Talk to Me About Content

Let’s be really really real. Do y’all come here because you enjoy reading what I write, or are you here because I comment on your blog frequently and you feel obliged to return the favor? (I’m not asking that in a fishing-for-compliments kind of way- I’m really on the fence about my content here.) I pick the blogs that I read based on what topics and writers interest me. Some bloggers teach me about new places and things (Stephanie, Olya, Alexandra) and some make me laugh out loud every single time (Mattie, Erin, Nadine) and some make me think about things I’ve never considered (Carolann, Erin, Chelsea, Steph) and some are just super uplifting (Rebecca Jo, Chelsea, Lindsay). And then there are a handful of folks that I’ve only started reading that I really love. All that to say sometimes I questions what I’m putting out here in the blog world.

(Also, if you’re in the market for new blogs to read, I recommend all those ladies up there.)

So without doing a survey, tell me what you enjoy reading most- both here and in the blog world.

I’ve said it before, but I write what I write because I like to write it- so that won’t change. But I’m always curious if people enjoy travel posts or book reviews or about me lists or wishlists or personal stories. Specifically from me, in my voice.

If you don’t care or you’re here out of obligation that’s fine, too.

So if you feel moved to comment and critique/advise me I’d be ever so appreciative. And if you don’t want to that’s ok; have a great week regardless.

I’ll end this with a Lylee+Enzo pic because we’re coming up on their “Gotcha-versaries”:


Thanks, friends ❤︎