The Roaring Swinging Fabulous Groovy Blog Collaboration

Hi ya! What a blog title, right? At the end of 2017 Alexandra from Simply Alexandra suggested we go in together on some kind of blog collaboration. I love Alexandra & her blog so I was 100% up for that. After brainstorming things we both love (which were endless, honestly), we settled on books/entertainment and 1900 eras.

the roaring blog collab

So here’s what we’re up to. On the first Tuesday of the month, February through November, we’re going to highlight books & films from/about specific eras that we recommend! (Television shows, too, sometimes!) There’s no commitment or link-up during those months on your end, but in December we will be hosting a recap/link-up for the entire year.

Essentially Alexandra and I are flooding our blogs with recommendations 🙂

So before we kick this off, here’s a super short Q&A just to introduce (or reintroduce) Alexandra & I!

What would readers typically find on your blog?
Alexandra: As a lifestyle blogger… anything is fair game! You can expect to see a lot of goal-setting, book review, and travel related posts… as well as posts about things I’ve been up to with KC and our mischievous kittens.
Audrey: Everything. I write about books and movies, my dogs and my life (like owning a house, being married, all that riveting stuff), a few travel posts or trip recaps. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll find a feisty political rant.

Have you always loved history or historical fiction?
Alexandra: Oh gosh yes. Do you remember The American Girl books? Or The Royal Diaries series? I was all about those. I read every. Single. American Girl book just so I could get a Felicity doll for my 10th birthday. BEST DAY EVER! I’ve always loved historical fiction and period dramas. 🙂
Audrey: Always. I love that history is a long, true, dramatic, romantic, adventurous story. I’m with Alexandra- I had the American Girl Dolls and read the books, too. (And Felicity was my fav!!) I think that history is fascinating and foretelling. I wanted to study it in college, but I didn’t want to teach so I chose a different major.

Which era is your favorite?
Alexandra: Oh gosh, this is tough. I love so many of them for so many different reasons. I think that I have to choose the 1930’s though. I find that a lot of my favorite time periods (or stories from them!) have to do with really really hard times, and strong people who made it through them!
Audrey: I enjoy the fashion and movies and cars from the 1940s and 1950s. Some of my favorite music comes from the 40s. I likes films from the 60s, too. If I had to pick one, though, it’d be the 1940s.

Which era is your least favorite?
Alexandra: The 80’s I think. There are just not as many things I can appreciate that came out of the ‘80’s. I don’t love the music, movies, etc. (Obviously this does NOT include the people born then!)
Audrey: Honestly, I dislike how certain things define eras…I don’t like anything Gatsby or poodle skirts or Woodstock-y or neon/leggings. Do you know what I mean? But to answer the question, I dislike the 70s.

Check back on February 6th for our first round of recommendations! We’re setting our sights on the 1910s for February!

A Mental Diet

After I wrote my fall TV show post I started thinking about all the shows I’d like to watch, but can’t. It’s a funny thing to say considering I’m an adult and I can technically do whatever I want (within reason/the law), but similar to how we know we shouldn’t each donuts and ice cream and cake for dinner every night, I know there are shows I shouldn’t watch.

This is not a moral or biblical “shouldn’t.” It’s a mental health kind of “shouldn’t.” If I drink Mt. Dew & eat potato chips for every meal I know I will be physically unhealthy. If I binge on Game of Thrones or This Is Us or Criminal Minds I know I will make myself mentally unhealthy. And like food, we all have a different threshold for “too much.” We all prefer different flavors- we all process those foods (or shows) differently. I don’t enjoy pie, but a lot of people love it – I don’t enjoy GOT, but a lot of people love it.

I think it’s important to know what you can and can’t do mentally. I have never enjoyed violent television shows. I don’t like anything that fixates on the drug culture (Shameless, Breaking Bad, OITNB) or anything with violent or rape undertones (The Handmaid’s Tale, OITNB, Game of Thrones). It doesn’t both me one bit that people enjoy these shows- I just know that I don’t.

In my early twenties I used to love Law & Order SVU, CSI, and Criminal Minds. In my teens I watched General Hospital, Grey’s Anatomy, and other dramas. Somewhere along the lines I realized that I internalized the drama, fear, suspicion, and paranoia that the characters in these shows portray. I let it affect me and I carried it with me. When K would leave for business trips I’d have terrible dreams about kidnapping and murder. I honest to God believed someone was living in our attic. (And I love to be alone- having him gone was not the issue. My brain was the issue.)

So I stopped watching shows like this.

This mental healthy “diet” isn’t restricted to television. There are songs and artists that I avoid for emotional reasons. (I’d guess many music lovers are nodding their heads.) There are books I know I shouldn’t read or I should space out. (Thrillers make me shake- my body actually quivers while I read them. Holocaust and slavery-era books completely destroy me.) Obviously there are movies I’d never touch. I watched Django: Unchained with my family once and I felt sick for a week.

Perhaps it sounds silly at first, but if we’re careful about what we feed our bodies nutritionally, why wouldn’t we keep tabs on how other stimulants make us feel?

We all feel things extremely differently. It’s why menus & Netflix & the TV Guide have so many options. I would challenge you to pay attention to how television shows and songs and movies make you feel. I know that I shouldn’t have a milkshake every night, but once is a while is totally fine. I know I can’t read a book like The Handmaid’s Tale every week, but every so often is fine. Knowing what’s good for you in all forms of ingestion is important to your health.

So pay attention to how television shows make you feel. Do you walk away from Grey’s Anatomy feeling dramatic and bitchy? Do you walk away from GOT with a little bit of rage? Evaluate how affected you are and how your personality differs after you take in a program or movie. Set some limitations for yourself and find a healthy mix.

(Or maybe I’m just crazy 😉 Are you completely unaffected by shows? I’m genuinely curious.)

Fall Entertainment

I understand that it’s August 1st but that means we’re closing in on FALL 🖤
(August… Autumn…. See where I’m going here?)

Anyway, times have been stressful for K and I (*our house buyers backed out and it’s just been a rough few days… It’s ok, we’re getting by and life is still good*) so we’ve been watching silly game shows on major networks at night. During the commercials we get to see all the shows that are coming this fall…

Shows that are coming back that I’m PUMPED about:

  • Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later | Netflix / available Aug. 4
  • The Mindy Project (6th & FINAL season) | Hulu / Tuesdays starting Sept. 12
  • Superstore (3rd season) | NBC / Thursdays @ 8pm starting Sept. 28
  • The Good Place (2nd season) | NBC / Thursdays @ 8:30pm starting Sept. 28

[Honestly, I usually watch these shows on Hulu instead of catching them at their scheduled times.
You can also catch up with these on Hulu before they start up.]

[Yes, I watch a lot of comedies. The world is a serious place and sometimes you just need a break.]

New shows that I want to check out (if I remember):

  • The Orville | Fox / Thursdays @ 9pm starting Sept. 10 (Sunday)
    Seth MacFarlane creates hits and misses… so we’ll see which this is.
  • Marvel’s Inhumans | ABC / Fridays @ 9pm starting Sept. 29
    I’m not 100% sure about this one…
  • Ghosted | Fox / Sundays @ 8:30pm starting Oct. 1
  • The Gifted | Fox / Mondays @ 9pm starting Oct. 2
    Guys… this is an X-men related show and centers around mutants. Sign me up!
  • A. P. Bio | NBC / midseason
  • Champions | NBC / midseason
    This is being produced by our girl Mindy so I’m hoping it’s the next TMP!
  • LA to Vegas | Fox / midseason
    Honestly, I’ve heard nothing about this show but Will Ferrell & Adam McKay are producing it so I’ll definitely give it a shot.
  • Splitting Up Together | ABC / midseason
    Jenna Fisher is in it and Ellen DeGeneres produced it. I’ll try it 😉

There’s no way I’ll watch all of these. I don’t watch a lot of TV because I can’t keep up, but I typically have 3 or 4 shows that I stream on Hulu religiously. (K and I watch The Mindy Project every Tuesday- that’s the one exception. And we watch The Voice when it’s on- although sometimes I read while he watches it.)

Also, you’ll notice that This Is Us is not on my list. Honestly, I don’t like shows that are so “real life” they hurt my heart. I cry enough from joy/anxiety/sadness. I don’t want my TV shows to incite that every week.

Also, I’ve tried and dismissed Speechless and Great News. They’re funny, but they didn’t keep my interest. American Housewife is ok when I’m in the mood.

Some older shows that I don’t watch (or have only seen an episode or 2), but I think I’d like to start watching are…

Bull, Designated Survivor, Madam Secretary, MOM, The Last Man on Earth, & Jane the Virgin.

So now I want to know if you’ve got any thoughts on new shows or recommendations or feedback on the shows that are already in 2nd or 3rd seasons!

Should I skip any of the ones I listed?

Things I Love Right Now

Very rarely am I what people call “trendy.” The black flats that I wear to work almost every day were purchased at the beginning of my college career. The insides are now peeling out and I’m one sharp stone away from a hole in the sole. None of my clothes are designer and I only carry a cross-body purse to hold my wallet and my chapstick. I’m just warning you that A) nothing on this list is new-new and B) nothing here will cost you more that $20.

Also, this isn’t a wishlist. These are tried and true things that I use/listen to/watch/have and love.

MAKE-UP | NYX Solf Matte Lip Cream
I should probably give a shout out to Lindsay for turning me on to this product. Smooth, buttery lip matte that dries immediately and stays put for hours. I own five different shades as of right now.

TELEVISION | The Good Place + Speechless + American Housewife
Apparently I’m all about the comedies this season. These fluctuate between comical and laugh-out-loud humor. I’ve also been trying to keep up with This Is Us and Bull, but sometimes life is heavy enough and I just need a comedy. (I typically watch these on Hulu.)

First The Good Place retweeted me, then “Janet” herself! ❤︎

NETFLIX | Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
BIG shout out to Kristen for this recommendation. And shame on me for waiting so long to get HOOKED. I’ve just finished season 1 and I am so obsessed. I’m also swooning over Detective Jack Robinson- I love his chemistry with Phryne!

BOOKS | The Lunar Chronicles
I know I’ve been pushing these books for a while now, but it takes me a long time to get through a series. I’m just about to start the final book (and it’s over 800 pages… *gulp*) so I’ll shut up about these soon.


MUSIC | Christmas Music
My favorite artists/albums right now are Pentatonix, Charlie Brown, and anything “jazzy” (Bing, Frank, etc.).

CLOTHES | No Boundaries Leggings from Wal-Mart
My coworker told me about these/gifted me a pair and now I’m obsessed. They’re as soft as LuLaRoe, they’re warm & colorful, and they’re only $6. Uh- yes please. (The holiday ones appear to be sold out online…)


HOME | Ello Travel Mug
I am SO in love with this mug. The outside stays cool while the drink inside stays hot for hours. It’s the best travel mug I’ve ever used. The cork bottom keeps it from sweating all over you desk and it’s dishwasher safe. I might be Christmas-gifting a few of these!

*Enjoy whatever days off you may have this week, American friends!*
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hug your friends &  family extra tight, be kind to retail workers, and be safe on the roads! ❤︎


The Bachelorette

Welcome to another incredible season of The Bachelorette. If you recall, last time we embarked on a magical journey with Jim Halpert as he navigated the treacherous waters of love to find his 15 minutes of fame wife. Last season ended in heartbreak for our adorable protagonist, but this year Jess Day has returned with high hopes and lots of medication.

Let’s meet the bright-eyed teacher:

Jess Day (New Girl) is looking for a fun-loving man with a solid job and quirky sense of humor. She’s been in the dating field for quite some time and hopes to really settle down with a good guy. She needs someone who’s not prone to jealousy, patient with others, and willing to invest in her crazy ideas and antics.


Introductions (episode 1):

Jess put in a special request to only meet/date refined, normal men with average testosterone levels that are not subscribers to over-drinking, fist fights, or Penthouse magazine. But that doesn’t make good television… so the first man to exit the limo is Wolverine (X-Men). In an attempt to break the ice Jess compliments him on his metal claws. “Adamantium,” he corrects her curtly before  entering the lavish mansion.

Feeling immediately discouraged, Jess’ hope is restored when an incredibly handsome, smooth Don Draper (Mad Men) exits the car . He shakes her hand firmly but gently and leaves her with a wink. Jess asks for a quick glass of water and a fan. Also riding in the first limo is a collectively cool Christian Grey (50 Shades of Grey). Jess gets a weird, chauvinist-y vibes but he’s cute so that makes it ok.

The second limo sends Jess back to the 90s. The first man to make her acquaintance is Jesse Katsopolis (Full House). ‘Have mercy!’ she thinks to herself. Next Mr. Big (Sex in the City) emerges followed by the incredibly attractive Sam Seaborn (The West Wing).


Good girl Jess wonders if there will be any “bad boys” this season and is immediately answered when the third limo covered in graffiti and bullet holes pulls up. Out steps Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad) and Sebastian (Reign). She’s a little put off by the marijuana-like smell coming off Jesse’s coat, but welcomes him all the same. Jess realizes she may have found her eye-soulmate as she loses herself in Sebastian’s baby blues. Once the boys enter the house Jess asks the producers how the limo made it to the house without being car-jacked by the passengers. When Detective Elliot Stabler (Law & Order: SVU) steps out she breathes a quick sigh of relief- no law breaking will happen with him around.

The fourth vehicle carrying suitors is not a limo, but rather a Bentley Mulsanne ( … a +$300,000 car). Jess anticipates some incredibly successful beaus and she’s not disappointed. Doctor Derek Shepherd (Grey’s Anatomy) steps out of the heavily tinted car and introduces himself to our bachelorette. ‘Dreamy…’ she thinks to herself. Next up is firefighter Kelly Severide (Chicago Fire) who has a contradictory effect on Jess as her face flushes a fiery red. When a dapper Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother) exits the car- bragging that it actually is his car- Jess asks what he does for a living. He dismisses her with a gentle, “Please” and kisses her on each cheek before entering the house. Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) is the last to exit the vehicle and appears quite distressed. He notes what a long car ride it was and Jess apologizes, saying that she hopes he wasn’t too inconvenienced. “I was,” he states bluntly, then excuses himself into the house.

Jess begins her mental list of “No”s but she is interrupted by the final and apocalyptic-like limo.  Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)- who looks as white as a ghost snow- introduces himself and assures Jess that his former oath of celibacy is no more. Jess thanks him awkwardly and tells him she’ll see him inside. She immediately regrets saying goodbye to Jon when she finds herself alone in the company of her last and final guest- Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead). He seems like a good enough guy… she thinks.

. . .

And thus begins Jess’ journey to find true love…

Episode 2: Jess asks the producers if she can eliminate some men right now but they tell her she has to wait until the end of the day. The boys and Jess enjoy a “lazy day” around the house filled with pool time, a patio picnic, and an early evening cocktail hour. Originally Jess intended to nix Wolverine but after a few hours at the pool she decides his abs he can stick around. We say goodbye to creepy Daryl and creepy Jesse P. tonight.

Episode 3: Jess decides to take the boys camping and is hurt and upset when Mr. Big tells her he refuses to sleep in a tent, let alone on the ground. She tearfully sends him packing and enjoys a night around the campfire with the remaining 12 guys. At the rose ceremony Uncle Jesse K. is sent home (due to complaining about his hair on the trip) and Barney is sent home (due to his constant use of pick-up lines during a heart-to-heart with Jess.)

Episode 4: No season is complete without a little drama. Derek has a hard time sharing Jess with the other bachelors and takes a swing at Don when the episode’s “date card” arrives, naming the advertising mogul. The men are warned about fighting but tempers are hot. When Don comes home and brags about his date Sebastian draws a sword and Derek pulls a scalpel. All three men are sent home. (The date wasn’t as great as Don thought…)

Episode 5: Jess asks the men about their perfect date night and she is incredibly overwhelmed (read: disturbed) by Christian Grey and underwhelmed by Sheldon. Both men do not receive a rose in the mid-episode ceremony. When Elliot warns Jess that all date nights will probably be interrupted by a phone call about a murder she gently sends him packing.

Episode 6: The remaining four suitors are whisked away to Fiji with our beautiful bachelorette. She wines and dines with the men, and is reminded that some how Wolverine is still in the competition. She enjoys a few days of sun and sand and his abs before she sends him home.

Episode 7: When Jess makes plans to accompany the boys to their hometowns Jon Snow respectfully declines and tells her she’s better off not visiting his hometown… or dating him. Jess is shaken by his departure.

Finale: In the end Jess decides that it really comes down to Washington D.C. or Chicago- both Sam and Kelly have stable careers and she’s more than willing to follow love wherever it may take her. I mean, she did this show, for heavens sake…

Anyway, Chicago wins and Jess presents the final rose to Kelly who accepts and presents her with a firefighter calendar that only features him.

OMG cutest couple ever.
OMG cutest couple ever.

And by the “after show” Jess is already pregnant with their baby firefighter. The end.

(I spend an embarrassingly long time creating these…. Ha. Here’s the Bachelor one again.)

I’m crazy, right? I entertain myself, at least…


Winter Entertainment

I thought about calling today’s post “Christmas Movies” but that’s very limiting and I already know that I want to include some television shows…. so nope. Also, I know winter doesn’t technically start until December 22 but I refuse to refer to any part of December as “fall” (even if this crappy warm weather is betraying my white Christmas image).

If you’re looking for strictly Christmas movies then check out Mattie’s post from Wednesday: HERE! I’m not a fan of Elf, but I’m totally on board with The Family Stone! Also, if you don’t watch at least one original claymation movie this year then you’re wrong. I know that’s harsh, but it’s a holiday fact.

So if not (strictly) Christmas movies then what the heck am I going to talk about?! The Mindy Project.
And also some other stuff.

Fall TV Shows That You Might’ve Missed but Can Now Binge on Netflix/Hulu

(How’s that for a title?)

Winter Entertainment 1

The Mindy Project
TMP once aired on Fox but it wasn’t renewed for a fourth season. Fortunately, Hulu picked up the series and Tuesday wrapped up the first half of Season 4. Now that it’s on Hulu it’s a little more PG-13 in language and sexual content. Season 4 also brought on some real drama. This series started as a comedy (and I still crack up at every episode), but it’s become much more serious. Season 4 has tackled marriage, family planning, working vs. parenting, and other adult struggles. The 13 episodes in this season are very different from Season 1, but K and I still enjoyed it.
Final Thought: This season gets a little heavy and I cried at the end on Tuesday… but I think Mindy Kaling is writing some really imporant stuff, especially when it comes to women and careers and parenting.

The Muppets
I think that people were caught off guard when episode 1 aired… This isn’t the variety show from our childhoods. It would be blasphemy to turn the lovable muppets into crude comedians, but this season definitely had some adult humor- and it was well received by this adult. I’ve never liked Miss Piggy (and I still don’t), but I love all the celebrity appearances and Beaker always cracks my husband up, which is so cute!
Final Thought: If Dave Grohl, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Mindy Kaling think it’s good enough to appear on, I think it’s good enough to watch 😉

Since it’s on Hulu this is another show that can curse (a lot) and show a few sex scenes. Prepare yourself for some weird, scandalous language and storylines. Once you get past that, it’s actually a very sweet story about a brother and a sister (and her daughter) trying to figure out life. This show made me laugh and cry and cringe- it’s really good and I recommend it to anyone not easily offended.
Final Thought: If you’re a Mindy Project fan then you will recognize Alex as “Josh” from Seasons 1-3. He’s much cuter in this show!

Chicago Med
A few years ago I stopped watching dramas. I used to follow Grey’s Anatomy, Nashville, Law & Order: SVU, and even General Hospital. Honestly, the drama from the shows made me super anxious so I just stopped making them a priority. I watch reruns every now and then, but if the show is getting too intense (I’m looking at you, Criminal Minds) then I just switch the channel. But then I accidentally left the TV on one night and I caught Chicago Med. And now I’m hooked. (And I keep the TV on for Chicago Fire right afterward!) There are constant character crossovers (from Fire/PD) and I know we’re in for some cross-episodes, too.
Final Thought: The guys are pretty, the girls are pretty, the writing is decent, and the drama is manageable (for now). It seems to be off to a good start.

Shows that I’d like to watch/need to catch up on: Once Upon A Time, Quantico, Master of None

And now on to Holiday Movies you should watch!

The Polar Express
I don’t know what it is about this movie, but it’s grown on me over the last few years. ABC Family plays it almost every freaking night so you have plenty of opportunities to catch it. I love the music and the lessons learned and the idea of The North Pole being technologically advanced and systematic. Plus, the idea of believing and hearing the bell? I tear up every time.

Shrek the Halls [ ABC, December 15th, 8:30pm ]
Time to face the music: deep down I am truly a child. I just love kids’ movies. And anything Shrek cracks. me. up. I kind of love that all the big name actors still voice all their characters, too. I mean, if you’re not into fart-based humor you can skip this one, but it’s short and funny and festive.

I Want A Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown [ ABC December 15th, 9:00pm ]
Why not make Tuesday a double feature? This airs right after Shrek! It’s been a long, long time since I’ve seen this movie (and keep in mind it was released in 2003, so it’s not a “classic”), but I love Spike. Similar to claymation, you just can’t dislike The Peanuts.

The Christmas Parade [ Hallmark, December 22, 4:00pm ]
What would a holiday movie list be without one Hallmark movie?? This one actually has Drew Scott from Property Brothers in it! I don’t usually watch The Hallmark Channel but I happened to catch this 2 hour movie and really liked it. It’s cheesy and silly and has a happy ending- perfect for a Christmas-y afternoon.

Miracle on 34th Street *the original* [ various days/time on AMC ]
I love this movie- it’s probably #1 on my list of classics (closely followed by White Christmas). The newer version is good, too, but the old one just feels so… right. I think it’s a wonderful example of childlike faith and how it’s something we should cherish, especially when faced with that harsh reality called “life.”

If you’re on the hunt for good claymation/stop motion flicks check out The Year Without A Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, & Jack Frost!

Ok, your turn! What fall TV shows were you addicted to this year? What Christmas movies would you recommend?



The Best Season of The Bachelor EVER

Last night I went against all I believe in and watched 2 hours of The Bachelor. Oh heavens… I don’t want to judge the ladies but they’re competing for a man’s approval and affection… *vomit* Most of these women are successful and smart and working on long-term careers… but they’ve decided the best way to find love is on national television in a house full of other women. Sure, ok……

I digress. The point of this post is to cast what I believe to be the most awesome & entertaining version of The Bachelor. My contestants come from TV and movies- so think the character, not the actress! (Hulu has already made a scripted comedy of this show called Burning Love. It’s pretty funny.)

Alright, here we go:

The Bachelor: The Ultimate Season of Entertainment Love

In this season of The Bachelor, 15 women will compete for the love of one man in hopes of true love and a huge meaningful wedding ring.

Let’s meet our bachelor:

Jim Halpert (The Office) is a paper salesman in Pennsylvania. He’s looking for a clever, strong, confident woman to share his life with. Jim doesn’t care for drama or gossip, but does enjoy occasionally pranking those he cares about most. (I don’t want to start a scandal… for the sake of entertainment there’s no Pam in the picture.)


Introductions (episode 1):

Let’s start with some fan favorites. Finally fed up with the president, Olivia Pope (Scandal) is first to step out of the horse-drawn carriage and meet the bachelor. Her fellow ABC sister Emily Throne (Revenge) is next up to meet Jim. He wonders if there will be any curvy ladies or if 120 pounds is the cut-off for his season, too. His question is answered when Megan (Bridesmaids) steps out of the carriage and plants a kiss right on his lips. Bold, but he likes it.

Next the carriage full of “bad girls” pulls up. Jim notices that the horses are covered in leather and spikes. Out steps Nancy Callahan (Sin City), Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit), and Scarlett O’Hara (Gone With the Wind). Jim worries how all the girls will get along, but when Jessica Rabbit stuffs a pair of lacy undergarments into his front pocket he forgets what show he’s on and nearly faints. The three girls make their way straight to the bar.

When Olivia Benson (Law & Order: SVU) introduces herself as a detective and Erin Brockovich ( … Erin Brockovich) mentions her law career, Jim wonders if their presence might force the other ladies to behave. He hopes not.


The fourth carriage is filled with hormones; Bridget Jones (Bridget Jone’s Diary) and Dr. Mindy Lahiri (The Mindy Project) emerge. They’re both crying and quoting “Sleepless in Seattle.” The girls almost blow right by the bachelor, but upon noticing him become tongue tied and flustered. They both over-share and have to be escorted into the house by crew members. Jim is fairly positive he knows who is going home first. He’s met 10 girls and already has favorites. [What a jerk. How dare he make judgements based on a first impression. How absurd is that?!]

Jim’s confidence is shaken when a blue shape-shifter named Mystique (X-Men) steps out of carriage five. Jim finds the mutant incredibly attractive, but… she’s blue. Sharing his same strange disgust is Rachel Berry (Glee) who had been forced to ride with the unusual creature. Jim welcomes both girls, then questions the camera man on where the network found these contestants.

Last but not least, a final carriage approaches the mansion and three “normal” women introduce themselves to Jim. Nurse Ann Perkins (Parks & Rec) compliments his suite and he’s reminded of an old girlfriend. Though Emma Swan‘s bounty hunting profession concerns him (Once Upon a Time), Jim is charmed when Emma gushes about her son Henry back home. Last but not least, Jess Day (New Girl) introduces herself and Jim is immediately lost in her (gigantic) eyes.

. . .

In the first few weeks we are forced to say “goodbye” to some of the ladies.

Episode 2: Jim makes the girls sit down with a therapist. He would prefer his wife be sane. This “date” sends three ladies home… We wave farewell to Bridget, Emily (she KILLED people), and Rachel.

Episode 3: During “Fashion Week” Jim stages a bikini fashion show. This week Jessica Rabbit received the first rose and Mystique is sent home. (As shallow as it is, Jim just can’t get past the whole blue skin thing.) We also see Olivia P. and Scarlett leave after failing to prove chemistry with our bachelor. (The remaining girls breathe a sigh of relief as Scarlett exits the mansion… She was not very nice.)

Episode 4: In this season two women decide to send themselves home. Emma and Erin miss their children terribly and say goodbye. Jim understands completely, but he’s sad to see Emma go.

Episode 5: When Jessica is caught in a compromising act with a crew member Jim is forced to go through hidden camera footage. This results in Nancy’s departure (stealing) and Megan’s dismissal (biting the butts of other women). Obviously Jessica Rabbit is sent packing, as well.


Episode 6: With two weeks left, Jim sits down with Mindy, Ann, Jess, & Olivia B. He tells the girls that they’re all going to Hawaii! When Mindy reacts with minimal excitement, she’s sent packing.

Episode 7: In Hawaii Jim has a one-on-one date with Olivia B. After 5 minutes the pair realize they have nothing in common. [How the heck did she get so far in the competition?!] Olivia flies back to the states and we start into the finale with Jess and Ann.

Finale: Jim asks Jess if he can practice a proposal on her and she says yes, hoping it’s actually the real deal. Turns out it was just practice and Jim chooses Ann (but not before accidentally calling her Karen).

bach 1

Three days before the “after show” Jim and Ann break up (shocker). Also, it’s announced that Jess Day will be the next bachelorette.

. . .

Did your favorite woman win? You would you pair up with Jim?

Now for the Bachelorette version.