Just Exhausted

I wanted to write something fun & fresh today but I’m tired from travel and I’m tired of the world being so hateful / violent / arrogant / greedy. I don’t have anything fun & fresh to say.

I’m taking a blog break for a week. I’ll still be reading yours, but my place is going to be silent for a few days. I’ll see you in a week

Be good to one another. Call your parents and spend time with your siblings and kiss your significant other just a little more. Take a lost dog home and pack an extra granola bar in your bag for the less fortunate man you pass every day on your way to work.

Be good to one another, friends.


IMUO (in my unpopular opinion)…

The wind is changing and I can feel fall in the air. Monday it was dreary and rainy and dark and cloudy all day. Be still, my heart…. ❤︎ And with that, let’s move on to my first post of unpopular opinion.


Summer is the absolute worst.
Sorry, but it is. I hate getting sunburned. I hate that my thighs stick together (obviously summer’s fault, not my love for food). I hate the frizzy hair (if I straighten it) or the flat hair (if I curl it) that happens as soon as I leave the house. I. Hate. Sweating. If I had a private pool my opinion would be different. But I don’t. And, therefore, summer sucks. I miss the snow.

I’m not a Beyonce fan.
She drives me insane. While I don’t know her personally, she seems like she thinks she’s very important. I don’t jive well with people like that. Plus, she went on a vegan kick once and then wore leather leggings… What?!
I don’t know. She might be a lovely, humble woman. I really have no idea.

Hakuna Matata seems backward to me.
I know that Disney lovers live by this phrase, but I honestly believe the point of The Lion King was to show that “hakuna matata” doesn’t always work. If Simba hadn’t listened to Nala and he’d dismissed his responsibilities then Pride Rock would’ve gone to the dogs hyenas. Being laid back has it’s perks, but I’m not a fan of “hakuna matata.” Sometimes sh*t gets real and you have to show up and fight your uncle.

(I’ve put a lot of thought into that thought.)

I don’t care about any ball sports.
None. Baseball, basketball, football- they all bore me. And Ohio’s got some pretty good ones with the Cavs and OSU. I’ll sit through a game for the sake of other people in the room, but I actually don’t care. (Obviously I’d watch NASCAR all day, every day given the opportunity.)

Rushing through books makes me sad.
True fact: It took me over a year to read the last Harry Potter book. I found out where Deathly Hallows pt.1 ended and read up to that point in line at the theater. And then finished the book months later. I HATE closing the door on my favorite friends. I actually read books that I hate a lot faster than I read the good ones.

I hate the phrase, “Live your best life.”
I can’t tell you why I hate this phrase, but I really, really do. I am all about doing the things that make you happy and following your dreams… but this phrase makes me roll my eyes. Ha.

That about sums it up for my first round of Unpopular Opinions. It took a while to remember/write these down, so I’m not sure when the second installment will happen…

Do you agree with me on any of these? What unpopular opinions do you have?



Thoughts I have while sitting at the OB/GYN

We’ve all been there. (Well, those of us with a XX sex chromosome.) Sitting in that chilly, white-walled exam room wearing nothing but an open-front cloth gown, that comfy paper “blanket” over our bare legs. It’s my second favorite place, only to a spa. Feeling vulnerable and naked is the best. (…sarcasm)

I was treated to this luxury on Tuesday. Like all good doctor offices, I was left to wait in this exposed state for roughly 20 minutes. That’s a long time to sit naked on a plush bench. It leaves a lot of time for my thoughts to wander and roam. Here’s a pretty accurate recapulation…

‘I wonder if my nervous butt sweat is leaving an imprint on this paper.’

‘What if she finds some weird growth…?’

‘Oh geez. Please don’t find anything weird.’


‘I should’ve shaved my legs.’

‘I wonder how many times Dr. ____ has to look at lady parts per day.’

‘What makes you want that job??’

‘…then again, that’d be kind of interesting.’

‘Weird, Audrey.’


‘My feet are freezing.’

‘What’s this weird red mark? I hope she sees it and diagnoses me.’

‘What if it’s skin cancer?? I better ask her.’

‘That weird clamp thing is so gross. What if it got stuck open?’

*chills thinking about that*

‘I really do like my doctor, but I wish she’d hurry up.’

‘I can’t imagine having a male ob/gyn.’

‘She’s going to ask me if I exercise. Should I lie? I’m going to lie.’

‘Yeah, right. I’ll definitely tell her the truth.’

‘No I don’t exercise, Yes I drink alcohol. At least I can say, “No I don’t smoke.”‘

‘One outta three ain’t bad.’

‘Ughhh. I only have an hour lunch break, lady!’

‘Was that her voice on the other side of the door?’


‘Oh crap, my gown just opened.’

‘….I guess that doesn’t matter much. She’ll see it all soon anyway.’

‘Man, I hope there’s nothing weird going on down there.’

‘Crap, I have to pee…’

And that’s usually when the door opens and the doctor comes in. And you guys know how it goes from there.

For the record, I have a clean bill of health. Woo. So until March 2017… See ya later, doctor ‘gator.

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