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Happy Halloween (Tag)

Tomorrow is HALLOWEEN!! Tonight is trick-or-treating in my town & I'm so excited. I carved some pumpkins last night for the big day! Also, Saturday is our annual Halloween party so stay tuned for pics from that! For today's post I'm borrowing this Halloween tag from Stephanie. I'm adding to it, though. Favorite Halloween movie? Beetlejuice.… Continue reading Happy Halloween (Tag)

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Spread a Little Sunshine…

When I first started blogging I got nominated for the Sunshine Award that floats around blogland every few months/years. I think it's a cute little award because a) it means some blogger somewhere is thinking of you & your blog and b) you get to answer some tag questions (and who doesn't enjoy that?!). Anyway,… Continue reading Spread a Little Sunshine…

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The Boy Who Lived… ⚡

The stress levels around these parts are unreal. If you follow me on IG, you saw we listed our house last week. We got an offer within 2 days of it being online and we accepted it on Saturday. We're pumped, but also stressed because inspections/appraisals/financing/buying a new home/money/moving/packing/fencing/fees/etc./etc./etc. Also, as I mention all the… Continue reading The Boy Who Lived… ⚡