Back in November I shared a post with my recent Amazon purchases. Compared to that one, this list is a monster. Ha. Many, many Christmas gifts came from the smiling box. Nothing here is an affiliated link and I have to give props to Rebecca Jo for the post idea.

Let’s do this…


The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners: A No-Stree Meal Plan with Easy Recipes to Heal the Immune System
Purchased for my sis-in-law because she suffers from a very limiting chronic illness.

Wicked Plants: The Weed that Killed Lincoln’s Mother and Other Botanical Atrocities
Purchased for my other sis-in-law because I thought she’d like the strange and interesting stories.

The Magic of Motherhood: The Good Stuff, the Hard Stuff, and Everything In Between
Purchased for my bff because she’s a momma who enjoys a good book.

So far the only feedback I’ve received has been from Erica who is loving The Magic of Motherhood!

The Sisters Brothers
Purchased for my husband’s grandfather because he loves westerns and I loved this book (& cover).

Q&A a Day for Kids: A Three-Year Journal
Purchased for my 10 year old cousin.

The Girls’ Doodle Book
Also purchased for my 10 year old cousin (who enjoys art)!


Sanuk Women’s Yoga Duet Sandal
Purchased for my mom because she liked mine and these don’t go through the toes.

Eddie Bauer Men’s Cloud Layer Pro 1/4-Zip Pullover, heather grey
Purchased for my dad-in-law because I thought he’d like it and most of his clothes get ruined at work. #welderlife

yige Women’s High Waisted A-line Skirt Skater Pleated Full Midi-Skirt, green
Purchased for me because I liked it… lol.

Large Trojan – Mascot Crystal Post Earrings
Purchased for my mom because she’s a school teacher at a school district with a Trojan mascot.


Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera
Includes 720p HD video, 2-way audio, video recording, treat dispenser, & laser game…
Purchased for K (from Lylee and Enzo).

Oh my gosh, we love this thing. We haven’t used the treat dispenser or the laser game, but the video aspect is awesome.

Homeweeks 100ML Auto Off Ultrasonic diffuser LED Colorful Night-Lighting Aroma Mist Maker
Purchased for my 16 year old cousin because she’s a teen who could use some de-stressing scents in her life.

Pure Body Naturals Pure Therapeutic Grade Top 6 Essential Oil Basic Kit
Includes lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, lemongrass, orange, and peppermint…
I gave Allie the orange and lavender scents from this kit. I kept the other 4 πŸ™‚


TableTopics Couples: Questions to Start Great Conversations
My brother and sis-in-law like to talk to each other (weirdos) so I got them this.

Purchased for our niece and nephews.

Sleeping Queens
Also purchased for our niece and nephews.

O F F I C E * S U P P L I E S

Blue Skyle 2018 Laminated Erasable Wall Calendar, Double Sided, 36×24
Purchased for me at work. Ha. Super exciting.

MyLifeUNIT Fineliner Coloe Pen Set, 10 assorted colors
I got this for Amber in our blogger swap!

Bloom Daily Planners Classic Planner Sticker Sheets
I also got this for Amber!


Masterbuilt 30″ Digital Electric Smoker
Purchased for K as his “big gift.” Hopefully this means I get a few more nights off where dinner is concerned…

Star Wars Lightsaber Salt and Pepper Shakers
Purchased for my bro-in-law who also has the R2-D2 cookie jar.

Ello Cole Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mugs
Purchased one for Kayla and one for Aubrey. I freakin’ love these mugs.

Fred MY TAI Unbrella Drink Markers
Purchased for Aub. (Kayla got the wiener dog ones but I didn’t buy them on Amazon.)

S U P E R * R A N D O M * G I F T S

Knock Knock Personal Library Kit
Purchased for my 19 year old college cousin because she is anal about people borrowing her books. She makes us sign them out. #perfect

Schwinn Air Center Plus Floor Pump with Gauge
My brother wanted a bike pump so I got him a bike pump.

Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit
…obviously purchased for Ly and Enzo. Turns out A LOT of people took advantage of this sale on Amazon. I’ll share the results when we get them πŸ˜‰

Funko POP! Marvel: Dancing Groot Bobble Action Figure
My dad loves Groot and he’s a child so I figured he’d love this bobble head. I was right.

Seeing all the money I spent (through Amazon alone) is quite shocking. Maybe these recaps are a bad idea… hahaha. Fortunately, everyone seemed to really love their stuff (and truthfully I really love gifting people).

What’d you get from Amazon this holiday season??

30 thoughts on “Amazon-ing for the Holidays

  1. We did TONS of Amazon shopping too! Makes things SO simple. I am definitely going to have to check out the book The Magic of Motherhood! Glad she’s liking it.


    1. I can’t remember who I saw recommend it, but it’s the second mother book I’ve bought Erica. The first one was “Mama Tried” and she liked that one a lot, too!


  2. I love that anti inflammatory cook book.
    Haha. I got my friend a baby front wood cutting board.,it was so cute.
    Isn’t it great being able to check on pets with those cameras?
    I need to do an update on my amazoning.,will be a very long post.,yikes


    1. I hope they’re finding some yummy recipes. Christina struggles with food a lot so I thought it’d be helpful!
      The camera is THE BEST. I love checking in on the dogs. Even when we lay in bed I watch Ly in the living room. Lol


  3. I love the pet video camera and want one because I am always curious about what Max does while I’m away. Granted, 99% of the time he sleeps but still – that 1%! I used to do more Amazoning at Christmas when my nephews and niece were little. But now they just want money. So ummm … pretty much anything I get from Amazon is for me. πŸ˜€


    1. I buy a lot of Amazon stuff for me throughout the year. Christmas is just a heavier gifting-others time for me, lol.
      The dogs mostly sleep when I watch them, too. Ha!


  4. I buy SO much from Amazon too. I’ve never tried clothes though. My husband has had good luck though and that skirt you bought is really cute so maybe I should give it a chance. Recent purchases for me have been: diapers, elderberry syrup, a magnetic chore chart for Swede, and a picture frame.


    1. I’ve heard magical things about elderberry syrup…
      I haven’t bought a lot of clothes from Amazon. Usually it’s just stuff for Halloween costumes. This skirt was pretty inexpensive, though, and it was exactly what I wanted so I took a chance! I like it!


    1. Thanks you! I try to think about people’s interests and wants on an individual basis. Sometimes I’m still scrambling, though. Lol
      I go NUTS on Amazon before a trip. Hahaha!


    1. I enjoy gifting others, too. I’ll admit some people are easier to buy for, though. My husband is a tough one but I ALWAYS find a million things for my sister-in-law, lol!


  5. Hehe dog dna testing, love it! I bet the pup cam is so fun! I got an anti-inflammatory cookbook last year and it actually had some pretty darn good recipes in it!


    1. I’m dying to know what the dogs’ results are. Ha
      The cam is fun but of course the dogs just sleep. Lol
      I hope my sis-in-law gets a lot of use out of it!!


  6. I need a diffuser- so I’m going to check that one out! Amazon was SUCH a lifesaver this year especially and I couldn’t go without it haha. I actually bought myself the Magic of Motherhood book when I was having a bad day since I heard it was great. I’m 2 chapters in and bawled through both- good cries, because I totally related. It will now be a gift I give at every baby shower- every Mom needs it!


    1. Another book my friend enjoyed was ‘Mama Tried.’ You might want to add that one to your TBR list, too!
      I love my diffuser (which is the same one I got Allie) but there are lots of different ones out there with different looks πŸ™‚


    1. I love mine, too! My mom saw mine and really liked them so I gifted her a pair.
      There are lots of versions for the Tabletopics Game! I got my brother and sis-in-law the couples one but there’s families and friends ones, too!


  7. I would love to hear more about the pet webcam! I think I want to get one, even though I know my pugs just sleep all day.
    And I want to get Table Topics for my mom! It’s in such a nice box, it would actually look good on your table.


    1. Ours has a treat feature and a laser pointer game, which we’ll honestly probably never use. I don’t like to draw the dogs’ attention to the camera, although I once scolded Lylee through it for eating Enzo’s food. Haha. She was so confused. Also, we checked in on them once and heard an alarm going off in the house so we sent my father-in-law over because we couldn’t get home. It was a false alarm but it was nice to have the ability to check on them!

      They have lots of versions of the game for more than just couples!


  8. Hi Audrey! I just found your blog through a ‘blog trail’ – really glad I did! You have some brilliant gifting ideas here – and the joys of Amazon mean I may be able to get some of these in the UK! it is always good fun seeing things like this on American websites before they become popular over here – I like to be ahead of the game! πŸ™‚ The cookbook looks a great one for me. You mentioned Elderberry syrup – it is GREAT – although I literally pick the berries, wash (take all stalks off as poisonous – it takes hours and is painstaking), chuck in a kilner jar and cover with single malt whiskey and raw honey and then throw in the spices you like such as cloves, ginger pieces (fresh), star anise and full cinnamon sticks. I then drain off as needed and you can take off a teaspoon or from a port glass or something. It kills viruses and fevers – super stuff! Look forward to reading more from you! Europafox x


    1. Thank you so much!

      Oh my gosh, that’s a LOT of work!! It better have healing properties for all that effort πŸ˜‰ lol
      We might have to give it a try, though. Sickness already hit us once and I’m trying to keep it away.


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