I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving. No denying it now- we’re officially officially into the Christmas seasonΒ πŸŽ„

Last year I put together a list of classic Christmas movies and I did my best to watch as many as I could. I’m married to someone with a heart slightly larger than the Grinch (pre-Cindy Lou Who), so we don’t binge holiday films every single night. (You can bet your ass I still play holiday music all the time, though.) We almost always watch The Polar Express and The Santa Clause, though. And I like to watch Miracle on 34th Street and White Christmas and all the 1970s stop motion films.

Anyway, this year I’m talking over the apps and watching some cheesy Netflix (& Hulu & Amazon Prime) Christmas movies. I kind of feel like those platforms are giving Hallmark a run for its money! Here are the movies I want to see:

The Royal Ones
A Christmas Prince
A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding
The Princess Switch

The Convenient Love Ones
Holiday Engagement
Christmas With A View
A Christmas in NY (hulu)

The Small Town Feels Ones
Christmas Inheritance
Coffee Shop
A Merry Friggin’ Christmas (Amazon Prime)

The Magical Ones
The Holiday Calendar
The Christmas Chronicles
How Sarah Got Her Wings

The Classics
The Grinch
White Christmas
Love Actually
Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas
Miracle on 34th Street (hulu)
It’s a Wonderful Life (Amazon Prime)

I should note that I’ve already watched A Christmas Prince and The Princess Switch. (Yay, sick days.) Both were cheesy but cute. Which is the norm, I think. Lol. All of these are Netflix films unless otherwise noted.

What holiday movies are you streaming this year?

24 thoughts on “Christmas Movies to Stream

    1. Honestly, the plot gets a little redundant for me but they’re just so *feel good*! I think all the romance books I read this year got me ready for the Hallmark/Christmas movie season. Ha!


    1. I’m terrible at catching Hallmark and Lifetime movies at the beginning. Hahahaha. I like that I can start and pause the NF/hulu/AP movies whenever I want to. LOL


  1. I almost always watch Elf. Sometimes I don’t watch the whole movie in one sitting but catch pieces throughout the season. πŸ˜€ I also really love White Christmas too. And Love Actually too, which I don’t always consider a Christmas movie but tis the season that they play it constantly! A good Christmas movie should be a little sappy, right?


    1. Don’t hate me…. but I REALLY don’t like Elf. LOL. I won’t go as far as “hate”, but it’s not my fav. White Christmas, on the other hand, is a dang classic & I love it and THE FASHION. I feel ok about Love Actually but freaking LOVE The Family Stone.


    1. I mean, it’s ridiculously cute but equally cheesy πŸ˜‰ I enjoyed it on my sick day, though. A perfect little feel-good movie with minimal drama and “misunderstanding.”


  2. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!! We are doing our one-christmas-movie-a-night tradition leading up to Christmas, and already I was doubting if we’d make it all the way. Thanks for these suggestions!!!!!


    1. You. Are. Welcome! One Christmas movie a night would NEVER fly in our house. Hahaha. Kyle would move out. Everyone is watching Hallmark films and last night he put on Revenge of the Nerds *eyeroll* Oh well- I watch them when I’m alone (or when I kick him out of the living room).


  3. THANK YOU for this- I love finding new Christmas movies. I have watched Home Alone 5 times already, it’s my all time favorite movie so this time of the year it gets watched even more πŸ˜‰


    1. You’re welcome! It’s so funny that Home Alone is your fav. We’re Polar Express people. (But also, those 70s stop motion movies are my JAM. K isn’t as fond of them.) These cheesy little happy romance holiday movies are mindless happiness that I can totally get behind.


  4. The cheesy Christmas movies are the BEST! I love all the Hallmark Christmas movies – they’re all predictable and basically have the same plot, but YES I will watch and enjoy as many of them as I possibly can!!!


    1. It’s a cute movie. It’s not my favorite or anything, but I enjoy it. Especially the Prime Minister and Natalie story πŸ™‚ I like both 34th Streets. I guess it’s one of my husband’s favorites, too. I prefer the older one but he likes the newer one best.


  5. I cant wait to watch the 2nd Christmas Prince… I loved the corny of it last year.
    & SOOOO cant wait to watch The Princess Switch
    & the christmas Chronicles. Kurt Russell as Santa freaks me out a little though πŸ™‚


    1. So corny, haha!! The Princess Switch was adorable yet cheesy. As holiday movies should be. My mom was just tell me how much she loved The Christmas Chronicles! She said she nearly watched it again the second night!! Lol


  6. I’m trying to keep up with what comes out on Hallmark and Lifetime. I tend to want to watch the ones with actors and actresses I know, like I watched The Christmas Inn with Tia Mowry and that was cute. Lifetime has some goodies this year for sure. I need to check out Netflix.



    1. I never have any idea about HM and LT. I just turn stuff on when I’m home and need a mindless movie πŸ™‚ I’ve seen two super cute movies on Hallmark so far this year πŸ™‚


  7. Thanks for sharing this list, Louise! Roan and I are getting so into the holiday spirit lately, so this may come in handy on nights when we wanna watch a movie. So far, we’ve only seen The Grinch and The Princess Switch!


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