Happy Happy Happy Book Day!

I’m going to throw in a shameless plug for my new book/travel instagram 🙂 If you’d like to follow along, I will be posting at To Read & To Roam (linked here!).

FINALLY linking up with the fabulous Jana & Steph today for Show Us Your Books!

I skipped the last few months because I’ve been a lazy reader & a lazy blogger.

Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Bowen
★★★/5; Mystery
I was bored with the beginning of this book and was feeling a solid two stars… then it got better and by the end I was at four stars. So we landed at three. It’s a slow start; I guess most series starters are… but I was so close to quitting. I’ve been meaning to start this series for a while & I was determined to get through the first book. By the end I was glad I did!
Georgie is an adult woman with no clear path. Her family can’t afford to support her as a spinster but she’s horrified at the idea of marrying a distant royal relative, just to appease the Queen. She she takes it upon herself to move to London and winds up in the middle of a murder case. It was quite dull at first, but I guess Bowen was laying the groundwork. By the end I liked Georgie- but I don’t think this series is for me.
Read it? Maybe? But probably not.

A Danger Engagement by Ashley Weaver
★★★★/5; Mystery
Apparently I’m on a mystery kick right now.
I’m a big fan of Weaver’s Amory. I love her improving relationship with Milo, I love her spunk and determination and courage, & I love the flow of these mysteries. This is the sixth in the series and I’ve read them all, so obviously I’m a fan. This one was set in NYC in the 1930s with a sprinkle of mobsters and prohibition. I always judge mysteries on whether or not I solve it before the m/c (which I did, but just barely) and if the author gave me enough info to have done so without giving it all away. I don’t need to solve it, but I need to the clues to have been presented. Does that makes sense? I feel like that’s the true sign of a star mystery writer.
Read it? Yes, but start at the beginning of the series.

A Heart So Fierce and Broken by Brigid Kemmerer
★★★★★/5; Fantasy
I was afraid I wouldn’t like this one. The first in the series was awesome & I thought this one would lack. I wasn’t sucked in from the start, which made me worry even more. But before I hit page 50 I was hooked. I think many readers had beef with the changing personalities of Rhen & Harper, but this story focused on Grey & Lia Mara… so it seems natural and right that those two characters would view R&H differently than R&H view themselves… ya know? Also. I still love Grey. And Lia Mara, too. (She is the daughter of the enemy queen, fyi.)
I know a fantasy story (or any story) is good when I think about it outside of reading. And I imagine it like a tv show or movie that I can’t wait to get back to- then I have to remind myself that it’s a book, not a visual medium.
Once again, the ending has me going, “Ehhh….” but I felt that way after book #1 so I’m going to give the author and series the benefit of the doubt when moving on to book #3 (in freaking Jan. 2021 WHYYY).
Read it? Start at the beginning of the series.

M’s Favorite Reads

Truthfully, M is more into eating books than reading books… but we’ve gotten through a few without her nomming on the pages…

Bloom by Deborah Diesen, Mary Lundquist (illustrator)
M’s sweet and kind aunt sent her this beautiful book about plants & growing! (This is the same author who pens The Pout-Pout Fish books.)

Take Heart, My Child by Ainsley Earhardt, Kathryn Cristaldi, Jaime Kim (illustrator)
This book is a soft rhyming lullaby that is easy to read to M when we’re winding down. We have the board book and normal book, I think.
*Want to hear something fun? Ainsley & Katheryn were both on the name shortlist before we picked one for M.

Another challenge from Erin has begun. Here are my picks:

| 5 p | Freebie: Coldhearted Boss (Grey)
| 10 p | Starts with “S”: Salt to the Sea (Sepetys)
| 10 p | A preposition in the title: The Marriage Bureau: The True Story of How Two Matchmakers Arranged Love in Wartime London (Halson)
| 15 p | An odd number in a series: The Bromance Book Club (Adams #1)
| 20 p | Set in a different country than yours: Bringing Down the Duke (Dunmore)
| 20 p | Female officer/detective: Murder at the Vicarage (Christie)
| 25 p | An immigrant as a m/c: Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (Ford)
| 30 p | Words in the title… “anything”: Anything You Can Do (Grey)
| 30 p | October themed: HP & the Goblet of Fire (Rowling) – witches
| 35 p | Words in the title… “city” & “county”: The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living (Miller)

And there we have it. A new book update 😉 What have you been reading?

30 thoughts on “What I Read…

  1. I often like when a second book in a series is told from a different viewpoint and I see new sides of the old characters because I don’t think any of us truly see ourselves for what we are fully.


    1. She’s slowly starting to understand that we read books, we don’t eat them. We’ll have to stick to cloth and board books for a while, though. She puts everything in her mouth. Ha.


    1. Our library closed for physical books but I could borrow them on my Kindle. That’s mostly what I did, but since I wasn’t reading a ton… it didn’t much matter. Lol. Happy to be back on the horse now!


  2. aw, yay for new instagram! following on the bookish instagram i made, though i’m not super active on it yet. i need to get back to that ashley weaver series! i felt the exact same way about the second curse book. i am DYING for the third.


    1. Thank you!! I’m pretty sure I followed yours back 🙂 I love the Amory Ames books. And A Heart So Fierce…. man, I was SO happy that it lived up to the first (and was even better! haha).


  3. Take Heart My Child sounds so cute. I have done a few posts with books Zoe enjoyed over the years, but I really should make more of an effort to include them on each of my posts for consistency. Especially since we are in a huge book phase again.


    1. Agree agree agree! I don’t think I *loved* Rhen in the first one. I always leaned toward Grey. But especially right now. I wish Rhen would just TALK to people. Sheesh! I hate what’s going on with him at the end of the book but…. Kemmerer hasn’t steered me wrong yet so I’ll trust her! Ha!


    1. AGREED>>> Sigh. In Kemmerer we trust, though, I guess. She hasn’t messed up yet. Haha. I’ll cross my fingers that book #3 is fantastic, too.


  4. I love your new instagram!! I have been thinking a lot about what I want my blog / Instagram to be. Do I want to dive in and focus on stay at home mom stuff? Just Books? Just Military spouse life? Travel (whenever we can travel again? Everything? I’m having a blogger midlife crisis.


    1. I’m right there with you… I’m not sure what direction(s) I want to go in on the blog/my social media presence. It’s a ton of things jumbled in in my brain right now. We’ll see where this IG thing goes 😉


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