Happy Thursday! Joining Kristen for the What’s New With You? link up.

I haven’t done one of these posts since August 2019. Yikes.

Reading… a few different books and making 0 headway on any of them. Sigh. Currently reading The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle when I get a minute or two to crack it open.

Watching… The Today Show every single morning. Haha. Followed by Hoda & Jenna and then The Kelly Clarkson Show. Plus these shows.

Eating… whatever we have in the house. Grocery shopping takes a little more effort now so our cupboards (& fridge) are usually bare. We still have some goodies left from The Great Aubrey Stock of 2019 so we’re alright.

Drinking… all the coffee. Lol

Planning… M’s baptism! She’s getting baptized this Sunday and we’re treating friends, family, and parishioners to donuts and coffee afterward. Fun fact: The minister baptizing M is the same one who baptized K and married us 6+ years ago.

Traveling to… San Antonio, TX soon! It’s a work trip but I don’t know how much working I’ll be required to do. M is coming along, too. So are my mom and dad. In March we’re headed back to Texas (Dallas) for a family wedding. K’s parents are coming on that trip. Having family around for M’s first few trips is a relief.

Looking forward to… summertime. I’ve never been excited about summer (I’m a fall/winter lover) but I can’t wait to swim and go on walks and sit outside with M.

Praying about… literally everything. Lol.

Enjoying… Miss M and all her developments. She figured out how to smile a few weeks ago but it was elusive. Now she freely gives them to K and I. I LOVE it. Every single day she’s more alert and I love love love it.

TL;DR… I live on coffee now. More so than before. 😆

Tell me what’s new with you!

Goals Update Q4

My quarters were kind of screwy this year… This is a recap on Fall Goals. Next month I will break 2020 into actual quarters and kick this off again. This explanation is more for my own peace of mind. You don’t really need any of this information. Lol

I’m linking up with Kristen today for What’s New With You!

Ok… let’s recap how Fall 2019 went, shall we?

  1. Attend baby shower (& send thank yous)
  2. Host Halloween Party link
  3. Put nursery together
    We spent the last two weeks of Oct. painting, decorating, and building furniture. K did A LOT of work in there. It’s my new favorite room in the house now. 
  4. Get 3/4 Xmas shopping done
    I mostly have this done. 
  5. Go to TWO fall festivals
    My mom and I went to two different festivals in Sept. & Oct. 
  6. Add mums & pumpkins to the house
    I didn’t get around to this under Oct. 24th but I did it. Lol
  7. Celebrate my bday & our (dating) anniversary
    We did minimal things because we’re tired. For my bday we had an OB appointment, then brought pizza home and relaxed with the dogs. On our anniversary we had a maternity photo shoot and then went to dinner. Both evening were relaxing and lovely.
  8. Read 3 books per month Nope. Not even close.
  9. Get Christmas decor up before baby arrives
  10. Give birth

Did you set any big (or small) goals this fall? How did you do?

I always feel a mixture of energy and laziness in the fall. The colder weather invigorates me but the cool, dreary days make me want to curl up and read or nap.

Winter leaves me feeling the same way but with a newborn around I have no idea what kinds of things we’ll actually be doing. Haha.

What’s New Link-Up

Happy Thursday! I’m linking up with Kristen for What’s New With You?.

She does a monthly review for her posts so I’m going to give that a shot this time. (Feel free to still sip on coffee like we normally do every other month 😉 )

I know people say it every month, but I truly don’t know where August went… It flew by and that terrifies the living bejesus outta me. (Less than 13 weeks until I’m due- HALP!)

Ok… back to August.

At the beginning of the month I put some purple back in my hair, met with my mom and mother-in-law about baby shower plans, and helped K decorate and improve the office at work. Also, my dad rescued a squirrel from his garage cats. (Unfortunately Secret died after a few days- we think the kitties caused some internal damage. RIP little guy.)

We took a work trip to Indianapolis for a few days. We weren’t there long but we definitely had some long nights. (That’s typically how our trips go. We’re headed to NOLA soon for a very quick work trip soon.)

The following weekend we packed up an overnight bag and drove to Bristol, TN with my parents and my brother for the NASCAR race. It was probably my last live race for the next few years… sigh. (Oh well, she’s worth it 😉 )

On August 23rd K got LASIK surgery. It was a thought-out decision but whirlwind process. He hated the procedure and was in a lot of pain immediately following, but he was much better the next day and he’s healed up really well. We also did a car show that weekend.

This past weekend was cookout mania. We had the employees over to our house Friday night for a cookout, Saturday we headed to our best friends’ house for a cookout, and Sunday we had a double headers- K’s aunt and uncle’s house, then my parents’ house in the evening. We topped off the weekend with a lunch cookout on Monday at my grandparents’ house. I consumed two steaks, four hotdogs, and two bratwursts. Live in the same town as all your family, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. (I kid, I kid. We enjoy all the perks of having family close.)

And that was August.

And now we’re in September and I am freaked out, lol. We have two trips this month (one work, one fun) and then it’s nesting season… which also happens to be FALL and my introvert, cold-loving, Halloween soul just can’t handle the excitement! Whew!

But, again, back to August. Tell me what you were up to and what’s new with you!


My last “currently” post was in May so I’m due for one.
Linking up with Kristen from See You in a Porridge for What’s New With You?.

Reading… The Lost World. Still. I’m such a putz. I’m also reading Cocaine Blues and I’m finishing Columbine.

Watching… nothing really. I watched season 1 of High Seas (Netflix) and loved it but I’ll mention that in another post.

Listening to… Influenced the Podcast as well as lots of 90s/00s Women of Country and 00s Rock Alternative. I know that’s a weird mix. Ha.

Eating… random things. So many things still don’t sound good. Ice cream, cereal (which gives me heartburn), and pb&j sandwiches always sound yummy, though.

Wearing… athletic shorts, tank tops, and layers. I’m trying to stay cool on the 85º+ weather days but some days start in the 60s, spike to 80, and return to 50 or 60 before I can get home to change. Ohio is a weirdo.

Praying about… Ly’s anxiety (summer storms suck for her), bringing our human baby home to our fur babies, the health and safety of loved ones. (And of course the terrible, shady things going on in our country.)

Looking forward to… vacation in Tampa at my best friend’s house! It’s not until late September but I don’t care. I’m excited!

Planning… a trip for a NASCAR night race. We weren’t going to go, but now we are. And K and I are in charge of booking the hotel room.

Worrying about… all the stuff we have to do before we add a kid. Much of it is not done. Lol. We have 9 mostly free weekends (out of 17) until her due date weekend. Yikes.

I’m going to share a pregnancy update next week. Similar to this post, but specifically about pregnancy thus far (halfway!).

So tell me… what’s new with you?

A Cup of Happiness (& Coffee)

Happy Thursday! For today’s What’s New With You link-up we’re going to go on a coffee date ☕ I’m actually probably going to drink tea. Coffee doesn’t taste good to me right now (SOB).

We’re switching up this coffee date & I’m going to tell you about things that have made me happy lately. And then I want you to do the same! 😀 Linking up with Kristen!

Dog Pictures
I have a pretty good relationship with the guys who work at one of our authorized dealers that we interact with weekly. Randomly, one of those guys started attaching pictures of his dog to work emails. Word got around at their store and now there are two of them that do it. I’m curious to see how out of hand this can get. But I crack up every time there’s a random dog picture on an official work email.

I have never in my life enjoyed flavored water. I don’t like the after taste or the lack of sweetness. But lately sweet things have just been TOO sweet. Enter spindrift. No caffeine, no added sugar, not too sweet, and no aftertaste. I got the blackberry flavor and I’m excited to try other ones soon! (The ingredients are carbonated water, blackberry juice, fresh lemon juice, and blackberry puree. NOTHING ELSE.)

Plane tickets!
If you’ve been around a while, you know that flying isn’t my favorite thing in the world. That said, one of my very best friends is moving to Tampa, FL this weekend and I ALREADY BOOKED TICKETS TO VISIT IN SEPTEMBER. K, myself, my other bff Kayla, and her boyfriend are all flying down to visit her and I can’t even wait!

Additional things include a massage this week, bff time tonight, grilling outside for dinner, and summer weddings (even though we just have one this year).

Tell me what’s got you feeling happy this week/month!

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