Ramblings of Sorts

I don’t have anything worthwhile to say today. (How’s that for a lead-in?)

So here are some random thoughts.

For those in Texas, human and critter, know that my heart and prayers and donations are with you ❤︎
I can’t explain how proud and hopeful I feel when I see the stories of people taking their boats & large trucks into affected areas and helping people out of buildings. That is what makes humanity wonderful and keeps our country united and strong.

In a different breath, I think this president is growing increasingly dangerous. His small steps to reverse policy and pardon dirt bags and alter law enforcement/military power is extremely alarming. Don’t let these things go unnoticed. Be aware of what your government is doing before it’s no longer your government…
I believe both sides of the aisle should be fired up.

And now some lighter things to get us through the rest of the week…

This popped up on my FB yesterday:

Sorry, but there’s no way to decrease your chance of death/dying. It’s 100% guaranteed.


In honor of yesterday being 8 years since I moved into my first dorm at college. Woof.

I’ve seen this before and for some reason it sends me into a fit of giggles.

(The original post had a dated and offensive term so I edited it. Ha.)

A Tuesday Reminder: In an effort to protect our brains in this crazy world, if you’re like me and you still have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. that you scroll through multiple times a day then I suggest taking time to really go through and unfollow/unlike/unfriend the folks or accounts that bring you down or upset you. If it’s differing or hurtful opinions or a perfect manicured life or gorgeous vacations once a month or whatever… unfollow them because you don’t owe anyone a follow or Facebook friendship. If it’s affecting your mood then take some action.  It’ll make you feel better to be free of weird social media obligations, lol.

Alright. This was a weird post. Happy Tuesday ❤︎

No Room for Hate.

I know it’s all over the internet and many of us have the same opinions and are saying the same things, but that’s the point.

Hate isn’t ok. You aren’t born with hate in your heart and your children aren’t either. From a Christian perspective, hate is extremely toxic to your body. (If you’re a racist “Christian” you can GTFO or pray on it and change your tune.)

“Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness.”
1 John 2:9

“Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.”
Proverbs 10:12

This isn’t going to be a long post because I don’t think it needs to be. I don’t tolerate racism. I don’t tolerate religion-based hatred. I don’t tolerate homophobia. I won’t tolerate it on my blog or in my life. Love is stronger than hate, especially when there’s no room for hate here.

I know I have the privileged (for now) to do nothing and sit on my behind. But I won’t.

Also, if you think this POS president isn’t somehow directly related to the increase in domestic terrorism and hate crimes then you need to open your eyes. These vermin have crawled out from under their neo-nazi and racist rocks because they believe it’s safe for their hate under this presidency. Don’t prove them right.

Borrowed this from Chelsea’s post.


Confessions Plus Some…

Of course now that I’m not posting on Wednesdays I decide to link-up with Kathy & Nadine for Confessions. Oh well…


. . .

I confess that I thought about apologizing for all the political-heavy content or references made this past week or so. But I’m not sorry. And I won’t stop talking politics or sharing what I believe is right. I do NOT support a useless wall. I do NOT support barring/banning people from our country. I will NOT use the term “alien.” People are people. I do NOT support racism or sexism or xenophobia or homophobia. They’re not liberal buzzwords- they’re dangerous ideologies that divide us. I do NOT support thrown together, half-ass, ego-boosting executive orders that hurt and endanger far more people than they help. Jesus taught me to love others as I am loved. So I will. The very best part about this country is that I am allowed to disagree and voice that disagreement. And if / when that right is stripped from me I will still voice my resistance. I do not have to agree with anyone. #RESIST

If you need to stop following my blog that’s ok. But I’m not going to change my tune here in this space.

Moving on…

. . .

I am a terrible hugger. My nearly-life-long friend Aubrey is engaged to a wonderful woman named Alyssa. Last time I saw them we all hugged goodbye and I realized just how terrible I am. Mainly because Alyssa is the best hugger I’ve ever come across. It’s like a warm, strong wrap of friendship. It’s like when someone makes eye contact with you in a conversation and you feel like they’re really listening… except it’s a hug. I’m terrible. I’m the girl that won’t make eye contact and hangs out on the floor with the cat in the corner. My hugs are floppy and short and meaningless. I’m sorry to all my hug-receivers…

. . .

One night I was lying awake in bed, waiting for sleep to come, and I started panicking because for a split second I thought the world was in black and white… The TV was off and I was facing the wall with only the dark wood trim, white blinds, and light colored wall in my line of sight. And I was super tired. Ha… So the lack of color made me panic. I actually thought the world was in black and white.

. . .

I went Christmas shopping for the mutts and told myself they needed nothing, only something small each- maybe spend $20 total. Yeah… right… I spent +$50 on two new nylabones, a toy, and ample treats. In my defense, I thought everything was on sale. (Turns out it wasn’t…. so instead of walking away I just bought it all anyway. UGH.) And then all our family members gifted them Christmas presents so our house is overrun with toys and treats twofold. (I love that we have family who spoil our babies!! )

. . .

I changed jobs and my paydays got all switched around and my system (for paying bills/the mortgage) is totally wrecked. I’m a creature of habit and I’ve been doing the same thing for three and a half years. I am so, so thrown off.

. . .

I can’t wake up in the mornings. It was a 2017 resolution & it’s something I want to do, but I just sleep through alarms until K bumps me and says, “You should probably get up.” And then my morning is rushed and terrible.


. . .

At times my mouth would make a sailor blush (sorry, family ), but my new job is making it worse. I work with five dudes in a warehouse environment. Filters don’t exist here.

. . .

Somewhat contrary to my previous confession, I think I’m too nice sometimes. Like when I’m calling about overdue invoices (at work) or lost packages (at home). I’m always like, “No problem. It’s ok. Thanks so much for fixing that.” Like, I’m legit pissed before I make the call but then I don’t have it in me to scold someone. Even when they probably deserve it, lol.

. . .

And there ya have it… Some fresh confessions, hot off the press.


Tuesday is Election Day (& Other Stuff)

This isn’t a political rant. I promise.

Over the last week I’ve found some websites that have helped me become a more informed voter. While I 100% believe it is your responsibility as an American citizen to vote, I believe that it’s 100xs more important that you show up to the polls as an informed voter. These people are making our laws and representing our country- you need to know who you’re hiring.


+ This is probably the best thing I’ve seen. If you put in your address or zip code this site tells you exactly who will be on your ballot. I get confused about who to research or what names I’ll come across (except presidential candidates) so this is a really awesome tool!

+ If you haven’t see this site, it identifies which candidate is most similar to (and different than) you.

+ If you’re looking for an exit door on November 9th then you should take this quiz. It’ll tell you which country is best for you post-election. I got Canada but I think I’d probably head to Switzerland. (Nothing against Canada!)

On Wednesday night I stayed up until 1am to have my heart broken. *sigh* I will be a good sport and tell all my Cubs/Chicago friends “Congratulations!” (Stephanie, Olya, Amanda, Emily, Lisa), but I’m not liking y’alls pictures on IG or your celebratory tweets. #SorryNotSorry #ClevelandAgainstTheWorld #Believeland Next year, guys…. Next year.  😉

Real quick I’d like to diverge from my drama-free, productive, real-talk personality and admit that I’ve been switching on episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. If you like these kinds of shows I think that’s totally wonderful and you’re totally wonderful, but usually I steer clear of this kind of entertainment just because I don’t care. So…. I know I’m probably late to the party, but who the f*@$ lives like this family? What is life when you can hope on a private jet for a night in Vegas, wake up in your own bed the next morning, drop $3,000 on a pair of shoes, and walk around in half a sports bra and booty shorts at the age of 19. I also follow Kylie Jenner on SnapChat (I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. HELP ME.) and I die when I see the outfits she wears and the clubs she hangs out in and the money she spends. Woof. Does she have her own house? I know nothing about these people but I’m just so…. floored, I guess.

I had no point to make. That paragraph was a waste of 90 seconds. Sorry…


Is it just me or are fortune cookies getting lame? In the last week I’ve gotten “A fine is a tax for doing wrong, but a tax is a fine for being successful.” Uhhh… ok, Hillary. (That was a joke. Don’t crucify me.) Then I got, “Never throw caution to the wind.” Great. Thanks, Confucius. (And ok, yeah, maybe I had Chinese food twice in one week. It’s fine.)

And now let’s end with some funnies:


. . .

Not funny... but whatever.
Not funny… but whatever.

. . .


. . .

(This made me laugh so hard...)
(This made me laugh so hard…)

. . .


Have a great weekend, friends!



Let’s start off with some random thoughts, then we’ll move on to the typical “currently” one-liners.


I think in the real winner in Monday night’s debate was Snap Chat. All hail the face swap filter:


. . .

I saw this making its rounds on Facebook. I mean, it’s kind of a way to humble-brag about yourself in a humorous way, but I’m not above that 🙂

Pam Beesly from THE OFFICE | Louise Belcher from BOB’S BURGERS | Ainsley Hayes from THE WEST WING

. . .

For the last week I’ve been going on about how a Jumanji remake would be terrifying and awesome. I just discovered that Hollywood might actually be working it? I’m going to need royalties for my idea, guys…

On to the one-liners…

Reading… Cress (Marissa Meyer). But I plan to finish it up this weekend. Also, Peter Pan and The One.

Listening to… random chill playlists on Spotify. I downloaded the music player at work & it automatically pops up when I turn on my machine each morning. Usually I just click a random playlist and let it go all morning as background noise.

Watching… new Fall TV shows like This Is Us & Bull. I also watched the first episode of The Good Place and I plan to keep with that, too. And The Mindy Project starts again next week!

Playing… Toy Blast. It’s an app for iPhone that’s similar to Candy Crush. My 9 year old cousin got me hooked.

Working on… all our landscaping! I finally take that chore off my seasonal to-do list and K suddenly gets the energy to work on it. THANK YOU to my parents for helping us Sunday & Tuesday night!

*the mailbox post needs to be painted & the box replaced, plus river rock will be added to the flower beds! and a new porch light someday…

Looking forward to… our October Myrtle Beach get-away.

Feeling… like poop. UGH. On Tuesday night my sinuses revolted. On Wednesday I napped through my lunch hour & then went straight to bed after work. Thankfully it’s starting to clear up.

Missing… broccoli cheese soup from McDonald’s. Random, but the sick heart wants what it wants…

Dreading… finding health insurance 😦 My job doesn’t offer it and I lose my mom’s when I turn 26 next month. K has private ins. but his provider is leaving Ohio at the end of the year so we both need to hunt for new insurance. BLEH.

Praying about… the poor pitbulls and dogs that look like pitbulls because Montreal made a ridiculous, murderous, prejudice new law that sentences these dogs to death. Send me all the pitties- I’ll find them homes. Fear-mongering governments are on my last nerve. Please sign this petition requesting the ban be reversed. You can also register to foster or adopt a dog from the shelter!

Hey, the front door is finally painted!

*we still need to switch out the deadbolt for brushed nickel & I want to paint the window trim white!

That about sums it up. Tomorrow is OCTOBER & my heart is singing with joy! What’s new with you?

*Totally did this a week early, but I plan to link-up with Kristen & Gretch next Thursday 🙂


Cause and Effect

I’ve never done a post like this before, but I’m always saying these things so I figured it was a good blog topic. Some of these are outlandish and dramatic, but some are true.


IF: Donald Dump wins the election…
THEN: I’m invoking my Swiss citizenship and moving to the alps. I figure that turd-head is going to make anyone with dual citizenship pick a side anyway. You will never hear me utter the title President Tr*mp.

. . .

IF: The invitations for my future sister-in-law’s shower don’t show up soon…
THEN: I’m going to be one very unhappy party planner! The shower is a month from yesterday and the Type-A psycho inside of me wants to get those invites sent!

. . .

IF: A transgender person uses the bathroom I’m using…
THEN: I’ll politely smile at them in the mirror and go about my business. Because they’re a human using the bathroom, just like me.

(That’s all I’m saying on that topic.)

. . .

IF: I can’t figure out how to use all the make-up I ordered from Ulta…
THEN: I’m going to cry and cry and spend the entire weekend watching Youtubers apply foundation and eye brow gel stuff and eyeliner- and they’ll annoyingly get it right the first time like it’s the easiest thing in the world. #Grrr

. . .

IF: I don’t finish more than two books by the time my “book review” post is scheduled…
THEN: I might not post it because I’m so pathetic. Hahahaha… I like reading but my brain just won’t settle down & relax with a book. Ughhh. I’m currently involved in a reading challenge and I plan to join two more before the end of the month- because I’m a glutton for punishment, I guess.

. . .

IF: I suddenly came into lots and lots of money…
THEN: I’d pay off the debt, get a new car, and spend some serious cash at Rebecca Jo’s new Etsy shop!!

. . .

IF: I head to Columbus this weekend to attend “Fetch-A-Friend” with my best friend…
THEN: I might come home with a third dog…
BUT THEN: K swore he’d leave me if I brought one home. Decisions, decisions….

(KIDDING. I will use every fiber of my being to resist those cute wittle tiny fwuffy cuddly buns of fur.)

. . .

IF: K ever lifts the “Only Two Dogs At A Time” embargo…
THEN: I will run wild with my pack of +50 dogs and quit my job. Hahaha.

. . .

Alright, it’s getting weird now. What are your cause-and-effect statements?



Thankful Fridays

In case you missed it on Monday I went a little off script and listed the things that I believe are important for our next president to address/believe. This is a blog for everyone and I’m not asking anyone to agree with me, but sometimes I just need to throw that stuff out. I hope we’re all still friends 🙂

Today I am thankful for two parents that encouraged me- and continue to encourage me- to think for myself and make well-educated decisions based on research and personal convictions. If we started throwing around labels I would say that my parents lean a little republican and I might be a smidge liberal . I mean, my dad actually threatened me one Christmas with an NRA membership. (For the record, I am not a member.) There are many things we agree about but there are also a TON of topics we end up debating at the dinner table.

I’m so thankful to have parents that not only allow me to speak my mind and disagree, but also ask me what I think about certain topics and enjoy debating the rights and wrongs of issues. Has it ever gotten heated? Yes. Does it usually stay fairly civil? Usually, yes. I was once talking with a friend who said that her dad got mad if she expressed any opinions that challenged his own. I just couldn’t wrap my head around that…

So today I’m thankful that my mom and dad allow me have a big mouth. It’s gotten me in trouble and I’ve had to eat my own foot in the past, but I feel good about forming my own opinions and having that confidence. (Thanks, Mom & Dad.)


Also, Happy Birthday tomorrow to the best dad a girl could ask for! You keep hauling coal and I’ll keep fighting for the polar bears 😉



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