I consider myself a polar bear-type person, but Ohio has officially beat me down and I am dreaming of warmer weather. More specifically, I keep having flashbacks to Jamaica, where K and I went on vacation last September.

I need to be here again. Right now.

We were originally going to go on a cruise, but when our travel buddies found out they were expecting (a child) K and I decided we’d switch it up and find an all-inclusive resort. Thank to Travelocity Vacation Packages, I booked a 4 day trip to the Jewel Paradise Cove. Did I mention that K and I traveled to this resort- airfare, food, & alcohol included- for less than $1,500 TOTAL? Deal of a lifetime.


Seriously, though. Shut up and take my money.

K and I didn’t really sleep the night before we left because he is a last minute packer (which means I have to pack his things at the last minute) and he needed to tie up all his business-loose-ends. We left for the airport super early so that we’d be able to get to Jamaica with as much time as possible to have fun.

So. Tired. (but still smiling!)
So. Tired. (But still smiling!)

I won’t go day-by-day, but we had some dinner that first night and then passed out for +14 HOURS. Hey, it’s called vacation for a reason, right?

We spent our days lounging on the beach and relaxing in the beautiful room. Our sleeping quarters were centrally located so we had the beach on one side, a yummy pizza/Italian food place on the other, and pools all over the place. There were 3 pools, free water activities, and +5 places to eat on site. And so. much. alcohol. Do you know how weird it is to get a meal or a drink and not have to pay?! It’s weird… (We did tip often, though.)

One evening we went to the fancy hibachi restaurant on-site. YUM!
One evening we went to the fancy hibachi restaurant on-site. YUM!

K likes to lay around and watch TV or sleep on vacation, but I am the person who hates wasting one minute of potential adventuring. (We had a little tiff about this while on the island, but I’ll get to that…) Because of my pushy nature, I got what I wanted and we signed up for two excursions. The first was included in our package: Climbing up Dunn’s River Falls!

James Bond scenes were filmed here!
James Bond scenes were filmed here!

Our second excursion was out-of-pocket and included zip-lining, a sky lift ride, and “bobsledding.” Honestly, zip-lining was the best part. It was AWESOME!


I'm the little human flying through the jungle...
I’m the little human flying through the jungle…


The sky (ski) lift ride to Mystic Mountain
The sky (ski) lift ride to Mystic Mountain

It was a very, very good trip. Despite him not being much of a traveler, I love going places with K.

Oh yeah… our little fight…
Well, I was mostly mad because it was Day 3 and K just wanted to hang out in the room a bit and watch TV. I wanted to go play giant chess (which I don’t know how to play) or swing in a hammock or anything. Quite honestly, I wasn’t being fair since we’d already climbed a waterfall and zip-lined. Well, I got mad and shut myself in the bathroom and fell asleep on the (heated) floor. When I finally woke up an hour later, I discovered that the floor had burnt my thigh like a sunburn.

I am very, very careful to wear sunscreen and protect my skin (cancer runs in the family) so the only burn I came back  from Jamaica with was one I’d gotten from the floor. Yep. That’s usually how it goes for me, hahaha.

Another fun thing about traveling with K is that we make up nicknames and back-stories for almost everyone we meet. This is especially fun at a resort or on a cruise because you keep seeing them over and over!

Have you ever been to Jamaica? What are some of your favorite/crazy/wacky vacation stories? Have you ever burnt yourself on a heated floor?


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