Another StitchFix post, coming at ya. This one actually features a bump. Lol

I feel like my stylist listens to me for the most part, but I think she thinks I’m fancier than I actually am… Ha. If she sent me an all-loungewear or all-pajamas box I’d probably keep the whole thing.

Two things about these pictures: First, I was fresh out of the shower so my hair is wet and definitely not styled for the day, haha. Second, all the piles behind me are baby’s stuff that we pulled out of the nursery so we could paint. It’s been plaguing all my pictures and driving me nuts.

Ok. On to the clothes…

FULL MOON | Nuela Maternity One Pocket Knit Tank | Large | $44
Not really my style. Not really my color. It fit ok, but it’s not something I’d reach for in the closet.

And the most unflattering picture ever award goes to…

LAILA JAYDE | Pauleen Maternity Fitted Knit Dress | Large | $54
This dress was soft and probably pretty trendy but it was SO unflattering on me. It was a little big and it looked lazy on me. It hit me in all the wrong places, too. See how stubby my legs look? Also… finding a comfy bra is tough. How am I supposed to find a decent one that goes with the straps on some of these dresses?? Impossible.

The left is my SF pic, the right is an actual GOOD pic- lol

LUX & CO | Jaden Maternity On/Off the Shoulder Knit Top | Large | $38
I did not expect to love this shirt, but I do. It’s a pretty navy color and it’s so flattering. I wore it the first weekend I owned it. It requires a strapless bra (BLEH) but I can suffer for an afternoon picnic or outing.
KEPT obviously

LIVERPOOL | Mirabella Maternity Capri Skinny Jean | Size 12 | $74
Hahahaha… I could never justify spending that much on a pair of pants I plan to wear maybe 3 more months. Nope. Also, these were SO tight. Definitely too small. These made me look fluffy and pudgy in all the wrong places.

REPORT FOOTWEAR | Alexa Slip On Sneaker | Size 8 | $49
These shoes are absolutely my style. I also love the slip on feature since it’s becoming difficult to bend over. BUT they weren’t comfortable. And I had to unzip them a little to get my foot inside so they weren’t really slip on. At first sight I loved them, but not after trying them on.

And there we have it.

I talk about money and only wearing these clothes for a few months. I know that if I have a second or third pregnancy I can obviously pull these items back out. But I will be 100% up front with you and tell you we don’t know what the future looks like kid-wise. Which we’re totally fine with, but when it comes to clothes it’s a maybe-investment.

Including the styling fee and tax, I spent $40.76. I don’t think that’s terrible for a shirt, but probably more than I’d normally pay. I’ve paused the ‘Fixes until February (maybe longer). But if you want it, here’s my obligatory referral code: LINK.

Bummer about the shoes, right?

24 thoughts on “StitchFix #3

  1. Love the navy top you kept! If you like the gray stripes in the dress, I got a cheaper version that has sleeves on Amazon and can send the link to you. 🙂


  2. That navy top is gorgeous! And I love the Rosie Riveter styling going on too. 😀 It’s hard for me to find clothes that fit well and I’m not pregnant so I cannot imagine how much harder it is to find great clothes when you are pregnant. Like you, I’d be side-eying costs too, because I’d pay $75 for jeans that I know would last for a long time but not for a pair that I’d wear for a few months. I never thought about the shoe situation but I can definitely see how slip-on shoes would make life easier. It’s bummer those didn’t fit because they were super cute.


    1. Hahaha, thank you. I wear my hair like that often. I mostly enjoy clothes shopping when not pregnant, but for some reason I just haven’t loved doing it lately. My fall style is mostly pregnancy basics with non-pregnancy vests, cardigans, and jackets. Lol. Dresses, too, because it’s most comfy.


  3. Glad you at least found one cute thing. It really is a cute shirt – one you can use for lots of uses!!!
    Shame about those shoes too – I’ve never gotten shoes in my box yet. Hmmm… need to check my settings.


  4. I hate when shoes are cute but don’t work.

    Hate hate hate for myself anything that requires a strapless bra but that shirt is fabulous on you!!!


    1. I’m hoping the shirt will encourage me to get a new, more comfortable, better fitting strapless bra. Haha. So far I’ve just worn it with my current one, though. Lol. I usually avoid strapless shirts, too!


  5. I love, love, love that dark blue top on you. I like the first top as well, anything with dots is totally my style. Shame about the shoes.
    I remember not wanting to spend money on maternity clothes that I was only going to wear for a few months. At that point I wasn’t sure whether we would go on to have another baby since we were getting two at once (and also I obviously didn’t know whether I would ever be able to conceive again). Now I’m hoping I will at least get to use them for one more pregnancy. If not I guess I could sell them – some of them still have the tags on.


    1. Thank you! I really like the dark blue one 🙂
      I hope you get to wear those clothes again soon!! It will be a nice surprise one day when you’re at that point to open the closet and see the whole new wardrobe waiting for you ❤


  6. While I LOVE off the shoulder tops (even my wedding dress was off the shoulder), they are such a pain in the ass- HATE strapless bras. I’m so glad you kept it because it looks SO good on you. What a bummer about the shoes!


    1. The strapless bra is definitely the down side. I’ve decided it will get worn to events with an end time so I’m not stuck in a strapless bra for an entire day. Ha.


  7. I love the shirt you kept, it looks so cute on you! I will say, while I dont really care for the style of the first shirt…that color looks really pretty on you!


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