I waited WAY too long to share an Amazon-ing post. There’s a lot of stuff here & I’m sorry & I tried to condense.

I have Christmas gifts & clothes & miscellaneous stuff here. Let’s jump in!

I like using Amazon smile when I purchase. (My purchases support Best Friends Animal Society.)  I’m a dummy who hasn’t bought into Ebates yet, but I’m going to soon. I promise. I actually think I have an account already.


Artfish Loose Yoga Pants | I LOVE THESE PANTS… they’re very light and perfect for around the house and it’s honestly like you don’t even have pants on 😆

MYoga Capris | Runs small… I should’ve gone a size up.

icyzone Sports Bra | Not super restrictive- good for yoga and low intensity workouts.

Urban Coco Long-Sleeve Velvet Green Dress | I wore this dress on Christmas Eve and it was comfortable and gorgeous. K hates it because it’s velvet and loud. I felt like Scarlett O’Hara. (Possibly because K kept comparing it to curtains.)

THIS & THIS pair of Blue Q Socks | I bought K two different pairs for his stocking and one already has a hole in it. I’m irritated because they’re THIRTEEN DOLLAR socks. I splurged because he likes snarky socks.

Our Dwight & Angela Outfit pieces: shirt & pants (Dwight) and turtleneck, sweater, skirt (Angela) | Yes, we spent actual money on our costumes to make them just right. I try to thrift when I can.


The Girl in the Tower & Wires & Nerve: Volume 1 |Purchased for blogger book exchange

The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society & ChocolatThe Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo | Purchased for my sister-in-laws (sisters-in-law?)

Capital Gaines | For K

Breathe, Mama, Breathe | For my bff

An Act of Villainy | For me on its release date

Gifts for Others

KISS button set | My younger cousin is into classic rock

Archer Silicone Suction Lids | My mom wanted a large lid… I got her several

Savory Spice & Hot Sauce | For my brother-in-law

Memory Foam Slippers | Another gift requested by my mom

Star Wars Leia- 3 pack journalsStar Wars Pin Pack | My cousin loves Star Wars

Caticorn Rainbow Enamel Pin | Blogger exchange gift

Mugshot Shot Glass set | For K’s brother

Corvette C6 Neon Wall Clock | For K ❤

Bonsai Tree trio kit | For my green thumb brother

Boppy Newborn Lounger | Shower gift for K’s cousin

Very Random

Oscar Gold Award Trophies (set of 12) | For our “Dundie Awards” at our company Xmas party

60th Birthday Party Decorations & Metallic Tinsel Fringe (awful) & Birthday Candles | For my mother-in-law’s surprise party

Blue Sky 2019 Wall Calendar | For work

Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel | For me for my face (acne & make-up removal)

6 Drawer Rolling Storage Cart | For my scrapbooking… It doesn’t fit paper but I store my stickers and embellishments in it.

WHEW. That was ridiculous. And I even left a few things off!

(TL;DR… this & this)

What have you purchased lately from Amazon?

*no affiliated links, fyi

34 thoughts on “Amazoning

  1. Those socks are hilarious. Annoying that they have holes already though.

    I have bought way too much from Amazon recently. Even not including Christmas/birthday gifts I have bought books, stickers, clear stamps (for cardmaking) and some cross stitch threads.


    1. They’re perfect socks for him! I’m annoyed about the hole. I might reach out to the company on Amazon. We’ll see.
      Amazon & the Amazon app is so so so dangerous!


  2. The 6 drawer rolling thingy would be so perfect to contain the mountain of files that are currently chilling in our second bedroom. Thanks for sharing these girlie


    1. I was hoping it’d be good for my 12×12 scrapbook paper. Nope, not big enough. I store sticker and washi tape in it 🙂 Just be sure to check the measurements! Lol


  3. Yes, sisters-in-law. Just like culs-de-sac. I don’t like it either. Brave of you to track and list everything, I feel like I don’t want to know for 2018. This year, no shopping!


    1. Got it. Sisters-in-law. I don’t know that I’ve ever written cut-de-sac as a plural word. Lol
      Yeah… seeing it all listed out is a little overwhelming.


  4. Whoo – lots of fun things! I love seeing what people buy. I guess I’m just nosy like that. LOL I especially like seeing what books people get and who they give them too, so yay for gifting books!!! You should definitely use Ebates. I didn’t really for years and I’m so bummed; I could have made lots of money by now! LOL If you do not have an account yet, I have an affiliate link if you’re interested.



    1. I love gifting books!! And I only do it with ones I’ve really loved (unless it’s something they asked for like Chocolat). Man… I definitely need to figure out the Ebates thing!


  5. I’m always hesitant to buy clothes from Amazon and I have no idea why. Everyone always blogs such cute stuff. Mostly I just get things I don’t want to browse for in stores. Like I ordered a bunch of picture frames last night because it would’ve been multiple stores, I’m guessing, for me to find what I wanted.


    1. If I’m nervous about the fit I always make sure there are free returns. I also STUDY the reviews on clothing. I have found such cute cute cute stuff. That said, I still like in-store shopping for workout stuff from ON and deals at Marshalls.


    1. They so snarky. I love it.
      I’m curious to see if my brother (& sister-in-law) can grow the trees. I’ve heard it’s tough!
      I love scrapbooking. I had no idea there was a Prime link-up. I’ll have to time it better next time!


  6. YES!!!! to the KISS buttons! That would make Ricky so happy. he loves seeing a younger generation that still loves the good ole classics.
    Those yoga pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m totally going to check those out right now!


  7. Thayers is the shit.

    I love snarky socks but have found through the years that they are very shitty quality. I’m done with them unless I can find a sustainable maker.

    I’ve seen those pants all over the internet, glad to see they are good!

    LOL @ at the entire dress thing. I personally love it.


    1. For sure on the witch hazel. The shitty quality of those socks is irritating. Grrr.
      The pants are so so so good. I want to just live in them.
      That dress what exactly what I wanted. I knew from the start that he’d hate it. HAHAHA.


  8. Those yoga pants are adorable and I want. Let me tell ya: the real perk of working from home is yoga pants and no bra. And sorry – TMI, I know. 😉 I also use Thayers but more as my toner. Your Christmas Eve dress is gorgeous! I love that you dress up too; my family doesn’t so much, although we did in the past. Jeans are comfy but I miss having a “Christmas” dress or outfit!


    1. Oh man… I’d barely have any clothes on if I worked from home. Hahaha. The yoga pants are amazing, though. I need to order a second (and third?) pair…
      We always dress up for Xmas Eve. It’s my favorite and I love it 🙂


  9. WOW, that dress is stunning! I have that witch hazel too and it’s been wonderful, for me and my poor hormonal teenager 🙂 great round-up!


  10. I will mail you our copy of Capital Gaines because I was just about to donate it 😉 And I bet you ROCKED that green velvet dress!!!!

    P.S. I had an Amazon-faves post all scheduled for next week before I even saw this, but I love that we’re on the same wavelength! Mine only has like 5 things I’m considering, so it’s not nearly as much of a gold mine as this amazing post!!


    1. Haha- we have it! I bought it for K so whether or not he reads it, I dunno, but I’ll definitely read it either before him or after him! I can’t wait to go read your post!


  11. Chris uses that rose witchhazel stuff on his face lol. I love Blue Q and bought several socks and kitchen towels from them last year for Christmas. They were giving away free stuff on their direct site with purchase, and the free stuff was amazing too!


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