I don’t know if people find this interesting, but I do. I like to see what other people get and whether or not they keep the stuff. This whole pregnancy thing means my jeans are tight so I decided to give the maternity fix a shot.

Honestly, I don’t like buying maternity clothes. I feel weird about a) spending a ton of $$$ on something I’ll only wear for 5 months (tops) and b) how it’ll end up looking when I’m huge. So I figured I’d let someone else shop for me. Haha.

You know how Stitch Fix works so I won’t explain it. I WILL say they are quick and efficient. Also, I appreciate how the $20 styling fee is applied to something you keep. I like that it’s a dollar amount and not a percentage- since the percentage typically comes off the lowest dollar item OF COURSE.

Ok. On to the clothes. (Ignore the dirty mirror- I’ll clean it before the next try-on.)

NINE BRITTON | Nellie Maternity Neckline Dress | Large | $58
This was the only thing I hated. I don’t mind the string neckline thing, but it didn’t work with this dress. And the dress was pricey for being so simple. And it was just kind of blah. I don’t wear dresses like this- not even to fancy events- so this was a no brainer.

LOVEAPPELLA MATERNITY | Charlotte Ruched Side Maternity Top | Medium | $48
I liked the style and the feel of this shirt. Casual look, soft to touch. I felt like it was just a tiny bit thin- especially around my bust. And if it’s thin/stretched now, it’s not going to get much better months from now. LOL

LE LIS | Praji Maternity Tie Front Blouse | Medium | $54
This shirt was crazy flattering. It was comfortable and trendy. Honestly, when I look at the picture, it’s kind of perfect. But I know myself and I know I’d bypass it over and over again if it was hanging in my closet. It’s not quite my style & $54 is a lot for a shirt… It was a really lovely shirt, though.

1822 DENIM | Wynter Maternity Skinny Jeans | Size 12 | $48
Pre-fix, I had two pairs of maternity jeans. I live in jeans- weekends, work days, around the house, etc. I don’t feel bad having 3 or 4 pairs for this pregnancy and these ones fit really nicely. *Side note- that’s not a baby bump… it was just tummy fluffy at that point.

MIX BY 41 HAWTHORN | Sollas Maternity Knit Top | Medium | $38
I wear lots of neutral and I don’t have a black maternity shirt in my arsenal yet. (I have two army green ones, though *face palm*.) Anyway, this shirt was thick and soft and flattering.

Honestly, my stylist did pretty well. The dress was a miss and I asked for more casual/flowy dresses in the future. I see myself keeping one or two items from these fixes since I’m already paying the fee and my stylist is pretty on it.

I spent $72.24 (with tax added and $20 subtracted). That seems ok to me for two quality pieces. I have SF scheduled to ship me stuff every two months so we’ll see what July brings. Just so you have it, my referral code is linked HERE.

So tell me the truth- do StitchFix posts interest you? Have you ever had the urge to try it? I finally gave in and wasn’t disappointed.


32 thoughts on “My First StitchFix

  1. I find it interesting to see what people keep and return, although I don’t think I would do it myself (plus I’m sure it’s not available in Switzerland anyway!).

    It agree it feels weird to buy clothes that you won’t be wearing for long, but if you want more children in the future you can always keep your maternity wear for then. With mine being twins last time I needed stuff relatively early and basically lived in maternity leggings or maternity jogging pants from around 11 weeks to 16.5 weeks. At 11 weeks it was obviously bloat not baby but it still felt uncomfortable when I was wearing normal, non-maternity leggings – probably also because my ovaries were sensitive from the fertility meds. If the pregnancy had actually continued those purchases would have been SO worth it. I didn’t buy very much but what I did buy is all in a box waiting for next time. The one jumper I bought I didn’t actually wear since I never made it to when the weather got colder – I literally bought it four days before my loss. It was like half price in the sale though so I don’t feel too bad.


    1. In general, I like clothes shopping so this service never appealed to me. Now I kind of love that I don’t have to walk into the maternity boutiques where they fall all over you. Lol
      I bloated a lot in the beginning. This week (16) I think I finally have to give in to full time maternity jeans. I’ve been wearing them off and on for the last week or two, but now normal jeans are just painful. I live in leggings and athletic shorts at home, though. And PJ pants.
      You’re ready for next time! You’ll be so thankful for those clothes!


  2. I love Stitch Fix posts! I clicked on this so fast.
    You look so good in that blue top, it’s crazy! I understand why you returned it though. If you aren’t going to wear it, no sense in keeping it. I am with you on the prices too. If it fits like a glove and I will love it forever, I have no problem buying a pricier top-but if not, no way.


    1. Hahaha! I have really enjoyed other people’s post in the past. I like clothes shopping in general, but for some reason maternity stuff stresses me out.
      It was a really pretty top. I just absolutely know I’d bypass it over and over. Sigh.


  3. I loved the blue top – you looked so nice in it but you’re smart to return it when you know you won’t wear it. I think Stitch Fix is really perfect for pregnant ladies because it’s a short, finite period and your body keeps changing through out it, which makes it even harder I imagine!


    1. I agree. I wish it’d been more my style (and a little less $$- yikes!). I appreciate the ability to try on those clothes and send them back when they don’t work. There’s lots of pressure in those tiny maternity boutiques and I don’t like that.


  4. I used to do stitch fix. I have kept two things from there through multiple closet purges. A lot of stuff I liked but couldn’t justify the cost of – like, if it was made sustainably or something, yes. Off the rack and not sustainable? No.

    I like your keepers! That dress is not worth the $ for sure just by looking at it.


    1. I agree with that. I’ve been trying to buy things that I know I’ll wear when I’m not pregnant, too. Large sweaters, flown shirts, etc. I hate the idea of owning something for such a small amount of time. Maternity jeans are kind of a necessity, though. I will wear the sh*t out of them at least, lol.
      Hated that dress!


  5. I always like SF posts to see what people keep/return. It’s also a glimpse into their style. I really like the dress but I agree the string doesn’t work on this style. I really like the striped top. I will say, it doesn’t seem stretched in your pic. The bird shirt is totally my style. But at $54… pass. I really like Stitch Fix but even when you ask for the low-priced options, it’s still kind of expensive. I think my next {whenever I do it} will be #25.


    1. I agree.
      The dress just wasn’t my style at all. And those strings didn’t help. Lol
      The striped shirt was cute but just felt too thin. I think it fit pretty well in that moment but I just knew it wouldn’t in a few months.
      It is expensive! I doubt I’ll ever keep an entire box, haha!


  6. So cute – all of them. You have better restraint than I… I’d get that stripe shirt & that flowy ruffly shirt. All looks so cute. Cant wait to see that bump grow!


  7. I think jeans was what I missed wearing the most during my pregnancy with Cyrus. But I have literally never seen maternity jeans for sale…brands I’m familiar with don’t ship to this country…and it’s such a hot climate that I can’t really justify the quest for jeans even though I’m not sure there’s much better than a well-fitting pair of jeans!


    1. Whew. I live in jeans! I’ll be in my second trimester through most of summer so I have some shorts, but I have jeans for right now and that Ohio fall and winter 🙂 Maternity jeans are honestly more like jeggings. Hahaha!


  8. I like these posts, but I always think to myself…they want how much for that item??? I feel like some of their stuff is super pricey for what it is. But I think you got a great deal on those jeans, and they look good on you! I really liked that tie front top on you, but I get it about not being your style. I have things that look good on me, but just isn’t really my style and I am super tuned in to that these days and quit forcing things because I know me. And I know I wont wear it.


    1. Yeah! It is not cheap by any means. I never see myself spending +$50 on a simple shirt. Even the black one I got was a little $$$ for me. I need to be able to think of multiple occasions I’d wear an article of clothing before I pull the trigger!


  9. I love these posts… I wish you had kept that Le Lis top, looked amazing on you!! Sometimes its hard to see yourself wearing something that’s not usually what you wear, but girl, I would have made you keep that top!! 😉


    1. Every time I look at the picture of the bird shirt I think, ‘Did I make a mistake in sending it back??’ but I know I’d never ever wear it, even if it looked good. Sigh. That dress was so weird. You’re right, though. If I had a corporate job like a lawyer or something it might’ve been ok. I dunno. Definitely not good for a director of operations at a manufacturing warehouse. HAHAHA.


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