Guest Post from Finding Ithaka: Marriage in the Military

Hi, readers of Life as Louise! My name is Carolann, and I blog over at Finding Ithaka. I’m a writer and military spouse living in Hawaii. My husband, Nick, is a submarine officer. He’s had a lot of different jobs over the years, but he’s currently working on a submarine. The past year has been… Continue reading Guest Post from Finding Ithaka: Marriage in the Military

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Comparing Apples to Orange to Instagram

I don't discuss my full time job here very often (ever? ) but I work for an appraisal company. A large part of my day is spent comparing commercial properties to one another (or comparing markets or construction quality or amenities...). All day long I make comparisons- it's second nature now. In valuing property, comparisons… Continue reading Comparing Apples to Orange to Instagram

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Fictional Love: #LoveBlog Link-Up

I couldn't resist linking up with Brita for her February #LoveBlog Prompt today! Brita's introductory post explains the link-up and today's topic happens to be Fictional Love. Straight from Brita's blog: "Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? What TV couple is most like you and your significant other?" Obviously I couldn't pass this… Continue reading Fictional Love: #LoveBlog Link-Up


My Passions | Blog-tember Day 4

*Happy Friday!* I was a little hesitant to commit to the fabulous Blog-tember Challenge (hosted by Bailey Jean), but with the encouragement of Stephanie I've decided to approach it like an a la carte challenge and participate on the days that I don't have anything concocted. today! Friday, September 4: What are you passionate… Continue reading My Passions | Blog-tember Day 4

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My Full Heart

Two years ago at this time (10pm) I was freshly married and dancing amongst our fabulous wedding guests. I had no idea where I'd be two year later. I definitely can't complain. Right now I'm camped out on our couch, snacking on a delicious yellow cake (with chocolate frosting) baked fresh by my wonderful mother-in-law.… Continue reading My Full Heart