At the start of 2018 I listed all the films I was excited to see (original post). Instead of reviewing or talking about each movie as I saw it, I decided to recap the 2018 movies in one post.

I’m going to pat myself on the back right now for seeing 50% of my Movie Bucket List.

Molly’s Game – Didn’t see. (Starting off strong.)

Peter Rabbit | PG | 4.5 out of 5 ★
My mom & I went to the small local theater on a dreary Thursday night to see this movie. Oh my gosh, it was hilarious. There were certainly some sweet and sad and silly moments, but overall I laughed out loud so. many. times. I loved it. I walked away wanting to plant a garden for all the local bunnies to come visit.

A Wrinkle in Time | PG | 3.5 out of 5 ★
The best part of this movie was the female empowerment and the overall SELF empowerment themes. The colors and vivid landscapes were a close second. I loved the children actors, too. And Mindy Kaling- she’s the best. I had issues with the lack of explanation about certain go-ons, but I’ve read the book and I think that influenced me.

Isle of Dogs | PG-13 | 4 out of 5 ★
This was a weird one. I didn’t decide that I actually liked it until hours after I left the theater. It moved slowly in places, it was 100% Wes-Anderson-weird, and it felt maybe 20 minutes too long?… but the dog scenes were amazing and hysterical and my absolute favorite. Fantastic Mr. Fox is still my #1 Anderson movie, but Isle of Dogs is second. *You need to be a fan of dry humor, Wes Anderson, and stop-motion animation to like this one.

Ready Player One– Didn’t see.

Ocean’s Eight | PG-13 | 4.75 out of 5 ★
I love the Clooney/Pitt Ocean’s movies. Love love love. When they announced an all-female Ocean’s cast I was there. for. it. And let me just say, it lived up to the hype and franchise. K was hesitant- he’s protective of his Ocean’s series (to the point of not even liking the original Ocean’s 11), but he was 100% sold on the new one, too. I really hope they make a 9 and 10 to fill in the gaps. I loved the small nods to the male Ocean’s movies, too. LOVED THIS ONE. I only docked them .25 of a star because the heist was a little… convenient at times.

The Incredibles 2– Coming to Netflix at the end of the month. I’ll watch it then.

Mary Queen of Scots– Decided I didn’t want to see it.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix– Pushed to 2019 release.

The Grinch | PG | 5 out of 5 ★
I loved this movie! I’m a huge fan of the original cartoon but I’m indifferent when it comes to the 2000 Jim Carrey version. This movie was cute and hilarious and so heartwarming. The Grinch was mean & hilarious, but 10xs more endearing than Carrey’s version (IMO). And Cindy-Lou was adorable and crafty and perfect. Obviously Max (and Fred) were my favorites, though!

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald– Haven’t seen YET.

Mary Poppins Returns | PG | 4.5 out of 5 ★
So cute. I thought MPR was an entertaining, visually stunning movie that didn’t take away or compete with the original in anyway. Emily Blunt is the cutest and Lin-Manuel Miranda is the most talented. I’m a fan of Emily Mortimer (The Newsroom), too. Emily and Lin-Manuel were the sweetest pair, though. The music and art and story was so sweet and catchy. I definitely recommend this film.

Holmes & Watson | PG-13 | 2 out of 5 ★
Oh man… this was a dumb one, lol. I chuckled a few times but it’s no Step Brothers or Talladega Nights. Ferrell and Reilly are a good pair but the movie is ridiculous. The pointed jokes about America were good, as was the Millie character, but I wanted more from this movie. I wanted stomach-cramping-laughter. I did not get that. The reviews are also terrible.

On the Basis of Sex– Not out (everywhere) yet.

Additional movies I saw this year…

RBG– I talked about this film in this post. Go. Watch. It.

Crazy Rich Asians– This deserves all the hype- it made me laugh and cry and want to give the book another shot. (I never do movie first, but I couldn’t get into the book.) Also, Awkwafina is my new role model.

What movies did you watch last year?

26 thoughts on “2018 Movie Review

    1. I love kid movies 🙂 Animated films are usually my favorite. I can’t speak for Ready Player One, but Marry Poppins Returns was super cute & fun! RBG is a must-see, too!


    1. I almost NEVER see this many movies. I don’t know why I was so motivated in 2018. Mary Poppins definitely felt like a Disney movie 🙂 And I didn’t think I’d like CRA but we were looking for a DVD to watch while on vacation and settled on it. I really liked it!


  1. I love Mindy Kaling, and I’m very glad I read A Wrinkle in Time beforehand because there were definitely a few gaps that were better explained in the book. Ocean’s 8 was great too, though I agree about the heist being a bit convenient at times. Get Out topped my movie list of 2018, with The Greatest Showman in close second. I didn’t realize Incredibles 2 was coming to Netflix at the end of the month; it was on deck for this weekend, but I think I can hold out for a few more weeks. Thanks for the info!


    1. Mindy Kaling is amazing. I didn’t love the book or movie version of A Wrinkle in Time, but it was definitely visually stunning. I loved the girl power in Ocean’s 8. I didn’t see Get Out… I heard it was masterful but I don’t watch thrillers/horror/that kind of stuff. I DID read the plot on wikipedia though and it sounded amazing. I still need to see The Greatest Showman!


  2. Awkwafina is the very best and she had an awesome 2018 with Crazy Rich Asians and Oceans 8. I can’t wait to see Mary Poppins Returns … well, sort of. Your review increased my excitement, but my adoration of the original had me a little worried, you know? But like you I adore Lin Manuel-Miranda, Emily Blunt and Emily Mortimer. I heard Holmes and Watson was terrible, which is such a bummer. It sounded like such a great concept and should have been a classic like Talledga Nights.


    1. Awkwafina is HILARIOUS. I’m definitely going to watch whatever she’s in next 🙂 Mary Poppins was cute in its own way. My mom loves the original and thought she’d hate the new one, too, but it’s cute and sweet on its own. It doesn’t step on the toes of the original in any way.
      Super big bummer about Holmes & Watson.


  3. I went to the cinema precisely twice last year (which is precisely twice more than I went the year before) and saw Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and the new Jumanji film. Other than that I finally watched the new BFG (“new” as in came out in 2016) because it was on TV.


  4. You haven’t seen Fantastic Beasts?! You gotta do that!! I’m frustrated about On The Basis of Sex.. why did it have a December 25 release date but I haven’t been able to see it anywhere? There’s only one theater here showing it and that just started 4 days ago. They never said “in select theaters” when promoting it! Anyways, I can’t wait to see it clearly!


    1. I knooooow!! I can’t believe I haven’t see it yet! Ugh!
      I don’t understand why there was such an odd release for On the Basis of Sex. Looking forward to see it soon, though!


  5. I’m dying to see Crazy Rich Asians… & A Star is Born!!!!!
    I’m excited Incredibles 2 is coming to Netflix soon!!!
    I wasn’t sure I wanted to see Mary Poppins 2 but everyone is saying how great it is


    1. Crazy Rich Asians is so good! I heard A Star is Born is kind of depressing… I don’t think I’ll see that one 😉 I’m SO excited to see The Incredibles 2! You should see MP2!! SO cute and good- without stepping on the original’s toes!


  6. You saw so many good movies this year! I still haven’t seen Ocean’s 8, but after hearing your review, I want to add it to our list of in home date nights!


  7. Maybe I need to watch CRA because the book was all kinds of yikes haha. My husband probably watched all of these. I usually lie down on the couch reading while he watches them


    1. I couldn’t get into the book AT ALL but the movie was colorful and interesting and beautiful. Also, I guess the book had some… off-color language?, and I didn’t notice that in the movie.


  8. Fun post! I loved Crazy Rich Asians and I’m SO in love with Awkwafina. She’s great in Ocean’s 8 too – and I loved that as well. I also loved Peter Rabbit, Fantastic Beasts 2, Mary Poppins, The Grinch, and The Incredibles 2. I still want to see On the Basis of Sex.



    1. Such great movies in 2018! Awkwafina is hilarious in both films. LOVE her. And Peter Rabbit was the cutest!!! I laughed out loud so many times in that film!! Same with The Grinch! I need to see Fantastic Beasts and The Incredibles 2 asap.


  9. I really enjoyed Mary Poppins, and enjoyed Ready Player One more than I thought. Christopher Robin was probably the happiest movie I saw this year, just something about it was really sweet and fun. I didn’t see all that many movies until Cyrus was big enough to leave with Grandma for a couple hours–I don’t even know what’s coming out this year, yet!


    1. Mary Poppins was wonderful without stepping on the toes of the original 🙂 I didn’t even think to put Christopher Robin on my radar. I will have to check it out!


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