Like so many, I’ve been trying to shop small and shop local, but sometimes I need it fast and cheap… and there’s Amazon for that.

Before I share all these unaffiliated Amazon links, let me share a few small businesses on Etsy that I’ve been loving lately:

And now for some Amazon purchases…

Kirkland Signature Shampoo & Conditioner | ELEVEN Australia Sea Salt Texture Spray
When I was last at Aubrey’s house I used her shampoo, conditioner, and sea salt spray. And I loved the smell and feel of them… so I came back home and order some.

Dreambaby Pouch Pal | Simple Modern Reusable Food Pouches
Moo gets the majority of her fruit nutrition from pouches. She doesn’t like fruit but she’ll eat these… but only if I’m holding it. She will squeeze it out if I give it to her. To prevent that I got the Pouch Pal and to lessen waste with the throwaway pouches I got some reusable one. We’re still adjusting to both of these items.

Baby Girl WILD ONE Outfit
M’s First (Zoom) Birthday Party outfit. It fit so nicely, the pants are super soft and silky, and I feel like I can match the pieces with other tops and bottoms.

The Home Edit Workbook
Sometimes I make very spontaneous purchases. *face palm* Hopefully I love this, but it’s a pre-order so time will tell. Lol

These were a few Christmas gifts for others:

Cathedral | Burrito Blanket | The Great Gatsby | Cat Sweatshirt
My brother asked for Cathedral and then beat me in two games on Christmas morning. K’s uncle got Moo a burrito swaddle when she was a baby so she returned the favor at Christmas and got him an adult burrito blanket. My sister loves The Great Gatsby so I got her this graphic novel. She also loves her kitties.

I made a few other purchases but they’re not-yet-gifted gifts… so I’m keeping them under wraps.

What have you recently bought from Amazon? (Or, better yet, Etsy?)

15 thoughts on “Amazoning

  1. I use Amazon to order gifts so I can send them directly and add a gift note and wrapping. I wish more places offered gift wrapping for online purchases! I do try not to use Amazon for myself though. There is a Swiss sort of equivalent called Galaxus but they don’t always have what I want. I use Etsy a lot! A recent favourite is Washed Up Cards – she uses pieces of plastic waste to make greeting cards.


    1. It’s so handy that you can find the gift and have it wrapped all in one place. (Darn them, lol.) Sometimes Etsy makes me frustrated, but there are so many unique and talented artists! I definitely prefer to use Etsy for gifts!


  2. Ahh thank you so much for including Islann Co in your post! I hope you’re loving the scrunchies and that they are keeping your hair in place well. I also feel like I’ve drastically reduced my Amazon purchases in favor of shopping small, but when I look at my recent orders …. there are still quite a few. I’m giving myself permission to Amazon what I need during this pandemic!


  3. I hope you like The Home Edit Workbook! I’ve only watched a couple episodes, but I want to watch more…and check out the books. Love M’s birthday outfit! So cute!!!! I LOVE that cat sweater. I’ve been buying all sorts of things from Etsy. I got a lot of holiday gifts!!



    1. Me too! I follow them on IG and have for a long time. I haven’t seen many episodes but I just love Clea and Joanna. Hopefully their book is fun and helpful!
      Thank you! I love dressing her in yellow!


    1. I’m really really terrible at identifying smells….. I took a shower yesterday and tried to take note, LOL. I think it’s kind of fruity… but like grape or maybe cotton candy almost? It smells like the shampoo they use in salons, lol. It makes me imagine I’m at a sink bowl and someone is scrubbing my head for me. Haha.


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