Podcasts for History Buff

It took a long time for me to board the podcast train. I don’t enjoy audiobooks and it’s usually pretty difficult for me to quiet my brain and digest or retain things audibly. I also know that my anxiety is pretty triggered by true crime, which is why I don’t watch Criminal Minds or Law & Order anymore- so true crime pods have never appealed to me.

(Although I will take a medieval murder any day, as you’ll soon learn…)

I started listening to podcasts when a few history-based shows came across my radar. I’ve talked about them before, but I’ve found a few new ones since then, so I thought I’d re-share.

Noble Blood | Dana Schwartz (Grim & Mild)
I love this podcast SO much. It focuses primarily on the tragedies, scandals, and murders of old world nobility. Occasionally, Dana releases an episode about someone or something from the last 100 years, but she generally shares salacious stories about folks from the Middle Ages to the early modern age. I learn so much!
Website | IG | Spotify | Apple Podcasts

This is History | Dan Jones (Somethin’ Else)
Dan was a guest on Dana’s podcast and I followed him to his own… He spent his first season exploring the life and leadership of Henry Plantagenet (Henry II), Eleanor of Aquitaine, and their children. I knew very little about this period of time (second half of the 1300s) before listening to this podcast. The short episodes, interesting details, and humor injected by Dan taught me SO much and made it easy to focus and retain facts.
Website | IG | Spotify | Apple Podcasts

Significant Others | Liza Powel O’Brien (Team Coco)
Dana was a guest on Liza’s podcast, so I guess I technically followed her here. Liza is a(n incredibly accomplished) significant other of a famous person. Her podcast focuses on the s/o counterparts behind many famous people, including Gandhi, Lincoln, Maya Angelou, and more. Sometimes the relationship are husband and wife, sometimes they’re not.
Website | Spotify | Apple Podcasts

Here’s Where It Gets Interesting | Sharon McMahon (Acast)
There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Sharon; she’s kind of an Instagram star. America’s Most Loved Government Teacher. I follow her on IG, but I love her podcast, too. It’s informational about present day government topics AND history. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you should. I’m excited about her new season on the Civil War!
Website | IG | Spotify | Apple Podcasts

You Must Remember This | Karina Longworth (Slate)
I did not love her most recent season, but Karina has episode upon episode of old Hollywood gold. There is so much research involved in her amazing stories. I love learning new things about the people who shape and starred in and succumbed to the movie world. Her season about Charles Manson was one of my favs. The Star Wars and Dead Blondes seasons were awesome, too!
Website | IG | Spotify | Apple Podcasts

I have listened to almost every single episode of the podcasts above. (I’m still working my way through Sharon’s… There are A LOT.) If you love history, you will love these.

Three of these pods are between seasons, though, so feel free to throw some other historical podcast recommendations my way! I love learning new things 📚🎧


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