Happy May, my friends. How are you holding up? Ohio is under a weird stay at home order but also manufacturing is allowed to resume and you can take your dog to the groomers but your children can’t go to school for the rest of the year… Anyway, manufacturing is allowed to resume if rules are followed so K has decided to bring back a few employees. He has masks and gloves for everyone and it will be 4 people working in a 23,000 sqft warehouse… so we’re alright.

On top of that, the disaster loan requirements state that you have to have your employees rehired by a certain date and your funds have to go to payroll/health insurance if you want to qualify for forgivingness and.. and.. and.. which doesn’t align with ANY of the stay at home orders but whatever. Our government doesn’t know up from down right now.

That train derailed rather quickly… That’s what happens when I’m stressed and angry and worried and exhausted. I know, I know- join the club.

I’m actually here to talk about my recent Aldi finds! Since we’re all instacart-ing or taking our one trip out of the house to the grocery store I thought it might be helpful and interesting to share these items:

London Fog Tea Latte (Simply Nature) This was SO yummy. I mixed mine with oat milk & microwaved it for an afternoon pick-me-up!

Moscato (Winking Owl) These are the best sweet wines from Aldi!

Red Pepper Hummas (Simply Nature) with Sea Salt Pita Chips (Specially Selected)

Caesar salad Kit (Little Salad Bar) The absolute best Caesar dressing ever.

Fresh Cut Salsa (Park Street Deli) Slightly sweet, very yummy, fresh salsa.

Thick Sliced Peppercorn Bacon (Appleton Farms) Inexpensive and delicious bacon!

Pork Egg Rolls (Fusia) A perfect snack. You gotta cook them in oven, though. The microwave makes them soggy.

Grain Bowls (Whole & Simple) They have several of these bowls… some breakfast foods, some more like lunch or dinner. They’re usually pretty healthy and full of protein.

Whipped Cream Cheese Spread (Happy Farms) It’s literally whipped Philadelphia c.c.

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cups (Specially Selected) I think these might’ve been a Valentine’s Day special… *sigh*

Frozen California Rolls & Shrimp Rolls (Fusia) Listen… I know it’s weird buying frozen rolls from Aldi but these are actually pretty dang good for what they are. Lol

Aldi has great breads, vegetables, grains (including quinoa!), and frozen items. If you’ve never been in the store it can be a little overwhelming, but I’d urge you to check it out! (Take a quarter & some reusable bags.) This is NOT an Aldi sponsored post, lol.

Did I convince you to eat Aldi sushi? Lol. What are your favorite things to get from Aldi?? (I wish we had a Trader Joe’s but Aldi is closest thing we’ll ever have, ha.)

23 thoughts on “Awesome Aldi Finds

  1. I need to check whether the Aldi here has that wine because I want it just for the label! It will have to wait though since there’s no Aldi near us and I don’t want to go across town just for a supermarket right now when we have 3 near us (one of which is Lidl – when that opened 2 years ago I was hoping for Aldi but alas Lidl is what we got).


  2. We are super obsessed with Aldi in our house. Almost everything we buy comes from there and not even just food, even our diapers, toiletries, etc. Jerry was shocked when he first moved here from CA by Aldi and how affordable it is! Are you in the Aldi Nerd group on FB? We get soooo many ideas from there. It turned us onto their PB cups. We freeze them and eat cold. I hate PB, but even I love them! Our stores don’t sell the wine (not allowed in NY) but Jerry so wishes they did!


  3. It really is weird the things they are chosing to open & not. I feel like KY is doing a great job of it – but living in IN – its just topsy turvey
    I GOTTTTTTA get to Aldi’s – still cant believe I’ve never done it!


  4. I have several Aldi posts coming up. Well, I have had them in draft for like half a year now. LOL. But yes to all of these things!!! Though, I haven’t tried their sushi yet. I am a major sushi snob. I really love their selections of cheese, we buy several every week. And their meat is amazing! We have been doing Shipt (Target) and instacart and we aren’t allowed to have alcohol delivered to our house in Alabama through that or in the mail. Stupid laws. So my wine stash is in major trouble.


    1. Aldi is GREAT for charcuterie boards!! Such yummy, inexpensive stuff! I can’t wait to read your posts! I get so excited when I find something yummy and new there! Man… I would HATE having alcohol laws like that. Ohio is so so chill about it. Lol


  5. I put up a recipe on my blog on how to make a London Fog. That’s awesome that you found it pre-made at Aldi! I’d try the shrimp rolls! I love peppercorn bacon! I’ll have to try that too!


    1. I used to work in a coffee shop and we had the London fog but we called it a tea latte. I make them from scratch at home sometimes but it’s so nice to find a yummy pre-made mix!


  6. Confession – I haven’t been to Aldi’s or Trader Joe’s, but I DO want to! We finally have an Aldi’s pretty close, and I hear they have some good gluten-free options so I need to make it there someday. There’s a Trader Joe’s in Ohio (I’m on the border) so I’d have to really plan that trip, but I do hope to check it out!



    1. I think I’ve only been to Trader Joe’s once but if we had one closer than 2 hours away I’m pretty sure I’d go all the time. Lol. Our Aldi is super nice & convenient, though! It’s definitely worth checking out! They have a lot of gluten free options!


  7. Fun fact, I’d never heard of a London Fog until I travelled in the US/Canada, and I’ve never seen one over here LOL


    1. That’s too funny!! I wonder why they call it that… I think it’s a Starbucks name. When I worked at a local coffee shop it was called a “tea latte” on our menu. Ha.


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