The Best Halloween Movies!


I love this month ❤️ Breathe in that magical air- the air that shakes leaves from trees and carries the smell of campfires and cinnamon. YUM!

October rewards us for making it through the end-of-winter blues, rainy days of spring, and disgustingly hot days of summer. And she never ever fails. October brings my birthday & Enzo’s birthday each year, in addition to my favorite holiday: HALLOWEEN! This year it also brings a weekend get-away for K and I, as well as a wedding for K’s brother and future wife! This month is the bee’s knees crow’s beak (because it’s fall now).

Since we’re all gearing up for the most mystical eve of all- All Hallows’ Eve– I figure what better way to celebrate the season than Halloween movies? I know ABC Family does a “13 Days of Halloween“, but this year their list is a little lifeless (and not in a good way). They leave out a bunch of great movies (probably because of trademark rights) and included ones that don’t relate to the holiday at all. It’s an ok list, but don’t miss out on these great flicks either!

(I’m on a movie-kick this week!)


Beetlejuice (PG) | 1988
I love this movie. It is my favorite Halloween movie. (I know that as a 90’s kid I should worship Hocus Pocus, but I just don’t. Sorry not sorry.) This film is directed by Tim Burton and it’s genius. Honestly, when isn’t Michael Keaton genius? Actually, the entire cast is beautiful: Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis (LOVE), Winona Ryder. Even if you’ve seen it, get it out and watch it again. Show your kids. It’s a classic.

Hotel Transylvania (PG) | 2012
This is a super cute movie and one for the whole family. There are so many big names voicing vampires, werewolves, and other ghouls. Halloween element aside, it’s a great movie about growing up, letting go, and trusting those you love. Pop some popcorn and warm up the apple cider! A sequel is in the works, too, so keep an eye out!

The Brothers Grimm (PG-13) | 2005
Heath Ledger? Yep. Matt Damon? Sounds good. This movie has just the right amount of creepy weirdness to make your skin tingle. You can watch this one any time of the year, but Halloween is a perfect occasion. If you have a fear of horses (like me) it makes this movie extra spooky.

Harry Potter (PG) | 2001 & 2004
ABC Family has HP on their list, but they have the wrong movies. If you’re staying true to Halloween you should watch the first movie (Sorcerer’s Stone) and the third movie (Prisoner of Azkaban). They at least reference Halloween in the first film (“TROLLLL! TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!”)  and the third one has a werewolf. If we’re being honest, though, witches and wizards and muggles are relevant all year long, not just Halloween.

Monster House (PG) | 2006
This is a kids movie, but it totally creeps me out. I mean, the house tries to kill them. Monsters under the bed are cake compared to a demonic house! Like Hotel Transylvania, this movie has quite a few celebrity voices. It’s not my favorite Halloween movie, but if you haven’t seen it it’s worth a movie night.

The Craft (R) | 1996
Here’s the scary one. I first saw this film in high school and it still creeps me out. Think A Great and Terrible Beauty plus Mean Girls? Plus some witchcraft. It’s a girls’-sleepover-kind of movie, but the kind you sneak from your older sister’s bedroom and watch once everyone has gone to sleep.

Don’t forget about the classics like It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

I also discovered some movies I’ve never seen that will be on my list this year!

  • The Witches (PG) | 1990
  • Young Frankenstein (PG) | 1974
  • The Haunting | 1963
  • The Monster Squad (PG-13) | 1987
  • Creepshow (R) | 1982

Honestly, I don’t enjoy gore. Most of these movies are good for the family and won’t cause too many nightmares. I like to be spooked, but not scared, so my list is (mostly) PG!

. . .

Brace yourselves, because 90% of this blog will be fall/Halloween-related this month. We will talk about the benefits of fall, Halloween costumes, and birthday goodness. Also, I throw a big Halloween party for all our friends at the end of the month, so I’ll blog about party prep, too! Are you feeling as good as I am about this month? I hope so!

What’s your favorite part about fall? Do you have your Halloween costume picked out yet?


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephanie says:

    Man I haven’t seen the Craft in forever! I should do that this year. I do love HP all year long, but it is fitting at Halloween too.


    1. Louise says:

      I watched the craft when I was a freshman in HS and it scared the life out of me… plus I was in a group of 4 girls and one was SUPER intense like the leader of the group in the movie. Just too real for me 😀 Haha!


  2. I love this list because I don’t particularly like scary movies, but these are all do-able Halloweenish non horror films! Buzzfeed had a list out today too. I like you addition of HP and Brothers Grimm though. Excellent choices!


    1. Louise says:

      Ooooh, I’ll have to find Buzzfeed’s list! I love the creepy-but-not-scary-or-gory movies! Haha!


  3. oh my goodness – ‘the craft!!!!!!” thank you for bringing that back to my consciousness! i LOVED that movie! i’m also reaaaaally excited for you to watch ‘young frankenstein’ it’s one of my favorite movies! my grandpa and i would watch it every summer when i visited them.

    i also really appreciate you clearing things up about which HP movies to watch. those fools over there need to get it right annnd you’re right, this is just part of their lives!


    1. Louise says:

      Ha, every seems to love that movie. I thought it was so creepy and weird. Maybe it just hit too close to home with my weird high school friends…. Obviously I think HP should be viewed every month, all year long, but if you only have a few hours to spare those are the two films I’d recommend for Halloween 😉


  4. OMG I’ve been waiting for fall just for scary movies too! I do like to be scared though so I go all out. Hotel Transylvania is an adorable movie.


    1. Louise says:

      There was one point where I didn’t mind scary movies so I watched The Grudge, House of Wax, and Saw… but that’s about all I could handle. I once accidentally turned on Jeepers Creepers during the scene where the monster jumps on top of the car and reaches through the roof and TO THIS DAY I imagine that when I’m driving alone past corn fields. UGH!


  5. Faith says:

    I don’t like scary movies…I’m a scaried cat! Lol! But some of these look doable for me! 🙂 and btw…in totally fine with your blog being all about fall!!! Mine probably will be too. Ha!


    1. Louise says:

      Yay for fall!! I’ve been so busy this past week that I feel like I’m snubbing the season by not making hot chocolate or going outside or carving pumpkins… but hopefully I will change all that in weeks to come!!


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