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The Fall Bucket List 2018

One Monday morning, not too long ago, a co-worker arrived & I greeted him cheerfully. He gave me a sideways look because a) it was a Monday and b) it was morning. Then I saw a lightbulb go off and he laughed and said, "You're in a great mood because it's cold outside." YOU BET… Continue reading The Fall Bucket List 2018

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Spring & Summer Recap

Oh hello, Fall. You beautiful, sexy, amazing, perfect, gorgeous piece of the year. I've missed you so. (I know we're 4 days away. I know.) Today I'm putting the end cap on my spring & summer bucket list before divulging my fall list. I'll share my new list on Thursday, so stick around 🙂 Until then, let's… Continue reading Spring & Summer Recap

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Start of Summer: Goals Check-In

If you'll recall, I combined my spring and summer goals and bucket list items into one post. I don't like these warm seasons but having some fun stuff to look forward to helps me keep a good attitude. (Full disclosure: I did NOT have a good attitude about the +90 degree days in June.) So… Continue reading Start of Summer: Goals Check-In

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2018 Spring & Summer Bucket List

Today is my Friday & I'm not mad about it. I hope you're getting some time off this weekend, too! I like keeping my seasonal goals separated, but I'm going to combined bucket list items for spring and summer because these two season are very bleh to me and melt together in my head anyway.… Continue reading 2018 Spring & Summer Bucket List

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Things I’d Like to Learn to Do

On Tuesday Stephanie posted about vintage skills and it got me thinking... there are a handful of things I'd really like to improve or learn. And since I'm a blogger I figured the next step in my education would be publicly sharing those things with you. Grow a garden. My parents are awesome at growing… Continue reading Things I’d Like to Learn to Do

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Goals for 2018

Hello, my name is Audrey and I am a goal-fudger. I make them, I feel good about them, & then I remove all pressure to actually achieve them. (Oops, sorry. Insert obligatory "Welcome to 2018" sentence here.) Ok, back to goals. My lackadaisical attitude is definitely a coping mechanism to avoid failing or feeling overwhelmed,… Continue reading Goals for 2018

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Summer Goals (because spring was a bust…)

Summer started yesterday, the link-up with Steph & Sara is tomorrow, and today we're going to talk about some seasonal (and year-long) goals 🙂 First, let's look at how hard I failed this spring. Spring Goals Wash cushion slips Scrub grease build-up off cabinets Replace/fix water heater Get Ly on a walk schedule again Clean… Continue reading Summer Goals (because spring was a bust…)