Happy Almost Weekend! We have another Saturday/Sunday of zero plans ahead of us. I’m attending a virtual baby shower on Saturday afternoon & I’m sure we’ll go grocery shopping at some point, but beyond that we’re homebound. What a time to be alive.

Since we’re home A LOT more than we used to be and I can’t mindlessly wander Target and we have a child that grows 125% every other week… we’ve been amazoning. (I promise I shop small business sites very often, too!)

Here are some of our latest things (and why):

Replacement Cord

Bristol is an asshole.
I was lent a baby swing weeks after M was born, but we hadn’t used it in a while. Since she was getting too big for it I contacted my friend & said I’d return it to her. When I went to break down the swing and load the parts into my car I found that Bristol had chewed through the cord. So $25 later I was able to return the swing, good as new.

Get a dog, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

Changing Table & Accessories

We needed a changing table in the living room. The small one across the playpen was getting too small & I needed the playpen up in our bedroom so M can play while I get dressed in the mornings.

I didn’t realize the table came with a pad- I might return the extra one I got. The covers are so soft and match our room decor. The bamboo liners are a necessity for cloth diapering 😉


We started swim lessons with M once some pandemic restrictions were lifted. Our facility is very clean & I am the only one who comes in contact with M during the entire lesson. (Kaity wrote about the swim school here!)
ANYWAY- after a week of lessons I realized I had ZERO appropriate suits for swimming with a handsy baby (I had a strapless one, a lace one, and a keyhole-boob one… lol). So I got a slightly more conservative, nip-slip-free swimsuit. HAHAHA.

Father’s Day Grilling Gifts

Along with a matching daddy-daughter apron set, we got K some dredge shakers, a griddle cook book, and his own hibachi peeing-man squirt toy. We wanted him to feel legit.

Check out that picture quality ^^ Very nice, Amazon.

My purchases are so dull. My apologies if you’ve made it this far.

I also got M some spoons & myself some cotton gloves and moisturizing treatments because the skin on my hand is nothing short of dry & disgusting. (I’m seeing a dermatologist for it this month- it’s that bad.)

And that about sums it up. Please share what you’ve been buying or doing or dreaming about so that we can switch off my incredibly boring life 😬

I’m going to link up with Kristen for What’s New With You? (obviously nothing here) and Tanya for Prime Purchases.


14 Comments Add yours

  1. You crack me up. My latest Amazon purchases have been so dull: batteries, vitamins, and a package of scrub brushes. We are exciting! LOL!


    1. Audrey says:

      Sounds like you’re being healthy AND productive. Ha.


  2. Stephanie says:

    LOL at the cord. My roommate in college had a puppy, she replaced a lot of cords! Thankfully Hawkeye was 1 when I got her so she never chewed through one. She did chew a shoe of mine once though. Le sigh.


    1. Audrey says:

      Bristol is such a turd. She just randomly destroys stuff. It’s getting better, but I had NO idea she was working her way through the cord. So far she’s ripped up a few dog beds, parts of our comforter, that cord, her dog bowl, a collar, a patch of our carpet (GRRRR), and I THINK a vacuum cord.
      Praying & hoping she grows out of this. Ha.


  3. Rebecca Jo says:

    Not dull at all… I love every day purchases. That’s what we’re all buying.
    I’m sure you do need a HOLD IT ALL IN bathing suit when holding a baby in a pool


    1. Audrey says:

      Absolutely! Cute and strapless just doesn’t work at swim lessons. Hahaha!


  4. I love peaking into what people are purchasing! It’s always interesting to me!
    I’m so grateful companies make replacement pieces and cords for their products. Think about how useless somethings would become without a power cord! Dogs are the best…we have a permanently chewed up corner of a bookshelf to always remind us of when Winston was a puppy!


    1. Audrey says:

      Bristol has had quite the record in the last 10 months… UGH.
      Enzo chewed a baseboard corner in our old house and a coffee table book. He and Lylee WRECKED a comforter and he’s destroyed two TV remotes. But I think that’s all he ever did.


  5. Nadine says:

    It is always so fun to see what other people are ordering. That is a cute changing table. I actually used Zoe’s changing pad on her dresser for the longest time. Pretty much the entire time she was in diapers. Anything that makes your life easier is worth the purchase.


    1. Audrey says:

      M has a changing pad up on her dresser, but we’ve always had a changing place in the living room, too. The pack n play one was too small and took up too much space. This one works perfectly and it can become a toy shelf when she’s bigger!


  6. carolann says:

    I try my best to shop small whenever I can but some things you just gotta get on Amazon, especially now. I hope that once restrictions have been lifted I can start to shop other places again, but right now Amazon is life. Some of my recent purchases include shampoo, packing tape, yarn, and baby gifts for a friend – all things I normally would like to go to a store to get but times are different now.


    1. Audrey says:

      I agree. I figure now is as good a time as any to shop for some Christmas gifts so I will be doing that with small shops as much as possible! When it comes to need-it-now stuff Amazon is my go-to, though.


  7. Lauren Becker says:

    Ooh those covers for the changing table look super comfy! And oh, Bristol. Why are pets such punks sometimes? LOL I’m honestly buying more books than I really need, but they are usually a good deal, so I can’t feel THAT bad. hah I need to get some birthday gifts for people, but other than that, I’m not buying much. I don’t really do much of anything either, so it’s all good.



    1. Audrey says:

      Man… Bristol can be a handful. Hahaha! The covers are so soft! I want a blanket like them!

      I’ve been buying so many clothes for M. She grew faster than I thought she would so we need it since I can’t pop out and do the shopping!


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