I started dating Kyle nine years ago today. I was 17 years old and a totally different person than I am at 26. I was smaller (sigh, haha) and less stable and more dramatic and less sure of myself. I look at 17-year-olds now and think, ‘You’re such a little baby.’


If it doesn’t come across clearly in other posts, let it be known that I absolutely love my husband. I love him more now that I did nine years ago. And this post might come off as bragging, but I don’t know how to express my pride for him any other way. (And I think it’s really important to be proud of your significant other.)


Kyle is the kind of guy that would rather spend four years building a business than buy a lottery ticket and make a million that way. (Of course, we’d absolutely take a winning lottery ticket if you’ve got one…) He’s the kind of man that doesn’t shy away from crying babies. He’s the type that doesn’t stand for abuse- whether it’s a human or an animal. He hangs out with my grandpa and takes the time to go to breakfast with the men in his family. He prides himself on a perfectly grilled steak and wants to share his excess with those who really need it. He knows that sometimes I just need quiet time to get lost in a book, but he still badgers me to come and watch TV with him because he likes being in the same room as me.

circa. 2010

circa. 2010

He’s clever and kind, witty and hilarious, observant and thoughtful. He is my favorite human on the planet and I feel so lucky that I get to do life with him. We’re both stubborn and arrogant- we argue and get annoyed. He still hasn’t figure out the mystery of the clothing hamper or how to clean up his facial hair from the sink (and he gets annoyed that I bite my nails and leave my keys in the unlocked car), but I will have those fights over and over again, forever and ever- so long as they’re with him.



We’ve done a lot, but I know we’ve got so much more to do and see and experience. I’m so happy to co-pilot this life with Kyle. And if you’re looking to do life with another human I hope you find someone that compliments you as well as my husband does me. It makes life so sweet and full and fun ❤︎



Silly Songs with Audrey

(Did you get that? It was a Veggie Tales reference #lame Hahaha.)

Today is my Friday and, in celebration of that, I’m sharing some of my favorite jams that define my life, courtesy of Alyssa‘s Back to Blogging non-challenge challenge!

I’ve seen Kathy and Nadine do this already and I didn’t think I’d be able to come up with anything, but they’ve inspired me 🙂 I’ve settled on a solid five.

How I’ll Always Be  [Tim McGraw]

“I’m a little more beer bottle beer joint than a fancy bar | I’m a little more sitting up high on the road than a little car | I’m a little more bust ya back than take it for free”

“I’ll always be a fan of ol’ stray dogs and guitars playin’ | One room churches, back road walks and front porch swingin’ | Sunset skies, bonfire nights, I love the simple things | That’s how I’ll always be”

. . .

Grey Street [Dave Matthews Band]

“Oh look at how she listens | She says nothing of what she thinks | She just goes stumbling through her memories | Staring out on to Grey Street”

. . .

Feel That Fire [Dierks Bentley]

“She wants to wear my shirt to bed | She wants to make every stray a pet | And drive around in my truck with no place to go”

. . .

Caught Up In You [38 Special]

“So caught up in you | Little girl | That I never wanna get myself free | And baby it’s true | You’re the one | Who caught me, baby you taught me | How good it could be”

*Can we please just appreciate how 80s this video is?? Hehe

. . .

Crazy [Ben Rector]

“Last night was crazy, yeah we tore it up again | Kicked off our shoes and went to bed by 9pm | We were balling and Netflix | We turned it up to ten | Last night was crazy”

. . .

I have always been a huge music person, and there are a million songs that I just love, but I wanted to limit this post to ones that I really felt define my life. Our couples song didn’t make the list this time (I’ll Be by Edwin McCain), nor did the song I walked down the aisle to (Baby Blue by DMB). Both great songs, but not necessarily life-defining 🙂 (K is also upset I didn’t share You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate because I tend to sing it loudly when I drink a little too much.)

If you haven’t already done the link-up, what songs define your life?



Birthday Vibes

Today, twenty-six years ago, I was born. My mom was 27 years old and my dad was 25. Now I’m in the middle of that.


Do you ever sit and wonder what makes us us? I am fascinated by human behavior & thought. When I was a child a waitress was just a waitress, but now I look at people I interact with every day and wonder what their family is like, what do they do for fun, do they have dark secrets, why are they here and where do they want to be? It’s insane that each and every one of us has a complicated, diverse, unique web of coding that makes us (and our lives) so radically different. Even my brother & I are different despite the same upbringing. I don’t know- I just find it really interesting.

So today I officially have 26 years of life under my belt. That’s not much to a 76 year old, but a six year old would find me pretty ancient. In the grand scheme of things, I’m not doing much right now. I’m not climbing a corporate ladder, I’m not tracking my ovulation for babies, I’m not working toward a degree, I’m not planning a wedding or a vacation. I’m just kind of existing today. Surprisingly, I’m ok with that right now.

It’s odd to try to track how I got here… If my parents hadn’t made me march high school band I wouldn’t have met K. If I hadn’t joined an independent drumline and met a girl named Kelsey then we wouldn’t have Lylee. If we’d have listened to our realtor and not gone through our house (b/c it was in an old flood zone) then we wouldn’t be where we are and we wouldn’t have been ready for a second dog and Enzo wouldn’t be ours. Life is so darn weird. I’m sure there are missed opportunities that I’ll never  know about, but I’m pretty thankful for the taken opportunities thus far.

I have nothing witty or smart to leave you with today; I’m just reflecting on my existence. I’m very grateful to have been born to my parents. I feel so blessed to have been gifted a brother. When I think about the string of events that led me to K I honestly want to cry. In conclusion, I’ve just had a very nice 26 years.

I recognize that people are born into different situations. I know that some people make poor decisions or have tragic things happen to them. I know that my life could turn in an instant. So as a birthday gift to me, I ask you to do something nice today- whether for yourself or someone else. And extend a little grace when dealing with frustrating people and situations. Maybe pick up an extra bag of dog food when you’re at the store and drop it by your local shelter. Or just take 5 minutes out of your day to think about the things that make you happy.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. Now I’m off to work with a birthday coffee in hand ❤︎


Some Friday Favorites

The world has me in a constant state of rage & I have nothing new to say today. I’m trying really hard to send positive vibes into the world, but I’m struggling.

Please know that you are enough. Whatever you’re struggling with, you’re enough. Please also do your very best to spread love and understanding and compassion. It seems crazy to have to say that, but this world is crazy.
And now I leave you with thoughts from other bloggers that had me nodding my head and throwing my hands up in praise this week…


  • Steph said it all. I honestly couldn’t agree with another human more right now. Enlist me in that army.
  • Chelsea is also spot-on. Why is being a female so controversial?!
  • I really love Elyse’s movie + meal pairings; especially #10!
  • I can always count on Julie to share some encouragement & art!
  • Chelsea (a different one!) shared her incredible birth story and I am so in awe of her. Check out part 1 first, then move on to the intense part 2!
  • Reading about the folks Rebecca Jo met while “catching” at the Louisville IronMan was so heartwarming!

And from the non-blog world:

I’m hoping and praying our weekend events (gender reveal party, wedding, birthday shenanigans) distract me from my political rage for a bit. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


What I Wish I Knew…

I was going to rant today but after yoga on Monday I felt peaceful (for like 5 minutes) and decided to delete my post. (For curious minds like mine, I was going to fuss about our rude ass neighbor and the clustercuss that was Sunday night’s debate. Just FYI.) Instead, today I’m linking up with Mattie & Lexi for Weekly Lessons and Alyssa for her Back to Blogging non-challenge.

So let’s talk about the one thing about today I wish I knew one year ago.

I had to read that sentence a few times before I finally grasped the prompt. One year ago today I wrote this post. I was worried freaking out about turning 25. Oh silly little Audrey- you fool.

A year ago today I wish I’d known that things are very, very similar. I think that might disappoint some people, but on the verge of turning the big 2-5 I was so terrified of change. To be honest, this past year has been calm, fun, and stable. I think that’s something we (K and I) really needed.

So that’s it. That’s all I want 2015 Audrey to know. I doubt she’d make it this far if she was aware of what the presidential race was to become. Ugh.



Life as Louise & HelloFresh

Welp, it’s Monday. I try to be grateful for every single morning, but Mondays make it tough. Ya know?

A few weeks ago I won a free week of HelloFresh (which included the ‘Classic Box’ -three meals for two people). No one asked me to write a post. No one is giving me money. I make nofin’ off this. I just thought you might like to see how HelloFresh worked for two rural married folk who typically whip together a homemade meal two or three times a week, tops.

(All that said, I believe this code does credit my account & it gives you $40 off your first box. Regardless, I don’t care if you use it or not 🙂 I’m just gonna’ leave it here. The actual numerical code is: 222525E4CHCG )


I’ll talk about each meal, then the pros and cons of this service! As far as difficulty goes, 1 is simple and 5 is near impossible.

Meal 1: Jamie’s Oozy Shrimp Risotto w/ Tomatoes and Chile


Why I Picked It: We love shrimp! (K isn’t a huge fan of risotto, but I figured he’d be alright…)

Difficulty: 3 out of 5


Results: Out of all three this was the most challenging one. (The website says it’s rated very difficult.) Still, it was pretty easy. I cooked it first because A) it told me to and B) I was nervous about the shrimp going bad. It was really, really good! The salad was kind of a miss (leafy greens, lemon juice, oil = meh) but the meal was great! I’m slow in the kitchen & it definitely took me longer than the estimated time, but everything turned out just right! (I intentionally left the chili pepper out, fyi.)


(From here out I started getting lazy with pictures/K was running out of patience with me.)

Meal 2: Chipotle Rubbed Chicken Salad


Why I Picked It: It sounded good & I’m a sucker anything avocado!

Difficulty: 2 out of 5


Results: I am an old lady & spicy foods do not agree with me. I dug alllll the seeds out of the jalapeno & limited the adobo sauce. Didn’t matter- it still had a kick. Haha! Both K and I don’t care for beans, but overall this salad was yummy. It took me longer to prep than indicated, but I think that’s a theme with me. For having a lot of foods we don’t normally eat in it, this was a successful meal, too!

Meal 3: Crispy Chicken w/ Brown-Butter Corn & Cucumber Tomato Salad


Why I Picked It: Why wouldn’t you pick it?! Crispy chicken & buttery corn- oh my!

Difficulty: 1 out of 5

...and the most unattractive food picture goes to.... me. sorry!

…and the most unattractive food picture goes toooo…. me. (sorry!)

Results: WINNER, WINNER- CHICKEN DINNER. (Er, um, no pun intended…?) By far our favorite meal! I’ve never coated chicken in sour cream but you can bet your behind that I’ll do it in the future! Also, they said to cook the corn in a separate pan, but I threw it in the pan that I used to brown the chicken because #LessDirtyDishes. And it was SO GOOD with bits of crispy breading from the chicken mixed throughout. K really, really loved the corn (which is good because he really, really hates cucumbers- haha)! My mouth is watering thinking about this meal!

. . .

Ok, so a quick list of pros & cons & opinions…

Pros: Everything you need is included (except oil olive for most recipes), the directions are simple & there are pictures (praise Jesus), & the food quality is pretty great! Also, while you can freeze some of the meals to make later on, it forces you to stay home & cook.

Cons: Well, it forces you to stay home and cook. (Ha, I kid.) It’s a little costly and I was nervous about the meat while in transit. We received ours in the middle of summer and, while the box was a little soggy & the cold pack thingys were starting to melt, everything was still cold and fresh.

Another pro is that you can skip your box for weeks at a time (like right now we’re currently suspended because I don’t grow money), and they have a handy app that lets you control your deliveries AND the food each week. (You pick three out of the six meals.) It also lets you rate your meals and look up other HelloFresh recipes.


I haven’t checked it out, but they have a vegetarian box option & family boxes! You can also change the number of meals you get and the number of people eating them.

So in conclusion, we liked our free week. We decided that we’ll probably get HelloFresh one week per month or one week every other month- depends on what they’re serving up! I’m pretty excited to try out some of the other recipes!

Have you ever tried a meal service like this? Would you ever?


Quarterly Goals Check-In

Happy Friday!

This week I was reading posts from my usual bloggers and all of a sudden I felt so sad that I live so far away from most of y’all. Seriously, though. As an adult it’s pretty tough to make friends out of the blue but there are so many bloggers that I follow and communicate with that I know we’d get along and wander through Target together every weekend in real life. If any of you want to move to Ohio I will absolutely help you find a house/apartment. Ha.

Alright, so that was a little off topic.

Today I figured I’d look back on my goals that I made in this beginning-of-the-year post. October kicks off the last quarter of the year so hopefully I’ve at least scratched the surface of these goals….. ha.

(I also did a quick goals update in July!)

Start running.
Nooooooope. I was feeling confident in July but eff that shizz. Honestly, I think I’ve found my groove with yoga. I’m good with that. Bye for now, running shoes.

Learn to cook more (vegetarian) meals.
Yeah, dude! I made wings for the first time this week! I actually texted K on Monday and told him I was planning to cook every night this week. He was pumped and offered to make his chili one night, too. (And it made for a yummy Wednesday!) Still working on the vegetarian part, but at least there’s some progress in the kitchen!

Find a word for 2016.
Most of y’all probably know I picked “embrace.” I’d say things are going alright. Haha.

Read, read, read. And write.
So many people read WAY more than I do, but I’m feeling good because last year I barely touched a book. Most of what I’ve read this year can be found here. My writing has taken a backseat lately, but I’ve made progress this year so I’m still crossing it off.

Ok, I’ll finally talk about it! 🙂
I’ve been volunteering at a wilderness rescue and rehabilitation center on Saturdays. So far I’ve syringe-fed baby squirrels and cuddled a duckling and tossed meat to vultures. They also have a resident fox and I swear my heart bursts each time I see her ❤︎

So in conclusion, I’m feeling pretty good 🙂


same gif I’ve used for every ‘goals’ post… ha

These past two weeks of sinus-crude have knocked me off my social game, but just looking back on what I’ve done this year recharges my battery! And I’m working on these Fall Goals, too, but I’ll talk about that when the season ends. How are you doing with your 2016 goals/resolutions?


**In other news, the pit bull ban in Montreal was suspended 🙂 There’s still a battle against breed discrimination, but it’s a good start!