Craving a ‘Cation

If I haven’t said it before (I have), I love to travel. I think that any month is a good month to travel, but I’m particularly fond of April & October because I usually find cheaper flights/cruises/hotels. That said, summer is the popular season for travel and every time warm weather rolls around I crave relaxation and vacation!


I will say that I am a fortunate human- I’m fairly well-traveled and we usually take 2 or 3 trips per year. This July we’re taking a family vacation to a lake in Missouri and in September I’m headed to the beach with my best friend. Also, I’m 100% determined to get the hubby & I on a beach in Cabo within the next year. (Seriously. I dream about it.)

I have a lot to look forward to, but there are so many things that make me instantly want to be on a beach, sipping on a fruit drink and reading a page-turner.

I won’t lie… part of my inspiration for this post was an email I just got from Red Lobster advertising their new “Island Escape” promotion. So, like, if I come eat there I get to escape to the island, right??!

Honeymoon Season
We attended our second wedding of the summer this past Saturday. On Monday the two love birds flew to Hawaii for their honeymoon. I’m really happy for them- seriously, I am- but I feel like I probably need to go to Hawaii, too. I mean, I’ve never been, so that’s probably enough of a reason to hop on a boat and row on over.

Summer Vacation
I used to look forward to the day all my Facebook friends were out of high school and college so I’d never have to lust over their summer vacations again… Well, now half of them are teachers. Summer vacation is a privilege reserved only for those who deal with children +8 hours a day. Sigh.

Zac Brown/Kenny Chesney/etc.
Staaaaahp. I wanna be knee deep in the water somewhere with the blue sky breeze blowing wind through my hair… Take me with you, Kenny! I’ll trade it all in for a pirate flag and an island girl. (Well, I don’t want the island girl, but I’ll take the flag & rum.)

Maxi Dresses
I can’t walk through Target or Marshalls without seeing a maxi dress. It wouldn’t be a problem, except then I daydream of walking through the sand with the ocean water brushing the bottom of my hem and splashing my ankles. (See, you’re imagining it, too, right?)

I can’t be the only one craving a vacation, right? June is here and my inbox is flooded with emails from Carnival and Travelocity (and Red Lobster)!

Where would you take off to right now if you could? Do you have a favorite beach or island to visit? Maybe you like to vacation in-land?