Aldi Toddler Finds

Like many of you, I am a big fan of Aldi. Our town doesn’t have a Target or Whole Foods or Panera… but we have an Aldi. She may not know it, but M is a big fan of Aldi, too.

I’ve talked about Aldi before. I did a post about my favorites at one point. (I imagine some of those items are now discontinued.) Today I thought I’d share the non-baby things that my baby loves.

Before I launch into non-baby stuff, I want to share that my experience with their baby items has been remarkably great.

Their diapers, puffs, rice rusks, and fruit & veggie puree pouches are top notch.

I’ve had some issues with the wipes, but still recommend them as an okay option. (The packaging has fallen apart on me- nothing to do with M’s skin.)

Ok… on to other foods.

Freeze-Dried Fruit I think these are gross but M loves them. (Well, she did last week. This week it’s a no. So probably next week they’ll be in her good graces again.) I’ve seen mango, strawberry, and fuji apple. Mango was the favorite… who knows what it’ll be next.

Veggie Straws Unlike the fruit, M is still BFFs with these square tube healthier-ish chips. Girlfriend doesn’t love fresh vegetables and fruit right now so I’m considering veggie straws a mediocre alternative. Plus they keep her happy and who am I to deny her joy? (I know, I know. It’s literally my job to deny her joy.)

Avocado Dip These are just small cups of mashed avocado and sea salt. Lazy? Sure. But I don’t have to play Russian roulette with a fresh ‘cado and end up with a browned, rotten $2 stress ball.
*We also practice using our spoon with these cups because they’re thick enough they don’t spill out and soft enough for her to scoop.

Fish Sticks M isn’t sold on fish sticks yet but we’re going to keep trying. I also did the #lazymom thing and made them in the microwave when I know for a fact they’re 10xs better in the oven. So we’ll try this one again soon. She loves fish so I have high hopes.

Chicken Nuggets Love me a chicky-nuggy lunch. I make enough for Moo-Poo and myself because DUH. I cut these into small bite-size bits and give them to her or mix them with Mac n Cheese.

Grilled Chicken Stripes These are the bomb. And they’re a HIT with Moo. Again, I just chop them into small bits and she loves them. They can be mixed into pasta, too!

Mac n Cheese, Spaghetti, Ravioli My child is a carb-o-holic and will eat any noodle put in front of her. I’m going to try mixing tuna in with her Mac n Cheese at some point. And Aldi has such fantastic prices for all these items.

Whole Milk, Eggs, Yogurt Normal stuff for a toddler, but priced sooooo well at Aldi!

Lunch Meat, Shredded Cheese, American Cheese Again, normal toddler snacks but cheap cheap cheap. M loves meat & cheese, lol. She’s her father’s daughter for sure.

As I said, M isn’t into fruits and veggies right now. She actually nommed on some pineapple the other day but I think it was a fluke. We don’t do grapes or nuts or hotdogs, so I can’t speak to any of those items at the great and powerful Aldi.

What do you buy from Aldi for your mini garbage disposals (or yourself)??

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  1. Rebecca Jo says:

    I literally cant beleive I’ve never been to Aldi’s… I just forget its there.


    1. Audrey says:

      Oh my gosh, GO NOW!


  2. Nadine says:

    Have you tried the ranch veggie chips??? They are our favorite, Zoe is obsessed! Zoe didn’t like that brand of fish sticks, she likes the Kid Fresh version much better. We definitely go through our share of chicken nuggets. Zoe always choses the dinosaur shaped ones from there given the choice. She likes to bite their heads and tails off. I am not sure if I should be concerned about that or not….


    1. Audrey says:

      I have not! Personally, I don’t love the veggie sticks. Lol. If an inferior potato chip and French fry had a baby, I’d say it was the veggie sticks. LOL. The ranch chips sound good, though! We’ll try the other fish stick brand. This brand gets very soggy; I don’t love that. Chicken nugs are the. best. They’re so versatile!
      I bite the heads off too so I think Zoe’s alright 😉 Hahaha!


  3. carolann823 says:

    We don’t have aldi here and I’ve never been to one! It is a dream of mine to go to one one day 😂 because I hear how amazing they are
    But you are inspiring me to up my snack game for M. I have two snacks for her right now that she’s obsessed with. These protein bars from happy baby and these happy baby teething crackers that I put peanut butter on. She needs more variety! And weirdly she refuses to even touch any fruit except avocado and tomatoes.


    1. Audrey says:

      Find an upscale one! Some are sketchy a.f. LOL Ours got a facelift a few years ago and it’s pretty nice. That said, it’s often picked over. The Amish community is close by and they come in large vans WITH TRAILERS and clean that place out. Lol. I am not kidding- that’s 100% true.
      Other than rice rusks & Aldi baby pouches, we don’t do a ton of baby snacks because I think they’re expensive and easy to dupe with an “adult” food. I’m sure there’s less vitamins in the adult stuff, but organic Sesame Street veggie sticks for a $5 snack bag vs. a huge Aldi veggie stick bag for $1.99? I’m going with Aldi. LOL


  4. Lauren Becker says:

    I think me and M would get along with our love of carbs. 😉
    I got freeze dried mango from Walmart that I really did love. I might have to try the Aldi version. I finally have one near me but I’ve only been once, so I need to go back and look around more. I’m trying to find more gluten free snacks and they do have a nice assortment.



    1. Audrey says:

      Haha! She’s a noodle queen!
      I think my issue is I don’t like mango. Only in drinks and smoothies! LOL. And I’ve never liked dried or freeze-dried fruit. She likes it, though, so I’ll take it as a win!
      Aldi has a great assortment of gluten free items! They have a whole sub-brand of gluten free things.


  5. I’m not sure the Aldi here has any of those things 😂. Well obviously they have fish fingers (what you call gosh sticks) but I don’t think that brand. I don’t go often though because none of the Basel ones are near us. We have a Lidl just down the road so I go there instead. Recently I’ve been buying porridge from Lidl. Chocolate and Apple & Cinnamon flavours. They also have banana but I didn’t like that one as much.


    1. Audrey says:

      I am now going to call them fish fingers. Apple & Cinnamon porridge sounds delicious! I’m curious about what Aldi in Switzerland might have! Haha!


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