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Stuff I Want…

IT'S ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!! Hello & welcome to my birthday/Christmas wish list. My family appreciates it when I put these together... To be honest, I like quirky things so you might find something you want on this list, too. Lots of mugs and books and snarky clothes... Family & friends- I don't need anything.… Continue reading Stuff I Want…

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Fictional Love: #LoveBlog Link-Up

I couldn't resist linking up with Brita for her February #LoveBlog Prompt today! Brita's introductory post explains the link-up¬†and today's topic happens to be¬†Fictional Love. Straight from Brita's blog: "Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? What TV couple is most like you and your significant other?" Obviously I couldn't pass this… Continue reading Fictional Love: #LoveBlog Link-Up

Movies & Television

The Best Season of The Bachelor EVER

Last night I went against all I believe in and watched 2 hours of The Bachelor. Oh heavens... I don't want to judge the ladies but they're competing for a man's approval and affection... *vomit* Most of these women are successful and smart and working on long-term careers... but they've decided the best way to… Continue reading The Best Season of The Bachelor EVER