Hi ya! I thought I’d do a quick two part recap on our trip to the Cape today & Wednesday! Instead of rambling on and on about each day I’m going to give an abbreviate alphabetical version of our trip. Before I do, here are the basics:

K and I left Sunday morning with my parents for a 9 day trip. We spend Sun. night in Greenwich, CT and M/T/W in Dennis Port, MA with a quick day trip to Nantucket on Tues. Thursday afternoon through Friday morning was in Boston with the remainder of Friday & Sat/Sun spent in Loudon and Lincoln, NH at the NASCAR race. We drove home (+12 hours) on Monday.

A – Ascend. On Thursday we climbed the Bunker Hill Monument in Boston. 294 steps in +80 degree weather!


B – Biking. We biked over 18 miles while on Nantucket! It was exhausting.

C – Connecticut. We spent our first night of vaca. in Greenwich, Connecticut- just as a resting point.

D – Dogs. I missed our babies terribly but I tried to pet at least two dogs every day on the trip. Ha!

E – Excursion. We traveled in my Dad’s three-row, black Ford excursion. For over 1,600 miles total.

F – Fred. This was my first family vacation without my little brother 😦

G – Good weather. We had mostly warm, rain-free weather all week! At times it was so hot but overall it was fantastic.

H – Humidity. Seriously, you just can’t escape it!

I – Island. It was so fun to introduce my parents to the Island of Nantucket!


J – Juice Bar. The Juice Bar is a delicious ice cream shop on Nantucket!

K – Kyle. It was another one of those whirlwind, jam-packed vacations & K was such a trooper.

L – Lincoln & Loudon, New Hampshire. We stayed in one city & watched the races in the other!

M – Massachusetts. We spent four days in MA and this was my firs trip to Boston!


You can find the second half of the alphabet here!  🙂


24 thoughts on “Cape Cod [ 1 of 2 ]

    1. I started in on a recap but I wanted to find a way to switch it up a little 🙂 Umm, that area is GORGEOUS! I can’t even imagine living so close to history! I bet her 4th of Julys were awesome!


  1. How fun.
    I love that first pic with the family.
    If you ever did find a place to escape the humidity, everyone would swarm it.
    Thumbs up for all the exercise & moving on vacation 🙂


    1. It was tough 🙂 Probably never doing that again. Haha! That picture was taken BEFORE we made the 294 step climb. We looked a little rougher afterward….


  2. The alphabet idea is genius! I sooo want to go to Nantucket! Or really any cute coastal NE town…I’m not picky! Ha! Boston would be really fun too!


    1. Thanks! I wanted to switch it up a little 🙂 Boston was fun but I wouldn’t call it a coastal town- definitely fun to visit, though! Nantucket is the quintessential cute coastal NE town! Go go go!


  3. Isn’t this a clever way to recap a vacay?!?
    This is part of the US I’ve never visited but certainly would love to. So, I’m enjoying living vicariously through you.


  4. Looks like you had an absolute blast. I love the alphabet recap, so clever!

    P.S. How sweet is it that you petted at least 2 dogs a day. So sweet, I’m sure your pups were happy to have you home!


    1. You know what’s funny? We took thousands of steps a day and I biked 18 miles… But the night before we left on vacation I had a wedding planning event and took over 22,000 steps! Which is WAY more than I took on vacation- hahaha 😀


  5. I love this idea of recapping your trip with the Alphabet. It would be such a good bucket list idea to fill the alphabet with all the trips adventures. If that makes any sense. hehe

    I can’t imagine biking for 18 miles – Hopefully the sun wasn’t too hot. 🙂


  6. Sounds like you guys got some moving around in on this trip. I love a vacation where you get to be active some of the days. It also makes you more tired by the end of your trip x). I have never been up north much (I’m in Delaware) except to Boston, but it’s so cool there. Totally different than what I’m used to.


    1. I wish we’d have made it all the way to Maine! We’ll save that for another trip, though, I guess 🙂 We were SO exhausted by the end of our walking days. It made for a tiring vacation but some very restful nights!


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