To be honest, the majority of our time at home this past year was spent keeping Moo out of trouble AND keeping the business out of trouble. We didn’t complete too many home projects. I am extremely jealous of the people who checked off task after task.

As such, we have plenty of shelves & pictures to hang, but when Photowall reached out for a collaboration I was not about to say no. All the printed canvases in our home are from Photowall and our newest print is just what we needed to reignite our home-decorating passion.

Have you ever paid hundreds for a professional photography session only to sit around on the final prints and use them as extremely expensive iPhone backgrounds…? Yeah, us too.

Or maybe you snapped an amazing picture, but it’s now trapped in your phone with no where to go and no one to admire it.

Enter: Photowall

It looks intimidating, but the assembly process is simple and takes less than 20 minutes.

Right now this gem is hanging in our bedroom, but our plan is to order more & hang them in the foyer. I ordered a 31.5 x 39.37 inch print. It’s huge and the print quality is amazing.

Photowall also has a huge selection of artwork and wallpaper. If you have a boring wall in need of something bright, bold, or unique, check out the designs on their website.

Shipping is free and SO fast. Such good people with great hearts.

This particular canvas was gifted to me, but I HAVE and will continue to buy from Photowall with my own hard-earned money. The people and products are truly top-notch. #sponsored

As I said, behind the Photowall name are some amazing people.

They’ve given me a code to share with you- good for 25% percent off anything on the site! Use audielou25 at the check out and treat yourself to some beautiful art!

If you have any questions about the company or code, please let me know!

12 thoughts on “Pandemic Project # 348: PHOTOWALL

  1. I love that photo. It makes me smile every time I see it.
    Framing some artwork is pretty much the only thing we got done during the pandemic – way back in the first lockdown when we ordered frames in an attempt to support local businesses. I am in awe of all these people with their new hobbies and vegetable growing and DIY. I’m just here doing what I’ve always done (mainly working and reading).


  2. I used Photowall for a print in one of my bathrooms and was blown away! Such amazing quality!!! That’s such a great photo you chose. So sweet!


  3. Interesting!!!!! I may need to take advantage of your code with me finally working on my coffee room.
    That picture is PERFECT for hanging. Such personality!


  4. Love this so much!! I’m such a sucker for family photos. I love looking at them whenever I am in someone’s home. I don’t care whos in them, or what year it was-I love them all!
    This photo in particular deserved a place of honor! It’s so cute!


    1. I agree. And I love that this one truly capture M’s personality at one year. Her six month pics did the same- barely a smile and very skeptical. LOL. Which is exactly the kind of 6 month old she was. Hahaha.


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