When It’s All Over…

I’ve seen it a thousand places a thousand times… There is no “back to normal” because we’re all going to come out of this pandemic completely changed. I definitely agree with that sentiment.

Kezzie came up with these post-isolation questions and Bev shared her answers the other day. I decided to play along because a) it looks fun and b) I’ve got nothing better to share after 3 weeks of doing nothing. Lol

1) Restaurant you would go out to…
The Dennison Yard, JNG, The Daily Grind… all local and delicious places ♥

2) Friend you would meet up with first…
My best friend’s girlfriend hasn’t met M yet and before this whole thing happened they had plans to fly up here from Florida so…. as soon as this is over I think they’re flying up to stay with us!

3) Place you would go…
Probably Target. Let’s be real.

4) Shop you would go to…
Target… Marshalls… HomeGoods… Although surprisingly I’m not dying to go because my bank account is pretty pleased with this isolation.

5) Food item you would buy/eat…
We’ve been able to get what we need but I’m looking forward to getting some steak and vegetables and beer, and having a cookout and bon fire with my family!

6) Cake you would eat…
I haven’t stopped eating cake 😬

7) Show you would/will go to see…
I’m dying to go to the movies. We’ve never been huge movie-goers but I want to get out and see something good. I might look for a play or two to attend, too! We actually have a performance center in our backyard- lol.

8) Concert you will go to watch…
We have no tickets on hand right now but there’s a summer country concert series at a nearby outdoor venue and I think we’re going to be getting ourselves some tix since I have a new appreciation for nights OUT.

9) Relative you will hug first…
My grandparents. K’s grandparents. No question.

10) Holiday you would go on…
We’re headed to Dallas in September to celebrate the wedding we had to miss in March. I’m also hoping for a trip in October for my 30th bday!

11) Other activity you would take part in…
I already have a haircut/coloring booked. I’m going to text my masseuse today to request an appointment once she’s back in business. I also want to take M to the park and the poor restless pups to daycare to play. And WORK.

M has 6 month pictures at the start of June. And we have some summer parties that we’re excited to go to!

12) Thing you would do at work…
Ahhhhh- I can’t wait to go back to my office and desk and work and coworkers. I miss going to work SO much. We have SO much to ship since all our customers (schools) shutdown before we closed the warehouse.

13) Item you would buy…
Truthfully, I don’t need to buy anything I can’t get now. That said, we’re going to need some baby gates soon. And baby proofing items. And a mop. LOL

Thank you for the questionnaire, Kezzie!

What are you all most looking forward to post-isolation?

(And happy birthday to my wonderful sister-in-law Lori!)

45 Questions (minus 35)

– tap – tap – tap – Is this thing on?

I unintentionally skipped blogging last week. Partially because I was unmotivated and partially because, like the rest of the world, I was going out of my mind.

Now that I’m adjusting to this eternal state of insanity, I guess life can continue as “usual.”

I found this article and, while I’m not trying to get any of y’all to fall in love with me, I thought some these would be some great blog questions! Also… I only picked out 10. I was just too lazy to change the post image 😆

1 | Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?
Kelly Clarkson, Chrissy Teigen, & Olivia Munn.

2 | Would you like to be famous? In what way?
Only as an author!

3 | When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else?
…when was I last by myself? Lol. I sing to M all the time. Sometimes it’s a real song, sometimes it’s not, most of the time it’s a hybrid. Most recently it was The Circle of Life with many misspoken Swahilian words.

4 | Name three things you and your partner appear to have in common.
We have a similar sense of humor. We have a similar definition of loyalty. We have a similar love of dogs, cars, & justice.

5 | If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?
A real ability- being bilingual with serial languages. A superhuman ability- teleportation.

6 | What does friendship mean to you?
It means loving someone like family- maybe even more. Knowing that you will always be in their corner- even if that means delivering tough love and hard truths. It means celebrating the big and small moments, grieving the tough times, and knowing they would obviously help bury the body because they were there for the crime.

7 | Your house, containing everything you own, catches fire. After saving your loved ones and pets, you have time to safely make a final dash to save any one item. What would it be? Why?
My stuffed bunny from my childhood… his name is Bunny (#creativechild) & he lives on the bookshelf in our bedroom.

8 | What is your most treasured memory?
Our wedding reception, playing trains and cars and in the sandbox with my brother when we were kids, M being born and K’s utter joy at her arrival, bringing home each of our dogs.

9 | What is your most terrible memory?
I have three (one is a dream that used to haunt me when I was young). All of them are of someone or a dog dying and me witnessing it. Two did actually happen to me and the dream was reoccurring and terrible.

10 | Do you have a secret hunch about how you will die?
Nope. Do other people have these hunches? I have no idea… I’m hoping old age & in my sleep.

I’m going to get back to business soon… I want to write more Talk Baby 2 Me posts (hello finished nursery), I have some book reviews for the next SUYB (yay!), & I want to recap our NOLA trip from last freaking summer (yikes)- but this is what I came up with today.

What would you say to these questions?

45 Questions (Formerly 73)

I’m borrowing this little burst of entertainment from the lovely & inspiring Emelia! She went all in with 73 questions (Lindsay, too!). I pared mine down because my attention span is terrible.

Alright, let’s do it!

1. What’s the best thing that happened to you this month?
Sharing baby’s sex with everyone. I think most people were hoping for a girl ♥ And I love that I don’t have to tip-toe with pronouns anymore.

2. What’s your favorite game?
I love playing games. Life used to be my favorite. I love Trivial Pursuit (HP edition for sure), Cards Against Humanity, Ticket to Ride… Anything, honestly. (K hates games!)

3. If you could teach one subject in school, what would it be?

4. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?
This is shallow, but when people compliment my make up/skin I feel so good. Also, when people compliment my writing.

5. What is your favorite birthday cake?
I don’t really like cake, but yellow cake w/ chocolate frosting is delicious.

 6. What is one thing you still have from your childhood?
… I have many things. But my stuffed bunny (named Bunny) sits on my nightstand and have been with me since birth.

7. What is something you can’t do?
Umm. Run a 5K. A push up. Wash a car without leaving soap spots. I’m sure I could do these things if I put forth the effort. I never think about what I can’t do so I’m kind of clueless on this one.

8. Window or aisle seat?
It doesn’t matter. I’m nervous either way. I usually sit aisle but still end up glancing out the window. K prefers window.

9. What is your favorite holiday?
Halloween & Christmas Eve.

10. What’s heavily played on your music playlist right now?
Some John Mayer, 90s country women, and 00s rock alternative.

11. If you could raid one woman’s closet, who would it be?
Sloan Sabbith on The Newsroom. I never dress that professional but if I did…

12. What did you want to be when you grew up when you were 12?
A veterinarian.

13. What is something you will not be doing in ten years?
That I’m doing right now? Being pregnant. Lol

14. What is an important life lesson for someone to learn?
Bringing others down will never lift you up.

15. How do you start your day?
I sleep in past my alarm, then get up when I hear the dogs needing out.

16. Would you ever live anywhere besides where you do now?
For pleasure? Switzerland. For work? Texas.

17. What is your favorite dessert? Is there a dessert you don’t like?
Ice cream & creme brûlée ♥ Beyond that, I don’t eat much dessert.

18. Where was the best vacation you’ve ever taken?
I don’t know… Disney is always fun. The trips to Europe were great. I was a little sh*t, but our trip outwest was incredible. Recently, our Phoenix trip was a really great one!

19. Favorite Disney animal?
Rajah, closely followed by Abu, Meeko, and the Cheshire Cat.

20. What is a book you are planning on reading?
Little Fires Everywhere is up next.

21. What is something you’re tired of?
People arguing against common sense/human decency/overall compassion.
And this dumb as sh*t, blatantly racist “president.”

22. What’s your favorite exercise?
HAHAHAHA. I guess yoga if I had to pick.

23. What was your worst subject in school?
Algebra & chemistry.

24. What animal do you identify with most?
For sure a raccoon.

25. What do you usually eat for breakfast?
Coffee or nothing. Sometimes a breakfast sandwich.

26. What is something you wish you could be good at?
A second language. Or sign language.

27. Skiing or surfing?
Skiing hurts my hip and I’ve never been surfing.

28. First celebrity crush?
Nick Carter.

29. What color was your prom dress?
Junior year it was periwinkle. Senior year it was orange & black.

30. How do you manage stress?
Honestly, cry. But also breathe, take a bath, read a book, sip a hot beverage.

31. Age when you were first kissed?
A real kiss? I was 15.

32. Favorite fashion trend of all time?
Are sweatshirts a fashion trend? If not, skinny jeans.

33. What is your current favorite piece of clothing that you own?
I have a cropped dino hooded sweatshirt from Erica and I love it with a black tank. And I’m SUPER excited to have a bump this fall and have the crop land right at the bump. I think it’ll be adorable. I also bought maternity overalls (that K HATES) and I can’t wait to wear them in the fall.

34. Shoes or bags?
Seriously. Sweatshirts. I don’t give a rat’s about shoes or bags. Lol

35. How do you know if you’re in love?
You’re willing to make the biggest sacrifices for that person- but you know that they’d never ask you to. They still drive you nuts and have bad habits and annoy you- but you never love them less.
Also, as an introvert, they’re the one person you know you can spend forever with.

36. Television show you’ve binged on recently?
K has been watching NCIS: LA so I have seen too many episodes, too. Lol. Also, High Seas & Formula 1: Drive to Survive on Netflix.

37. Who do you turn to when you’re sad?
Kyle or Aubrey.

38. What are you most enchanted by?
This is weird, but I love watching lovely, natural, kind, engaging people work a room at a party. I stare and it’s weird. K has called me out before. That’s just NOT my personality and I find it so enchanting and mesmerizing to watch!

39. What is your biggest strength?
In almost all emergency situations I think very logically and evenly. I don’t freak out or react when someone gets hurt or something goes horribly wrong. I usually try to stay calm and assist in whatever way I can- either jumping in and taking the lead or just calming people down and proving aid.

Then once everything is over and I’m all alone, I break down over it. LOL

40. What is your biggest weakness?
I hate it when people are mad at or disappointed in me. For the most part I don’t care what people think, but I am sensitive to the opinions of those closest to me.

41. What are 3 words to describe living in your city?
Monochromatic (although it’s getting better), Blue Collar, Homespun.

42. Cutest thing on planet Earth?
Watching Enzo and Lylee play together. Or when they carry stuffed toys around the house.

43. Favorite color?
Yellow. Closely followed by purple, grey, & black.

44. Favorite time of day?
On weekends it’s first thing in the morning. On weekdays it’s when we get home from work and lounge with the dogs for a bit.

45. What do you first notice about someone when you meet them?
Their eye contact and how they treat the people around us.

I really scaled this thing back, but it was just the right length for me. If you want all 73 questions to answer yourself go check out Emelia’s blog!

How would you answer some of these?

Relationships Tag | TBB Asks

I’m not planning to do these every month, but I am tired today and my brain can’t handle much. Plus, I love gushing about my circle of people. So today, in honor of Valentine’s Day I guess, I’m linking up with The Blended Blog for some relationship-related questions.

1 | Who is your oldest friend? How did you meet?
I have a friends from church & elementary school that I still talk to occasionally, but I met my oldest best friend in 5th grade. I was visiting her elementary school and ended up at her table and she was SO loud. We still laugh about my first impression of her 😉

2 | Tell us about your circle of support. Who are your people?
Obviously K is my person. I have three best friends and a handful of very very close friends. K and I are very close with most of our family. My brother and siblings-in-law are also in my close circle.

3 | How did you meet your partner?
We were both band nerds. We met when I was 15 but we didn’t start dating until after my 17th birthday.

4 | How is Valentine’s Day celebrated in your home?
It’s not. The last few years we’ve been on a business trip over the 14th. We typically go to dinner but we don’t put much effort into V-Day.

5 | What is your love language?
I know they can change, but last I checked it was Quality Time. This gets tricky because we work together, but I don’t typically see time in the office as “quality.” I think K is somewhere between Acts of Service & Words of Affirmation.

6 | Flowers or chocolate?
Flowers for sure. But books are even better.

7 | What is the most meaningful gift you have ever been given? 
Hmm. I’m not sure. My husband is incredible at getting personalized gifts for me. He once bought me a frame with original film clips from each HP movie. This past birthday he got me orchestra tickets to see HP and the PoA in concert. My best friend Erica gave us a custom Lylee ornament one year for Christmas and I love it with all my heart. Gifts based around HP or my dogs tend to warm my heart.

Feel free to answer all or some of these in the comments! I love hearing about how people met their s/o or how long you’ve been friends with your closest pals!


Entertainment Tag | TBB

Every once in a while I play along with The Blended Blogger prompts. This month was a fun one so why not?

1 | Books I’ve Read Multiple Times
Honestly, I don’t like to reread books. Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter are the exceptions.

2 | Favorite Book/Author of All Time
This is tough. I love AiW & HP, but I haven’t read Rowlings other books. I also love The Lunar Chronicles (Marissa Meyer) but her other books don’t quite touch the fairytale series. So I don’t know. Ashley Weaver is another author I read religiously.

3 | Favorite TV Show to Binge
The Tudors & The West Wing

4 | Favorite New-is TV Show
I’d say The Good Place and Superstore. I don’t watch a bunch of tv but I’m all caught up on those ones!

5 | Favorite Movie of All Time
It’s a toss up between Clue and Beetlejuice. And Talladega Nights. But also add The Mummy and Fantastic Mr. Fox in there.

6 | Movie You Are Looking Forward to Watching
The new Fantastic Beasts.

7 | First Concert You Attended
Fallout Boy, From First to Last, Hawthrone Heights, All American Rejects

8 | Ultimate Concert
Let’s imagine a two-night “Rock n’ Chill” kind of set up. Night 1 The Used opens for Panic! At the Disco who opens for the headliner- Foo Fighters. Night 2 is the chill/pop portion with some Kenny Chesney, Kelly Clarkson, and Dave Matthews Band.

9 | Favorite Music Artist/Band
I don’t even know any more. It all depends on my mood. My current album rotation includes Kelly Clarkson, Old Dominion, Kenny Chesney, Thomas Rhett, Ben Rector, & P!ATD.

10 | How Do You Listen?
My Spotify account is my life source.