birthday-boy husband) for her Tell Me Something Good Friday!

Speaking of Chelsea, that selfless, giving, big-hearted woman sent me some cloth napkins that came her way via a generous neighbor. I super LOVE that we have some cloth napkins around the house now so we can use them at every meal verses creating waste with paper napkins and paper towels. Yay!!


Also arriving in the mail this week was this book. (Cue the embarrassing story…)

So I open my mailbox and find this book addressed to me from the author (!!). I excitedly open my random package and squeal to my husband that “I’ve finally made it as a blogger! An author just sent me her book to review! Someone actually sent me something for free!” Then the next day I’m browsing my usual blogs and see this post from Kristin at SYIAP. And I realize that about a month ago I signed up to receive this book. So no one hunted me down or sought me out- I signed up for the copy of the book.

I’m such a dip sometimes.


Moving on…

I won one of those awesome rafflecopter-y giveaways!! I seem to have good luck with these giveaways and I am SO thankful to the hosts for doing these. Now I can get some fancy make-up from Ulta! Thank you:

Lindsay // Libby // Amanda // Becca // Kate // Rachel // Cherie // Amanda // Tabitha // Ashley // Mar

This week feels like it’s dragging on… but at least it’s been a pretty good week! This weekend we’re taking our annual anniversary picture with our tree, and I get to see two of my best friends from high school, and on Sunday we’re watching my baby brother graduate from OSU! (a.k.a. I’m going to sit in a stadium for +6 hours and read a book.) Plus it’s Mother’s Day so I’m expecting a diamond necklace from my fur-kids (kidding).

Ok. I’m done rambling. Tell me about something good in your life! What are your plans this weekend?

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