Today is Show Us Your Books Day with Steph and Jana, and I have nothing to show for it. Between travel and baby and losing Lylee and life, September was the biggest clustercuss of my existence. I’m glad that month is over and I appreciate October being a little gentler.

Happy Anniversary to the link-up!! I wish I was contributing more today!

We have a ton of baby stuff this month (breastfeeding class, birthing class, baby shower, maternity pictures). My birthday is this month. We’re also still adjusting to life as it is now. Will I get anything read this month? Only time will tell.

I’m going to say it one more time: thank you so much for all the love these past few weeks. The comments and messages and cards and small gifts have been overwhelming. You are all wonderful & I love you. We are healing & we are grateful.

And now I’m off to read about all the fantastic books y’all read these past few weeks.

Life According to Steph

18 thoughts on “What I Read…

  1. I read almost nothing the month I lost the boys so I totally get it – I think I managed 3 books that month and one of those was in hospital while having an iron infusion so I couldn’t really do anything else!
    I hope October is an amazing month for you whether you manage to read or not.


    1. I usually read when we travel & I did a little, but I didn’t finish anything. And then the end of Sept. was just awful and all I wanted to do was lay on the couch with Enzo and distract myself with the TV. I forgot a book both times I was in the hospital, plus I kind of just laid there and felt sorry for myself. So yeah… not a great reading month.
      I just put two books on hold at the library, though, so I have high hopes for October 😉


      1. Oh yeah, I definitely spent some time lying around feeling sorry for myself, but the kept me in for 2 nights so while Jan was home picking up some clothes and stuff I read the one book I had with me. It was From the Mixed-Up Files Mrs Basil E. Frankweiler so it didn’t exactly take much effort. Haha.

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        1. I LOVE that book. And it’s the perfect melancholy hospital read- a little sad and a little lost, the characters away from home, the ending being about beauty and hope. Love that one!


  2. When life is hard, reading isnt the top of the list…but you’ll want to get lost in stories soon enough 🙂 Still hugging you!


  3. Like everyone else, totally understandable that reading wasn’t high on your list of things to do this past month. I hope you find some wonderful books to lose yourself in soon though. And yay for a month full of baby things!!! 🙂



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