I’m set up to get a package every two months, but I had to wait to share my last “fix” until after I announced my pregnancy. So these posts are only a month apart.

You know how it works. On with the clothes…

(I cleaned the mirror since last time but you can’t tell. Whatever. I give up.)

FULL MOON | Bastille Maternity Tulip Sleeve Blouse | Medium | $38
I didn’t hate this one at all. K was in our bedroom while I was trying on my clothes and I think he even commented on how nice it looked. But this was another case of “I’d overlook it in my closet & never wear it.” It’s a little too fancy for work and not my weekend style. But it fit nicely!

WHY does my neck look dirty?! I swear it’s not!

FULL MOON | Stapleton Bow Back Maternity Knit Top | Medium | $38
I really loved this one. It was soft and just my style. I think it was a little on the small side, though. (See it pulling over my back/shoulder blades?) Also, there was a snag in the front at the chest. So back it went.

And the award for most unflattering picture goes to…

FRENCH GREY | Murphy Maternity Short Sleeve Knit Dress | Large | $54
K actually liked this one, too. (The style- not the floral print, lol.) I just didn’t feel pretty in it. I’m at a weird half-fluffy/half-normal point so it was tough for me to imagine myself round and filling this dress out. This is a summer (right now) dress and I didn’t love it for my size right now.

Dogs got in on this one. We all made cute faces. *eyeroll*

NINE BRITTON | Rosa Maternity Knit Maxi Dress | Large | $54
I should’ve switched bras but oh well. This one was soft and flowy, it fit well, and it was a perfect summer or fall dress. It was pretty much exactly what I asked for & in my choice color. Plus I’d spent $20 on the styling fee so why not, right? It’s a little baggy but I’m sure I’ll fix that soon. Ha.

T4T | Monica Maternity Criss Cross Crop Legging | Medium | $54
I wanted to love these. I need a pair of maternity leggings and I love the criss cross at the ankle but these were WAY too small. I squeezed myself in for this picture. And I just noticed the $54 price tag. That’s a little steep for stretchy cloth…

And that’s all she wrote.

I was excited when I first glanced at the overview paper. The red shirt and leggings would’ve been perfect if not for size and quality flaws. Oh well. A flowy, olive color dress is still a win for me.

Including the styling fee and tax, I spent $57.92. Again, I don’t think that’sΒ terrible for a dress. I think I’ll do one more ‘Fix in September, then pause it for a bit. And here’s my obligatory referral code:Β LINK.

What do you think? Bummer about the striped shirt, right?!

32 thoughts on “StitchFix #2

  1. I LOVE that first shirt but if you won’t wear it I agree there’s no point in keeping it. The dress you kept is really pretty though so I’d definitely call that a win.

    I think I got my maternity leggings at H&M? I lived in them from week 9 or 10 onwards (so for 6 weeks) so whatever I paid it was worth it.

    Half normal/half fluffy is my usual, non-pregnant state! πŸ˜…


    1. Yeah, I’d have never worn that shirt. I think the dress will get plenty of use, though πŸ™‚ I finally picked up some leggings from a maternity store when I went in with some exchanges. Right now I’m living in athletic shorts since it’s so hot, but come fall I know I’ll be happy to have them!


  2. I really love the maxi dress! I’m glad you kept it because it looks great! Olive green is such a great color on you.
    Too bad about the way the bow backed striped shirt fit! It would be really cute if it had fit correctly!


    1. Thank you! I used to really hate green but now I’m such a huge fan of olive! And our kitchen is painted a very light sage. Haha. I really liked the red striped shirt but oh well!


  3. That maxi dress is adorable!!!!
    I’m so excited – I finally signed up for it & my first box comes next week!!!


  4. The maxi dress is super, super cute. And it looks like Enzo and Lylee concur. πŸ˜€ I really liked the striped shirt too, bummer about the snag and sizing. I have such mixed feelings about stitch fix. On one hand – so super convenient and I like being able to try things on in the comfort of my home, where I can really see how it fits. But at the same time, I like picking out my own clothes and being able to (hopefully) just go back out on the floor and size up or down on something that I like and want.


    1. I try so hard to keep them away from clothes until I’m SURE I’ll be keeping them because they shed like crazy! We all clearly approved of this dress, though. Haha.
      I really enjoy shopping for myself normally, but for some reason I hate doing it while pregnant. It’s not even about my body image- it’s mostly that chain stores have little available and specialty stores fawn all over you & I hate that. Stitch Fix is perfect for me during pregnancy. Lol


    1. I’m not into fashion either but I like these posts, too. I think it’s interesting to see what a stranger thinks I should wear… and then the reasoning behind why I (or someone doing the post) kept what they kept. Plus, it’s a much easier way to collect pieces for this pregnancy. Ha.


  5. I like the dress that you kept, that color is pretty on you! $54 is a bit much for those type of pants. I got a lot of my maternity clothes from the Motherhood outlet, Target and a few nicer pieces from Pink Blush.


    1. Thank you! I really like the color, too πŸ™‚
      Honestly, $54 is even steep for a dress for me. Hahaha. I like shopping at Marshalls and stuff because nothing is full price and I just don’t typically splurge on clothing. But oh well. I just won a gift card for $100 to a secondhand store here so I plan to finish out the maternity wardrobe with that πŸ™‚ Pink Blush has some super cute items, though!!


  6. I missed your last one, so off I go to that next! THAT GREEN DRESS IS SO PRETTY! I looove it and you could totes wear it with sweaters in the winter. LOVE IT! The blue one had potential but the brown flowers looks so weird to me. Like, why? Bummer about the other items. Doing a stitch fix for maternity clothing is kind of brilliant though. I wouldn’t know where to start! LOLOL Glad you found something you liked! πŸ™‚ XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


    1. I love the color and length of the green dress πŸ™‚ I think it’ll be great for late summer and fall! When I saw the blue one in the box I loved it, but it just wasn’t flattering on. I’m surprised K liked it as much as he did. I really don’t like maternity clothes shopping… Most major stores have very little and the smaller boutiques fawn all over you the whole time you’re there… which I dislike. Ha. Amazon and Stitch Fix have been life savers.

      **Also, I used Pinterest to finally nail down a maternity style. I’ve collected a few long dresses (maternity and non) for summer, but my plan for fall and winter is basic maternity shirts (tanks/tees/long sleeve tees) with non-maternity things over them like unbuttoned flannels and vests and sweaters. And then maternity jeans and leggings. So I don’t have to add a TON to my wardrobe- just some bottoms and a few basic pieces. I’m still able to wear normal athletic shorts, too, so that’s what I wear on weekends right now.


  7. Ahhh I love these on you. Selfishly I love seeing everything on you because I style maternity for Stitch Fix and it’s fun to see the clothes on real people!! You look amazing in that dress ❀️


    1. That’s so fun!! I wondered when I signed up what the odds were of getting you as my stylist! Haha! I think it’d be really fun to style pregnant women πŸ™‚ I definitely appreciate the bi-monthly box and my stylist has really listened! Some pieces just look better in the box than on my body. Lol


  8. I love the dress you kept- so pretty and will be perfect for fall. It’s hard dressing when you’re in the in between stages. Super cute options in the box, bummer they didn’t all work!


    1. Thank you! Ugh- this middle stage is SO tough! Lots of maxi dresses & athletic shorts right now. Haha. I’m grateful to not be tooooo pregnant in the summer heat, though. We can save that for fall. Haha!


  9. Those leggings are so cute, but I feel ya, I stuffed myself in a pair of Nike leggings that I never wore because they literally cut off my circulation! Simple Addition has leggings under $10, and I’ve been wearing/washing mine for 1 year and they are still not see-through!


  10. I love the first two shirts, but good for you for recognizing you would never wear the first one! I love the olive dress you kept, too. πŸ™‚


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