I call Ohio home and have for almost 27 years (a.k.a. my life). We do a roadtrip at least once a year, but there are millions of places I haven’t been. Today I’m sharing some places in my neck of the woods that still remain on my bucket list. For me, these places are only 1.5 to 6 hours away.

No one is paying me to write this, but if companies would like to give me a free stay/visit in exchange for a blog post I’d happily oblige 😉

(1) Treehouses at The Mohican | Glenmont, OH
This is a popular place for romantic weekends, fall trips, and bachelorette party get-aways. My brother and his wife spent a weekend here once & loved it. These just think they look awesome! Can you imagine this place in the fall??

(2) Ohio State Reformatory | Mansfield, OH
I’ve been here twice- once on a 4th grade field trip & once on a classic car tour. Shawshank Redemption was filmed here! This remains on my list because I’ve never been during Halloween… They offer a pretty insane haunted prison experience. K isn’t into haunted things so I’d have to gather a group of friends. 100% NOT going alone 😉

(3) Mammoth Cave National Park | Kentucky
I’ve been her as a kid, but I really want to go back! I’m dying to explore the caves and maybe go spelunking! (Again, K isn’t quite as excited about this… ha.)

(4) Chicago
I know that’s vague, but Chicago is about six and a half hours from us and I’d love to visit as an adult- especially around Christmas time!

(5) Lakeside | Lakeside, Ohio
This cute little destination along Lake Erie is actually a little Christian community. (I think I almost applied for a job in the area in college.) From what I can tell it has that small town Stars Hollow kind of feel. Adorable!

(6) Upper Peninsula/Mackinac Island | Michigan
This is one of those rare places that K has been and I have not. Fortunately, he thinks it’s a gorgeous place and he really wants to visit again! I’m thinking this is a spring or summer trip!

(7) The Old Vermilion Jailhouse | Vermilion, Ohio
I think this unique little bed & breakfast looks so neat! It really is a historic jail.

(8) National Corvette Museum | Bowling Green, Kentucky
This is K’s contribution to the list- he’s been talking about this museum forever. The museum actually experienced a sinkhole a few years ago. Right now they’re adding on to the manufacturing facility next door & K says we need to wait to go so we can tour both places.

(9) Ravenwood Castle | New Plymouth, Ohio
Remember that time I was obsessed with The Tudors? Yeah, I’d love to spend the night in a castle!

(10) Any NASCAR tracks nearby that I haven’t been to…
There are so many race tracks within hours of us that I haven’t visited: Martinsville, Charlotte, Chicagoland, Indianapolis, Kentucky, Pocono, & Richmond.

I’m linking up with the amazing Emma at The Adventures of a London Kiwi as well as her friends Polly (Follow Your Sunshine) & Angie (SilverSpoon London) & Erin (Erin Out and About) for the Travel Link-Up!

Have you ever stayed in a super unusually hotel or B&B? What are some day-trips you’d like to take?

(Any local resorts want to offer me a free stay? 😉 lol)

26 thoughts on “Ten Midwest Weekending Adventures

  1. That tree house looks so cool!!!!! I have heard that Michigan has some really nice beach like towns. Love lists of places that probably aren’t at the top of a popular list of places to go (with the exception of Chicago) because there are so many awesome places in America that aren’t talked about near enough!


    1. I am dying to take a weekend trip to the treehouses! They’re not far from me at all and I’m so jealous that my brother has already been. Haha! I think a long weekend in Michigan would be a perfect summer trip for K and I.


  2. You must let me know if you come to Kentucky! We honestly don’t go west often (we live near Louisville) but we’re adding it to our list of places to go. Anything along the lakes in your area is gorgeous! We went to Middle Bass Island years ago – so gorgeous!


    1. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never explored along the lakes. I’ve been to Cleveland and I’ve been to Sandusky (Cedar Point), but other than that we’ve never done a lakeside weekend get-away. I feel like we’re long over due. We were supposed to go to Put-in-Bay this summer but didn’t make it. It’s all going on the bucket list for next summer!


  3. Oh my gosh, since I’m a horror junkie, I would LOVE to go to that haunted prison! AMAZING! I’d also love to visit the treehouses and the jail B&B. If you ever go to any of them, please give us a full recap. 🙂


    1. Even without the haunted effects or fall backdrop, that prison is creeeeeepyyyyyy! Super, super cool, though.
      I will definitely recap these trips if we ever get around to taking them!


  4. Shout out to Mammoth Cave & the Corvette Musuem… we drive by both going to Nashville every time 😉
    Mammoth Cave is the exact half way point between us & our grand sons. I do love the caves though. That area is where Ricky’s family is from (& some still live there) …if you go down there, you’ll have to let me know so you can at least stop for a coffee stop 😉


    1. Yes! We’re more than less likely heading to the corvette museum some time soon. My husband isn’t a traveler but he’s talked about it non-stop for years. I have a feeling we’ll be making our way that direction soon 😉 I will let you know!!


  5. I want to go to that treehouse! I stayed in one in Kauai and it was so much fun! I’ve never been to the Midwest, except for one night in Chicago. We visited a friends so we just got dinner and walked around a bit. I’d love to go back and explore!


    1. It’s so funny that you’ve never really been to the Midwest. I feel like it’s such a HUGE area- I hardly ever LEAVE the Midwest. Hahaha! If you ever find yourself in Ohio let me know! I’ll show you around! 😀


  6. Ahhh the Midwest, my home!!! I loved reading this. Definitely recommend giving Macinac a shot – if only for the fudge!! I lived in Michigan for *many* years and Ohio for three and have only been to a sad small number of these suggestions… but Ohio in the fall is BEAUTIFUL – nothing beats it – so I would love to do a stay at that treehouse, maybe next fall!!


    1. Fall in Ohio is my absolute favorite. I could never live in a place that doesn’t experience fall- Ohio has spoiled me too much ❤ I definitely want the husband and I to take a summer weekend trip to the lakes or UP Michigan. I have seen so many gorgeous pictures come out of that area!


  7. I love it! People always ignore the midwest, and I have a post in mind too, but yeah, there’s plenty to see and do here!! I would definitely like to go to Mammoth Cave and UP. If I ever got to Ohio.. I’d love to meet you! If you ever feel like coming to Kansas City I’d love to show you ALL THE COOL STUFF! 🙂 heeh I love this. Those tree houses are amazing… ooh… 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


    1. Since we don’t touch any oceans or have roaming plains & mountains (although we do in WV) people think the Midwest is nothing but cornfields and Amish. Hahaha. While we do have A LOT of that here, there’s also some super awesome places 😉 Oh my goodness, if you ever come to Ohio or even travel through it, let me know! We will definitely meet up! I will do the same when we someday get to Kansas City 😉


    1. I get bitten by the travel bug every now and then but usually I only have a weekend or a few days to steal away. Having some close by options is perfect for me 😀 You should definitely make a list like this!


    1. Right?! And honestly, it’s really not far from me at all. It’s a little sad that I’ve never been there. If you decide to venture east make sure my house is on your destination list 😀 😉


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