Hello. I thought I’d have three books for you today. I have one. #BetterThanNothing

I wish it was a higher rating… Also, some M picks are below!

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Frogkisser by Garth Nix
★★/5; Teenage Fantasy
Ughhh… I wanted to love this story & I did not. It read like a middle grade marriage of The Phantom Tollbooth & The Hobbit. I love both of those stories but this one didn’t work for me. I loved the royal dogs & I loved Anya’s determination to not be a princess who needed saved… but it was such a young book. I wouldn’t call it a teen read. It was just long and silly in a weird way and… I don’t know. I loved the concept and hated the execution. Which is a shame because it really sounded like my kind of book.
Read it? No. Although I know some (Alexandra, Bev) really liked it.

And from M’s vast library… here are some favs this month:

If I Were A Lizard by Kidsbooks
This one is silly but cute & it has a bunch of lizards if that’s your kid’s thing. M just like color.

And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon by Janet Stevens, Susan Stevens Crummel
Not 100% on the illustrations but we liked all the nursery rhyme references.

The Brave Little Owl by Gill Davies
This was mommy’s favorite of the month ❤

God Is With Us by Amy Parker, Ramona Kaulitzki (Illustrator)
This is an ok one for Christmas… We were not aware it was the story of Jesus’ birth until we started and M doesn’t like to quit books.

Maybe next month’s mom book quantity will match M’s… lol.

What’d you read this month?

Life According to Steph

26 thoughts on “What I Read…

    1. Don’t feel bed! It sounds like it should be right up my alley! I wish I’d have loved it & I’m still glad I read it 🙂 Our library has it categorized as a teen book… Maybe I should correct them (once they reopen).


    1. Haha, fortunately her books are pretty short so we don’t waste much time on the meh ones.
      My read was entertaining enough. Oh well. They can’t all be winners. Lol


    1. Agreed. I don’t feel like I’m caught up enough on everything else to just chill and read when M gives me a moment to myself. I’m usually doing chores or blogging or grabbing something to eat. Ha.


  1. Sorry your book wasn’t your favorite, and even if three books were your plan, I’m still wildly impressed you have one! I’ve read ONE book in months haha. Also If I Were A Lizard sounds so cute!!


    1. No worries! It took a long long time to finish that book. Lol. I have about three started right now. Hopefully I finish at least one before next month, too. Ha


    1. I’m so glad! Haha! We try to only share the ones we really like! And yay for your sister! I hope she has a very smooth and peaceful delivery. I can’t imagine her stress during all this.


  2. It’s always a bummer when a book you think you’ll love ends up not being quite what you wanted. It happens to me more than I like. I am unfamiliar with the books you and M are enjoying together but I love that you’re reading so much to her and building out her library. My little bookcase was a real source of pride and joy to me when I was a kid. To be fair, seeing all my books still make me happy.


  3. Huh. My daughter got Frogkisser as a prize for a reading contest at school. She hasn’t read it yet. Sounds like it may be a little young for her, but I’ll see what she thinks once she gets to it 🙂


  4. I hate when I have high hopes for a book & the rug gets pulled out from under me.
    I love M already had a big book list 🙂


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