I wanted to write today because it’s an emotional one for us.

Today is one year since we lost Lylee.

Last year we were in the last stage of pregnancy. It was freshly fall. We were in the midst of a fun & busy travel season, squeezing in those last few trips before M would arrive. We were looking forward to a baby shower and my birthday and the holiday season. There was so much GOOD going on…

And then Lylee got an infection and passed away so suddenly it took months for us to wrap our heads around it.

Ly’s passing was the second major, Earth shattering, out-of-the-blue death in my life. And if you’re a “she was just a dog” kind of person then this post isn’t for you. But chances are you’re not because our friends and family and neighbors truly SHOWED UP for us this time last year.

I am so grateful for the community of love in which we belong. My parents, K’s parents, & my grandparents gathered together with us to say goodbye to and bury Lylee. My brother and sister-in-law drove four hours just to bring us a gorgeously framed photo of the bear and sit with us in our grief, remembering the joy Ly brought us. Friends and neighbors sent cards, flowers, and food to heal our souls. My best friends had a drawing of Lylee (& Enzo) commissioned and sent to us.

Remember the life Lylee lived and the love she brought out of others is the gift she left behind.

I’m also pretty sure she gifted us Bristol and laughs about it everyday, looking down on us and thinking, ‘See? I wasn’t so bad, was I?’ Lol.

Lylee would have adored Moo. I know Enzo still misses his sister. I think about her often. She was K’s dog through and through, and I know her death still deeply affects him. But Lylee came to us by chance and we were so damn lucky to spend those years with her. She was our first baby and I’m forever grateful that we got to love her.

So the moral of today’s post is simple. Hug and squeeze and kiss on the ones you love- fur and flesh. Sit in the sun and pet your cat’s warm fur, throw the ball a few extra times for your dog, give your mom a call.

And please adopt your next fur baby. Do it for Lylee ♥

20 thoughts on “Remembering Lylee

  1. Lylee was so loved – I can feel it every time you mention her. Losing a family member is never easy, whether they had four paws or two feet. All the love to your family as you remember her life today.


  2. I cant believe its been a year already!!! I know you miss her every single day… you always will. They take a part of your heart with them


    1. I really can’t believe it either. I remember it so vividly (which hopefully that goes away some day). So much has happened in the past year, but it still feels so fresh.


  3. I’m reading this at work (shhh don’t tell anyone) and I’m seriously trying not to completely bawl. You know I lose my Luana a year ago as well, and it’s just heartbreaking. I miss her like crazy. I have cat now, instead of a dog, but I’m so glad I have him (especially with COVID and being stuck at home all the time).

    Beautiful post! I’m so glad you had lots of friends and family around you that were able to help comfort you in that horrible time.



    1. Ugh, yes. I remember. Loss is such a sudden and deep wound. Sending you lots of love, too. It seems like remembering them a year or three or five later hurts just as much. So glad you have your kitty for COVID love and snuggles!
      Our friends and family were amazing. They loved Lylee so hard, too ❤


  4. The loss of a pet is so soul crushing. I have a little guy, Scout, and he’s getting older. The day is goes is going to be the most awful day. I already know it. He’s my only child! They’re our family! They love unconditionally and always there to comfort you. Thank you for sharing this and make me feel more normal!


    1. Agreed. I can’t even imagine losing Enzo- he’s my soulmate. Lylee was bad enough (she was K’s girl through and through). They’re truly our babies. Bristol and Maddie now have a crazy connection. It’s nuts how we bond with them ❤


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