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Stuff I Want…

IT'S ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!! Hello & welcome to my birthday/Christmas wish list. My family appreciates it when I put these together... To be honest, I like quirky things so you might find something you want on this list, too. Lots of mugs and books and snarky clothes... Family & friends- I don't need anything.… Continue reading Stuff I Want…

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Things I Really Love Right Now

I was going to write a serious post today. I started one about the controversy surrounding the Beauty and the Beast outrage. I thought about screaming ranting about the idiotic administration running our country. But I just can't. If you've been around these parts long enough then you know that I have 0% issue with… Continue reading Things I Really Love Right Now


What I Read… vol. 3

This was a good month for reading. (Finally! ) I finished up The Lunar Chronicles, I checked a few books off Erin's Challenge, and I started into Meyer's newest novel, Heartless. Today I'm linking up with Steph and Jana for Show Us Your Books! As you know, here's the rating system... and I include a… Continue reading What I Read… vol. 3