This isn’t sponsored and I’m not being coerced. (However, if Amazon wants to give me a free year of Prime I won’t argue…) A while back I discovered that Rebecca Jo from Knit by God’s Hand frequently blogs about her Amazon purchases. (Here’s her most recent!) I think this is a crazy awesome idea!

Since Christmas is over I can finally share my recent December purchases!

Evelots Fleece Pet Blanket (grey)

Amazon 1

This was a Christmas gift for Lylee. I’m really bad about A) looking at dimensions and B) visualizing the dimensions once I know them. That said, the blanket is a little small, but I only needed it to cover the one couch cushion Ly-Bear frequents- and it does the job just fine! It’s fleece but it’s durable. Also, it’s was 3x’s less $$$ than a pet blanket from the stores!

. . .

T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Durable Nonstick Cookware

Amazon 2

My brother & I (and our partners) decided to gift my mom new pots for Christmas. I had my heart set on Calphalon, but when I read the reviews I was really disappointed. After some research, I decided this T-fal set was the way to go. It says they are dishwasher safe, but I’ve firmly instructed my mom to hand-wash her pots. She’s been cooking with them and is quite pleased!

. . .

Just Add Color: Mid-Century Modern Patterns & Mid-Century Modern Animals


These were a gift for my brother-in-law and his wife! They’re actually both artists, so I was afraid coloring books might offended them, but they were pleased! The designs are a little larger than some of the teeny tiny floral books and pattern books I’ve seen, but that means you can do your own patterns in the larger shapes!

. . .

Super Power Supply AC/DC Adapter Charger Cord Replacement for B&N Nook

Amazon 4

I couldn’t find my nook charger and I needed a way to read in bed when K wanted the lights off… I rarely use my Nook (obviously), but I decided it’s my best bet so I ordered a new charging cord. It’s a good replacement, though my original cord had an “n” on it that lit up when it was charging… I miss that. I guess that’s what I get for losing misplacing it.

. . .

And those were my Amazon purchases for the month of December! I probably won’t do another post like this any time soon because I don’t shop frequently in spring/summer.

Did you order anything off Amazon for Christmas? Are you a prime member? I do love my free 2-day shipping!

** Off topic but… did you guys catch the (American) season premier of Downton Abbey??? Does anyone want to talk about it? Hahaha!


20 thoughts on “December Amazon Purchases 2015

  1. I sooo love you did this… I am such a snoop at what everyone buys from Amazon πŸ™‚
    Oh girl – my next post is probably going to be RIDICULOUS since half of my Christmas was bought off of Amazon πŸ™‚ haha … May need to be 2 parter πŸ™‚
    Love that little fleece blanket. My littlest dog needs something like that – she gets so cold in the winter.
    I am so obsessed with all the different coloring books out there!!! What cool ones you found for gifts!!!


    1. I decided that my purchases are awfully boring… ha! For a long time we had a towel on the couch for Lylee because occasionally she… leaks. (That’s really the best word for it. Too much water, weak muscles in her hind-end area, getting spayed too soon as a pup before we got her.) Enzo’s blanket is on their favorite round chair so we got her a blanket to cover her couch cushion. It looks much better than a towel! πŸ˜€


    1. I promise I even pulled out a ruler and made the rectangle on my desk…. but it still showed up smaller than I thought! Oh well. It covers the cushion and that’s all I needed!!


  2. I just ordered like six things from Amazon yesterday for my family’s belated Christmas and Michael’s birthday. It was a really random assortment…a Star Wars dog costume, ugly sweater socks, an iPad stand, an Audrey Hepburn movie…and more totally random stuff.

    We need a new dog blanket! Michael’s mom gifted us a paw print fleece blanket and our younger dog uses it to ‘nurse’ (she was taken away from her mom too soon :(((() and the dogs have also played tug-o-war with it so it’s kind of in shreds now!


    1. Ha, dang girl! I actually got a Harry Potter and a Star Wars coloring book and a comical parenting book for my best friend, but I ordered all that waaaay ahead of time and didn’t include it in my post πŸ™‚

      That’s so sad about your pup! We actually needed one for the couch because Lylee was spayed before she was old enough (at least in my opinion) so for whatever reason she leaks… It’s not urine really, it’s just clear and watery. I don’t think her muscles are super strong. She has NEVER had an accident (bladder of steel), but her leaking is uncontrolled and it makes teaspoon size spots on the couch if we don’t have a towel down. So the nice looking blanket on her cushion is the solution!


  3. ohhh i’ve never seen a post like this! we had amazon prime for that those glorious 30 days and then we decided ‘we cannot be trusted with this!’ we spent way too much money because it’s just so eaaaaasy! thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!


    1. I had second thoughts before hitting publish because my purchases are so lame… ha! In Nov. I bought a Harry Potter coloring book so I almost included that! (One as a gift… one for myself!) I made the mistake of putting the amazon app on my phone now 😦 I’m proud of the self-restraint I’ve shown thus far πŸ˜‰


  4. Interesting post idea! I’m a Prime addict so I get lots of things. I love that mid-century modern animal coloring book! Adult coloring books as a trend makes me so happy. Recently I’ve just ordered stuff for my Whole30 challenge including a cookbook and milk-nut bag. Haha so not so fun!


    1. I think regardless of what you order it’s still so exciting to see that little brown box with the smile sitting in the mail room or on your front porch! Haha! It’s almost physically painful to pay for any shipping now thanks to prime! Haha!


  5. I have a few fleeces like that too and love them to cover the seats in the back of our car for road trips – so cozy and they love them!


    1. Yes! The only down side is all the static… haha! Blankets are close to $30 at our pet stores so when I can find a few for less than $10 online I’m a very happy dog-mom!


    1. I wish I could take full credit but I totally stole the idea πŸ˜‰ I thought my purchases were silly- especially the nook charger, haha! I’ll have to see how much I use Amazon in the next few month- a link-up might be a great idea for me! Thanks, Meagan!


  6. I ordered most of my Christmas presents from Amazon. I’m lazy πŸ˜‰ But other than in December, and Amazon purchases post I wrote would just be “I bought these 12 books for 50 cents each!”


    1. Oooooooh, I feel like I would totally enjoy a post on 50 cent books! I try to get my Xmas shopping done before December. Anything that I don’t finish by then gets ordered online because I’m not dealing with the mall traffic! Ha!


  7. Hahaha, I LOVE this post!! As another Amazon shopper, this is absolutely brilliant, partly because the stuff we tend to buy on Amazon is so random. Perhaps I’ll steal this idea (linking back to yours, of course)?


    1. Steal away! (I stole it, too! Haha!) I had some interesting purchases in Oct. & Nov. but I didn’t want to go on and on so I stuck with just December goodies, haha!


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